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A personal selection of books, booklets, journals, articles, etc., relating to (or which reference) County Louth local history, lore, or genealogy and people:



The Entrance Hall and L.&N.W. Hotel, Greenore, in the early 1900s. Ships of the London & North Western Railway Company sailed regularly between Greenore and Holyhead, a journey of four hours.

[From the L.&N.W. publication, Ireland for the Holidays, Newtown-Le-Willows 1911]



Click here for information on two important books on the history of early 20th century Louth


"The Unreturned Army" & "World War One & Nationalist Politics in County Louth, 1914-1920"

by Donal Hall


Anon., St. Peter's Church Drogheda 1881/1981, Drogheda 1981

Archaeology Ireland, The Medieval Town Walls of Drogheda, Heritage Guide No. 23 (8 pages - magazine insert), Bray 2003

Archaeology Ireland, Faughart, Co. Louth, Heritage Guide No. 37, Dublin 2007 [Pamphlet]

Archaeology Ireland, The Route of Táin Bó Cúailnge in County Louth, Heritage Guide No. 69, Dublin 2015 [Pamphlet]

Barrie, D.S.M., The Dundalk Newry & Greenore Railway, Surrey 1957

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Burke, Sir Bernard, A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland, London 1912. [Best Edition]

Burke, Sir Bernard et al.,  A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Peerage and Baronetage, The Privy Council, and Knightage, London [Various Editions since 1826 - 107th edition recently published]

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Colgan, Brendan, Vere Foster, English Gentleman, Irish Champion 1819-1900, Belfast 2001

Colmcille, Father, The Story of Mellifont, Dublin 1958

Commins, J.O., Louth Village Through The Ages, Louth, Personal Publication, 2008

Conlon, Larry, The Heritage of Collon 1764-1984, Ireland 1984

Conlon, Patrick, The Franciscans in Drogheda, Drogheda 1987

Corcoran, Moira and Peter Durnin, The Drogheda Banners, ODS Drogheda 2001

Corrigan, Rose, (editor), Togher Through the Years: Reflections & Reminiscences, 2nd Edition, Annagassan 2010

Crawford, Michael G., Legendary Stories of the Carlingford Lough District, 1913 (various reprints)

CSUM, Omeath - A look at the past, Vol I & II, Dundalk 2005/2007

Cullen, John B., The Boyne Valley, Its Antiquities and Ecclesiastical Remains, Dublin 1923 (pamphlet)

Cunningham, Noreen & Pat McGinn, The Gap in the North, Dublin 2001

Curtis, Joe, Drogheda, Ireland 2013 [Photographs]

D'Alton, John, The History of Drogheda with its environs, (2 vols.) Dublin 1844 (Reprinted by BHP 1997)

D'Alton, John & J.R. O'Flanagan, The History of Dundalk, Dundalk 1864

Day, Angélique & Patrick McWilliams, Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland Vol 40, Antrim 1998

Dept. of the Environment etc., An Introduction to the Architectural Heritage of County Louth, 2008 []

Dooley, Terence, The Murders at Wildgoose Lodge: Agrarian Crime and Punishment in pre-Famine Ireland, Four Courts Press, Ireland, 2007

Dooley, Terence & Christopher Ridgway, Editors, The Country House and the Great War: Irish and British Experiences, FCP, Dublin 2016 [Article on Bellinghams by Dr. Donal Hall]

Ua Dubhthaigh, Padraic, The Book of Dundalk, Sligo 1946

Falley, Margaret D., Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research, Virginia 1962 (reprinted GPC 1981)

Faul, Denis (Rev.), Blessed Oliver Plunkett and the Parish of Louth, Dundalk 1962 (Pamphlet)

Filgate, Eddie, Church of the Immaculate Conception, Parish of Louth Centenary Celebrations 1892-1992, Dundalk 1992

Fleming, Rev. W.E.C., Armagh Clergy 1800 - 2000, Dundalk 2001

Gallier, James, Autobiography of James Gallier, Architect, Paris 1864, Reprinted New York 1973. (Gallier - Gallaher - born Ravensdale 1798, emigrated to New Orleans)

Garner, William, Drogheda Architectural Heritage, Ireland 1986

Garry, James, Streets and Lanes of Drogheda, ODS 2000 (Second Edition); Updated and revised for 2009 edition.

Garry, James, Clogherhead Through the Ages, Ireland 2000

Gavin, Joseph & Stephen O'Donnell, Military Barracks Dundalk A Brief History, Ireland 1999

Gavin, Joseph & Harold O'Sullivan, Dundalk A Military History, Ireland 1987

Geraghty, P.J., A Heritage in Stone: The Life and Career of Architect John Murray, Ireland 1994

Gerrard, Richard, The Annals of St, Mary's Boys School, Drogheda 1865-2000, Drogheda 2000

Gerrard, Richard, The Story of Newtownstalaban, ODS, Drogheda 2003

Gerrard, Richard, The Marsh Road Scotch Hall Story, Drogheda 2009

Gerrard, Richard, The Mill: A History of Usher's Linen Mill, Greenhills Drogheda, Drogheda 2013

Gogarty, T., Council Book for the Corporation of Drogheda Vol. 1, 1649 to 1734, Drogheda 1915 (Reprinted by CLAHS 1988)

Gray, Pat [Editor], Forty Years by the Boyne: A Pictorial Record of Drogheda's Cement Works, Drogheda, 1984

Greene, Ted, Drogheda, Its Place in Ireland's History, Ireland 2006

Grenham, John, Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, Dublin 1992 (2nd Edition 1999)

Gurrin, Brian, Pre-Census Sources for Irish Demography, Dublin 2002

Hall, Barbara, A Desperate Set of Villains (The Convicts of the Marquis Cornwallis, Ireland to Botany Bay, 1796), Australia 2000, [many County Louth prisoners]

Hall, Barbara, A Nimble Fingered Tribe (The Convicts of the Sugar Cane, Ireland to Botany Bay, 1793), Australia 2002, [A small number of Louth prisoners]

Hall, Brendan, Officers and Recruits of the Louth Rifles 1854 - 1876, Dun Laoghaire 1999 (Reprinted 2001)

Hall, Brendan & Donal Hall, The Louth Rifles 1877 - 1908, Dublin 2000

Hall, Donal, The Unreturned Army: County Louth Dead in the Great War 1914-1918, Dundalgan Press, Dundalk, 2005

Hall, Donal, World War 1 and Nationalist Politics in County Louth, 1914-1920, Four Courts Press, Dublin 2005

Hall, Donal & Martin Maguire (Editors), County Louth and the Irish Revolution 1912-1923, Irish Academic Press, Ireland 2017

Handran, George B., Townlands in Poor Law Unions, USA 1997

Harbison, Peter, Henry O'Neill of the 'Celtic Cross', Pamplona 2015

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Herlihy, Jim, The Royal Irish Constabulary: A Short History and Genealogical Guide, Dublin, 1997

Herlihy, Jim, The Royal Irish Constabulary: a Complete Alphabetical List of Officers and Men, 1816-1922, Dublin, 1999 [For RIC Ancestors]

Herity, Michael [Editor], Ordnance Survey Letters: Londonderry, Fermanagh, Armagh-Monaghan, Louth, Cavan-Leitrim, Dublin 2012

History Ireland, Dundalk: Irish Historic Towns Atlas No. 16 by Harold O'Sullivan (8 pages - magazine promotional insert), Bray 2007 [see Harold O'Sullivan below]

Hogg, William E., The Millers & the Mills of Ireland of about 1850, Dublin 1997

Hughes, Anne, The History of Drogheda Up to Date, Drogheda 1893 (Reprinted by the ODS 2003)

IRSP, Irish Railways in Pictures, No. 1 - The Great Northern, London 1976

Johnson, Don, The Flurry Valley, Ravensdale, North Louth, 2015

Johnson, Don, From Faughart Hill to Faughart House, Dundalk 2016 

Johnson, L.C., History of Drogheda From the Earliest Period, to the Present Time, Drogheda 1826

Kavanagh, Paul (Editor), Dundalk Official Guide, Dundalk 1984

Killanny Heritage Committee, A Pictorial History of Killanny with an introduction by Terence Dooley, 2008

King, Philip, Monasterboice Heritage - A Centenary Celebration, Boylan Print, Ireland, 1994

L'Estrange, G., Notes and Jottings concerning the Parish of Charlestown Union, Ireland 1912

Leslie, Rev James B., History of Kilsaran, Dundalk 1908 (Reprinted Dundalk 1986)

Leslie, James B., Armagh Clergy and Parishes, Dundalk 1911

Leslie, James B., Supplement to 'Armagh Clergy & Parishes', Dundalk 1948

Lewis, Greg & Moira Sharkey, 'I fought them all' The Life and ring battles of Tom Sharkey, Wales 2010

Lewis, Samuel, A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 1837

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Lynch, Patrick, Collon, a Photographic History, CD-ROM, Collon 2005

Macalister, R.A.S., Guide to Monasterboice, Dundalk 1962

Macalister, R.A.S., Monasterboice, Dundalk 1946

Malcomson, A.P.W., John Foster (1740-1828) The Politics of Improvement and Prosperity, Dublin 2011

Martin, John, Memories of Kilkerley, Dundalk 2006

Matthews, Brendan, Tower of Strength, A History of Millmount Complex in Drogheda, ODS Drogheda 2008

McAleenan, Catriona & Josie Crilly, In the Shadow of Slieve Gullion, nd

McCullen, John [Editor], Bill Crimmin's Drogheda, Drogheda 2004 [photographs]

McDermott, Mamie Hughes, "A Small Place But Mine Own", Dundalk 2006

McGowan, Kenneth, The Boyne Valley, Dublin n/d [booklet, circa 1970]

McGowan, Kenneth, Monasterboice, Dublin 1977 [booklet]

McHugh, Ned, Drogheda Before The Famine - Urban Poverty in the Shadow of Privilege 1826 - 45, IAP Dublin 1998

Mac Iomhair, Reverend Diarmuid, Fochart, Dundalk n/d [pamphlet circa 1968]

Mac Iomhair, Reverend Diarmuid, Kildemock and its Jumping Church, Dundalk n/d [pamphlet circa 1968]

MacIvor, Rev. Dermot, Ardee Castle, CLAHS, Dundalk, nd [Pamphlet]

McKeown, Michael, A Sketchbook of Dundalk Past and Present, Ireland 1988

McMahon, Kevin & Eamonn O Huallachain, The Time of the Trouble, 2014 [Louth area chronology of events 1919-1923]

McNeill, Mary, Vere Foster 1819-1900, An Irish Benefactor, GB 1971

McNeill, Charles & A.J. Otway-Ruthven, Dowdall Deeds, IMC Dublin 1960

McQuillan, Jack, The Railway Town, The Story of the Great Northern Railway and Dundalk, Dundalk 1993

McQuillan, Jack, Voices of Dundalk, Dundalk 2004

Millen, Stanley, Jews, Germans & Other Refugees in Dundalk, Dundalk 2005

Mitchell, Brian, A Guide to Irish Parish Registers, GPC 1988

Murphy, Michael J., At Slieve Gullion's Foot, Dundalk 1940

Murphy, Peter J., Together in Exile, (Published by the Author), Saint John, N.B., Canada, 1990

Murphy, Jim, The History of Dundalk F.C. - The First One Hundred Years, Dundalk 2003 [History of Dundalk Football Club]

Murphy, T., Dundealgan: Its Churches, Shrines and Religious Orders, Dundalk 1909 (Pamphlet)

Murray, Raymond, The Burning of Wildgoose Lodge: Ribbonism in Louth - Murder and the Gallows, CSAM, Monaghan 2005

Murtagh, Fr. Michael, St. Patrick's Dundalk An Anniversary Account, Dundalk 1997

Murtagh, Fr. Michael c.c. [compiled by], Kildemock and Its Jumping Church, 2004 [Booklet]

Murtagh, Fr. Michael, From Lann Leire to Dunleer: A Photographic Journey, 2009

Nelson, Rev. Simon, History of the Parish of Creggan in the Counties Armagh and Louth 1611 - 1840 (written c1845), PRONI 1979 (typescript)

O'Boyle, Madge, The Life and Times of Constable Charles McGee, Ireland 2016

O'Brien Briggs, Kathleen, Clogherhead Port Oriel - A Brief History - 1886-2006, Dundalk 2007

Ó Broin, Liam, Drogheda: Text and Drawings, Drogheda 1993

O'Byrne, Eileen & Anne Chamney, Editors, The Convert Rolls, Dublin 2005

ODDTP, Dundalk A Tradition in Industry, Dundalk 1986

O'Donnell, Stephen, The Royal Irish Constabulary and The Black and Tans in County Louth 1919-1922, Dundalk 2004 [Reprinted 2011]

O'Dwyer, Barry W., The Conspiracy of Mellifont 1216-1231, Dublin 1970 [Pamphlet]

O'Hart, John, The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry When Cromwell Came to Ireland, Dublin 1884

O'Hart, John, Irish Pedigrees, Dublin 1875

O'Mahony, Canice, An Engineer Remembers, Dundalk 2008 [A collection of Louth-related articles, by the author]

O'Neill, C.P., History of Dromiskin, Dundalk 1984

O'Neill, Padraig, History of Knockbridge, Ireland 1994

O'Neill, Padraig, Knockbridge Miscellany, Knockbridge 1998

O'Neill, Padraig [Editor], Journal of Henry McClintock, CLAHS, Dundalk 2001

O'Sullivan, Harold, Irish Historic Towns Atlas No. 16: DUNDALK, Royal Irish Academy 2006 [history and historical maps]

O'Sullivan, Harold & Raymond Gillespie, Irish Historic Towns Atlas No. 23: CARLINGFORD, Royal Irish Academy 2011 [history and historical maps]

Oram, Hugh, Old Dundalk and Blackrock, UK 2006 [Photographs]

Oram, Hugh, Old Omeath, Carlingford and Greenore, UK 2008 [Photographs]

Ordnance Survey of Ireland, Liostaí Logainmneachta Lú (Louth Placenames), Dublin 1991

Ordnance Survey of Ireland, Discovery Series Maps 36 & 43 (1:50 000 Maps of Co. Louth)

Patterson, E.M., The Great Northern Railway of Ireland, Surrey 1962

Pender, Seamus, A Census of Ireland circa 1659, Dublin 1939 [Reprinted Baltimore 1997]

Phillimore, W.P.W. & Gertrude Thrift [Editors], Indexes to Irish Wills, London 1909 - 20 (reprinted five volumes in one by GPC 1970)

Quigley, Willie, Kilkerley in the Past & Present, Ireland 2010

Redmond, Brigid, The Story of Louth, Dublin, nd

Reilly, James R., Richard Griffith and His Valuation of Ireland, Baltimore 2000

Reynolds, Liam, The Medieval Parishes of Clogherhead and Walshestown (1300-1857), Clogherhead Historical Society, 2003

Robinson, Aidan P., Ancient Drogheda, Drogheda 1994

Roden, Earl of (Editor), The Diaries of Lord Limerick's Grand our 1716-1723, Dundalk 2003 [See also JCLAHS, VOL. XXV, No. 3, 2003]

Roe, Helen, Monasterboice and Its Monuments, CLAHS 1981

Rombach, John K., Guide to Drogheda, Drogheda 1907

Ryan, James G., Irish Records, Sources for Family and Local History, USA 1997

Share, Bernard [Editor], Crossing the Boyne: the Great Viaduct 1855-2005, Dublin 2005

Sharkey, Noel, The Parish of Haggardstown and Blackrock A History, Dundalk 2003

Sharkey, Noel, The Parish of Haggardstown and Blackrock A Pictorial Record, Dundalk 2008

Sharkey, Noel, A Journey Through Time - from Land to Sea - in the Parish of Haggardstown and Blackrock, Dundalk 2016

Smith, Brendan, The Register of Nicholas Fleming Archbishop of Armagh 1404-1416, IMC Dublin 2003

Smith, Brendan, The Register of Milo Sweteman Archbishop of Armagh 1361-1380, Dublin 1996

Smith, Brendan, Crisis and Survival in Late Medieval Ireland: The English of Louth and Their Neighbours, 1330-1450, Oxford 2013

Snook, David, Faces From The Past, Merchant Seamen from Dundalk in the Early 20th Century, [excellent Brochure for exhibition] Louth County Museum, Dundalk, July 2010

Sughi, M.A. [editor], Registrum Octaviani Alias Liber Niger, The Register of Octavian de Palatio, Archbishop of Armagh 1478 - 1513, (2 Volumes), IMC Dublin 1999

Taaffe, Dennis, Impartial History of Ireland, (4 volumes), Dublin, 1809, 1810, 1811 [Dennis Taaffe was from Clogherhead],

Taggart, Sister M. Anastasia & Sister Isabelle Smyth, The Medical Missionaries of Mary in Drogheda 1939-1999, ODS Drogheda 1999

Taylor, James W., The 1st Royal Irish Rifles in the Great War, Dublin, 2002 [Popular regiment with many Co. Louth associations]

Taylor, James W., The 2nd Royal Irish Rifles in the Great War, Dublin, 2005

Tempest, H.G., Guide to Dundalk & County Louth, Dundalk 1916 (Reprinted 1983)

Tempest, H.G., Notes on The Parish of St. Nicholas Dundalk, Dundalk 1955 (Reprinted 1989)

Tempest, H.G., Gossiping Guide to Dundalk, Dundalk 2008 (Reprint with new photographs added - excellent!)

Tempest McCrea, C., Dundalk Grammar School: The First 250 Years, 1739 - 1989, Dundalk 1989

Various, Across The Track: Reminiscences of Working on Dundalk's Railways, Dundalk 2012 [Dundalk Railway Heritage Society & Railway Preservation Society of Ireland]

Various, Official Guide Louth and Meath: Lughbhadh agus An Mhidhe, Dublin, n/d

Various, Dealga's Legacy Dundalk's Heritage, Dundalk 1989

Various, Drogheda and 1798, ODS 1999

Various, Down the Quay: A History of Dundalk Harbour, n.d.

Various, Mellifont Abbey, Co. Louth, Its Ruins and Associations. A Guide and Popular History, Dublin 1897

Various, St. Vincent's School, Dundalk 1853-2003, Dundalk 2003

Various, Dún Dealgan National School 1891 - 1991, Dundalk 1991 [The Presbyterian School, Dundalk]

Various, Dundalk Dominicans 800 Jubilee 1216-2016, Dundalk 2016

Various, Centenary Souvenir, Saint Joseph's, Dundalk, 1876-1976, Dundalk 1976

Various, Tempest's Memories, Dundalk at Work Volume 1: Part 1 - The Show Industry; Part 2 - The Tobacco Industry, Dundalk 2010 [Boxed set]

Various, The Field Names of County Louth, Drogheda 2014

Various, Togher Through the Years: Reflections & Reminiscences, 2nd Edition, Ireland 2010

Various, Jubilee of St. Borchill's Church (Tea'pall Maurchaoil), Dysart, 1766-2016, Dunleer, 2016

Vicars, Sir Arthur, Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536 - 1810, Dublin 1897, (Republished by GPC 1967)

Whitmarsh, Victor, Memories of Dundalk, Published by the Author, 1977 [Photographs]

Whitmarsh, Victor, Dundalk in the Emergency, Published by the Author, 1980 [Photographs]

Whitmarsh, Victor, Some Dundalk Days, Published by the Author, 1983 [Photographs]

Whitmarsh, Victor, Old Dundalk, Published by the Author, 1988 [Photographs]

Wilson, Maureen & Noel Ross & Patrick F. Power, Dundalk Images and Impressions, Dundalk 1989 [Photographs]

Woulfe, Rev. Patrick, Irish Names and Surnames, Dublin 1923, (Republished by GPC 1967)

Wright, Thomas, Louthiana, London 1748 (Reprinted, Dundalk 2000)

The 2001 edition of the County Louth Archaeological and Historical Society Journal has an Index of books reviewed in the Journal 1904 - 2000. This is an excellent source for County Louth reading material. The Index is also available on the Society's Web Site at (Click the "Journal" Link)


Journal of the Old Drogheda Society

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Journal of the County Louth Archaeological and Historical Society

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Tempest's Annual (Dundalk)

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Journal of the Termonfeckin Historical Society

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Omeath - a Look at the Past

An Cumann Stáir Uí  Mhéith - The Omeath Historical Society.

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Seanchas Ard Mhacha

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County Louth Memorial Inscriptions

For a full list of source material found in journals, booklets and books relating to County Louth memorial inscriptions click here.




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GPC: The Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

IAP: Irish Academic Press

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IRSP: Irish Railway Record Society London Area

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