1837 Drogheda Householders



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1837 Drogheda Householders by Street


A 19th century engraving of the Cord Road, Drogheda, with Laurence's Gate in the background

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British Parliamentary Papers

Reports from Committees

Select Committee of Fictitious Votes, Ireland

Appendix 11


A RETURN of the several Houses in the Town of Drogheda, specifying the Streets in which each is situated, and the names of the occupants, together with the Annual Value of each, as estimated and returned by the Valuators appointed to make the Annual Applotment of Rates and Taxes for Municipal Purposes.



Street Order

(Names are in the order in which they appear in the original document)


Name, Street, Valuation (), Description


Courtney Patrick, Bachelor's-lane, 10, Store

Jordan Christopher, Bachelor's-lane, 40, Store

Courtnay Alfred, Bachelor's-lane, 8, Store

McCoy John, Bachelor's-lane, 10, House

Rodger William, Bachelor's-lane, 24, Store

McCoy John, Bachelor's-lane, 5, Forge

McCoy John, Bachelor's-lane, 8, Forge

McCoy John, Bachelor's-lane, 16, Forge

McCoy John, Bachelor's-lane, 6, Forge

Smith and Smyth, Bachelor's-lane, 50, Store

Dealny Laurence, Bachelor's-lane, 50, Store

Keenan James, Bachelor's-lane, 50, Store

Byrne Rev. Mr., Bachelor's-lane, 6, House

Flood James, Bachelor's-lane, 8, Store

Arthure George, Bachelor's-lane, 5, Store

Terney Thomas, Bachelor's-lane, 15, Store

Walsh Michael, Bachelor's-lane, 20, Two Stores

Lynch Hugh, Bachelor's-lane, 8, Store

Owens Miss, Bachelor's-lane, 8, Store

Galbraith Hugh, Bachelor's-lane, 8, Store


Courtney - , Barrack-lane, 2, House

McGuire John, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Cunningham Pat, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Sarsfield Michael, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Dollard - , Barrack-lane, 6, House

Levins James, Barrack-lane, 3, House

Moore Mrs., Barrack-lane, 3, House

Connolly John, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Page Robert, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Lambert Peggy, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Downey Catherine, Barrack-lane, 1, House

Prant John, Barrack-lane, 3, House

Connolly John, Barrack-lane, 4, House & yard

Ivers John, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Devitt John, Barrack-lane, 3, House

Brady Peter, Barrack-lane, 3, House

Farrell Andrew, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Duffey Hugh, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Everitt Nicholas, Barrack-lane, 3, House

Grendon John, Barrack-lane, 5, House

Clarke John, Barrack-lane, 4, House

Levins Michael, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Ivers James, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Lyons James, Barrack-lane, 3, House

Christy Pat, Barrack-lane, 2, House

East William, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Boyle Thomas, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Doherty John, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Levins Pat, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Connor Pat, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Daly Peter, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Connor Stephen, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Mathews John, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Roe - , Barrack-lane, 30s, House

Dempsey John, Barrack-lane, 3, House

Nicholson John, Barrack-lane, 2, House

Cassidy Widow, Barrack-lane, 1, House

Gartland James, Barrack-lane, 3, House

McDonnell Edward, Barrack-lane, 3, House

McNight - , Barrack-lane, 2, House

Harlin Pat, Barrack-lane, 5, Two houses


McDonnell Richard, Bolton-street, 3, House

Byrne Thomas, Bolton-street, 3, House

Crolly John, Bolton-street, 8, House

Williamson Rodger, Bolton-street, 5, House

Connor Andrew, Bolton-street, 5, House

Cahill John, Bolton-street, 15, House


Collins Bartholomew, Bull-ring, 35, House

Devin Denis, Bull-ring, 35, House

Lyons Eliza, Bull-ring, 35, House

McDermott Mary, Bull-ring, 20, House

Long Nicholas, Bull-ring, 20, Two house

Walsh George, Bull-ring, 20, House

Caulfield, Bull-ring, 22, House

Flannigan John, Bull-ring, 25, House

Hammond Thomas, Bull-ring, 25, House

Carroll Andrew, Bull-ring, 8, House

Finegan Margaret, Bull-ring, 15, House

Long Pat, Bull-ring, 25, House

McQuillan Mary, Bull-ring, 12, House


Wynne Miss, Church-lane and Alleys, 32, Two houses

Mooney Rev. Mr., Church-lane and Alleys, 40, House

Crawford Mrs., Church-lane and Alleys, 14, House

Henzell Miss, Church-lane and Alleys, 14, House

Ashe Mrs., Church-lane and Alleys, 14, House

Smith Mrs., Church-lane and Alleys, 20, House

Ormsby Mrs., Church-lane and Alleys, 14, House

Roberts Mrs., Church-lane and Alleys, 14, House

Orr Mrs., Church-lane and Alleys, 14, House

Ferguson Mrs., Church-lane and Alleys, 14, House


Magee John (Rev), Churchyard, 40, House

Horan John, Churchyard, 16, House

Chambers Hugh, Churchyard, 10, House

Daly - , Churchyard, 10, School-house


Grogan Owen, Corn-market-hill, 12, House

Forde James, Corn-market-hill, 16, House

Murphy Patrick, Corn-market-hill, 20, House

Bell Widow, Corn-market-hill, 12, House

Reilly John, Corn-market-hill, 10, House


Leonard - , Curry's-hill, 2, House

Walsh John, Curry's-hill, 2, House

Martin - , Curry's-hill, 3, Two houses

Daw John, Curry's-hill, 3, House

Carroll John, Curry's-hill, 2, House

Byrne Thomas, Curry's-hill, 2, House


Connolly Patrick, Duke-street, 10, House

Magee Mrs, Duke-street, 10, House

Verso - , Duke-street, 15, House

McQuillan Miss, Duke-street, 20, House

Flinn Richard, Duke-street, 20, House

Evans Mrs., Duke-street, 10, House

Flinn Richard, Duke-street, 12, Forge

Flinn Richard, Duke-street, 10, Forge

Connor Maria, Duke-street, 6, House

Fanning John, Duke-street, 6, House

Kidd - , Duke-street, 10, House

Grendon Thomas, Duke-street, 10, Yard

Flinn Richard, Duke-street, 20, Workshop

Flinn Richard, Duke-street, 4, House


Garraway William, Duleek-street, 10, Two houses

McNally Pat, Duleek-street, 10, House & concerns

Hagarty John, Duleek-street, 3, House

Walsh Christopher, Duleek-street, 4, House

Mullin Philip, Duleek-street, 12, Three houses, yard, &c.

Mullin Philip, Duleek-street, 2, House

Rooney Bernard, Duleek-street, 2, House

Johnston James, Duleek-street, 2, House

Sampson James, Duleek-street, 4, House

Wosser Pat, Duleek-street, 14, House

Kelly Thomas, Duleek-street, 4, House

Delahurst James, Duleek-street, 4, House

Mohan Edward, Duleek-street, 3, House

Grimes James, Duleek-street, 2, House

Grimes James, Duleek-street, 8, House

Carroll Lawrence, Duleek-street, 10, House

Regan James, Duleek-street, 3, House

Dignum Widow, Duleek-street, 4, House

Cunningham Thomas, Duleek-street, 2, House

McArdle Bryan, Duleek-street, 2, House

Carney John, Duleek-street, 7, House, stables and garden

Reilly Mrs., Duleek-street, 6, House, stables and garden

Adams James, Duleek-street, 5, House, stables and garden

Cooney - , Duleek-street, 1, House

Dillon James, Duleek-street, 1, House

Daly Pat, Duleek-street, 4, House

Sherlock James, Duleek-street, 4, House & garden

Smyth Pat, Duleek-street, 1, House & garden

McArdle Pat, Duleek-street, 1, House & garden

Devin Pat, Duleek-street, 4, House & garden

Markey James, Duleek-street, 6, House & garden

Meighan Pat, Duleek-street, 6, House & garden

Kelly Mary, Duleek-street, 3, House & garden

Kelly Mary, Duleek-street, 6, House & garden

Doyle James, Duleek-street, 1, House & garden


Delany -, Dyer-street, 12, House

Crawley Thomas, Dyer-street, 12, House

Crolly Henry, Dyer-street, 50, Store

Finegan Joseph, Dyer-street, 40, House & tan-yard

Clinton William, Dyer-street, 60, House & tan-yard

Beahan Owen, Dyer-street, 60, House

Flood James, sen., Dyer-street, 60, House and salt-works

Flood James, sen., Dyer-street, 10, Yard

McPhillips Joseph, Dyer-street, 10, House

Corrigan Mrs., Dyer-street, 10, House

Pentony Laurence, Dyer-street, 40, House & tan-yard

Merry Christopher, Dyer-street, 15, House

Clinton James, Dyer-street, 30, House & tan-yard

Fitzsimons Mrs., Dyer-street, 6, House

Byrne Patrick, Dyer-street, 20, House & tan-yard

Byrne Mrs., Dyer-street, 30, House & tan-yard

Maypother Thomas, Dyer-street, 12, House

Ward Pat, Dyer-street, 20, House

Savage John, Dyer-street, 20, House

Scott John, Dyer-street, 10, House

Weir Archibald, Dyer-street, 40, Store

Everitt Nicholas, Dyer-street, 12, House

Beahen Owen, Dyer-street, 60, House, store and yard

Owens Miss, Dyer-street, 16, Store

Crolly Henry, Dyer-street, 10, Store


Wisdom Samuel, Fair-street, 8, House

McLoghlin Surgeon, Fair-street, 26, House

Bashford Mary, Fair-street, 12, House

Robinson John F., Fair-street, 12, House

Oats John, Fair-street, 60, House & store

Shegog John, Fair-street, 20, House

Greene James, Fair-street, 25, Store

Chadwick John, Fair-street, 60, House

Hanlon Owen, Fair-street, 20, House

Armstrong -, Fair-street, 15, House

Clarke Henry, Fair-street, 30, House

Brabazon Philip, Fair-street, 20, House

Gill Thomas, Fair-street, 60, House

Nixon Mr., Fair-street, 25, House

Chesshire Miss, Fair-street, 35, House

Ridgeway Mrs., Fair-street, 35, House

Duffy Miss, Fair-street, 35, House

Crawford John, Fair-street, 30, House

Kegan Mrs., Fair-street, 35, House

Broughall - , Fair-street, 10, Workshop

Atkinson Edward, Fair-street, 30, House

Phillips -, Fair-street, 21, House

Derepas Mrs., Fair-street, 70, House & store

Conway Pat, Fair-street, 14, House & shop

Kirby Michael, Fair-street, 28, House, store, &c.

Norris Richard, Fair-street, 6, House

Rooney John, Fair-street, 6, House

McGinness Hugh, Fair-street, 6, House

Owens John, Fair-street, 6, School

McGuire John, Fair-street, 30, House

McGuire John, Fair-street, 50, House

Fairtclough Lathum, Fair-street, 30, House

Roxborough James, Fair-street, 15, House

Stannage Stephen, Fair-street, 10, House

Hawkins John, Fair-street, 10, House

Drew Nicholas, Fair-street, 18, House

Ashe Captain, Fair-street, 40, House

Jeffers James, Fair-street, 20, Store

Jeffers James, Fair-street, 25, House

Jeffers James, Fair-street, 8, Store

Read James, Fair-street, 10, House

McEntegart Mrs., Fair-street, 15, House

Morgan Miss, Fair-street, 14, House


Latimer Thomas, Free-school-lane, 8, House

McQuillan James, Free-school-lane, 6, House

Scott Mr., Free-school-lane, 10, House

McDonnell James, Free-school-lane, 10, House

McQuillan John, Free-school-lane, 8, House

Tirmalti Bernard, Free-school-lane, 6, House


Gibbons James, Green-lanes, 4, House

Boyd Miss, Green-lanes, 2, Garden

Mathews Bernard, Green-lanes, 8, House

Boyd Miss [Tenants of], Green-lanes, 10, Five cabins

Warren William, Green-lanes, 2, Yard

Macken Pat, Green-lanes, 2, House

McMahon Felix, Green-lanes, 3, House

Tallent James, Green-lanes, 2, House

Garvey John, Green-lanes, 2, House

Murphy Michael, Green-lanes, 2, House

Maguire Widow, Green-lanes, 2, House

Sweeny Peter, Green-lanes, 2, House

McKeever - , Green-lanes, 5, House

McQuillan P., Green-lanes, 5, House

Bridges Oliver, Green-lanes, 4, House

Newitt William, Green-lanes, 5, House

Meade Michael, Green-lanes, 3, House

Lynch Andrew, Green-lanes, 3, House

Hamill Henry, Green-lanes, 6, House

Chester John [Tenants of], Green-lanes, 40, Ten houses

Chester John [Tenants of], Green-lanes, 40, Ten houses

O'Neill John, Green-lanes, 6, House

Warren William, Green-lanes, 9, Six cabins

Lynch - , Green-lanes, 4, House

Robinson Thomas, Green-lanes, 4, House


Mohan Pat, James's-street, 8, House

Lynch John, James's-street, 8, House

Tormay James, James's-street, 8, House

Heenly John, James's-street, 8, House

McEvoy James, James's-street, 10, House

Duffy Pierce, James's-street, 10, House

Jordan William, James's-street, 10, House

Hammond Thomas, James's-street, 20, House

Donnellan Rev. Mr., James's-street, 10, House

Clarke John, James's-street, 18, House and 11 cabins

Devlin John, James's-street, 10, House

Cluskey James, James's-street, 10, House

Day Patrick, James's-street, 12, House

McNally and Mullin, James's-street, 10, Two houses and stables

Gorman - , James's-street, 10, House

McKenna Pat, James's-street, 10, House

Walsh Peter, James's-street, 10, House

Walsh Thomas, James's-street, 12, House

Collins Robert, James's-street, 6, House

Linders Mrs., James's-street, 7, House

McCann George, James's-street, 8, House

Clinton Mary, James's-street, 6, House

O'Hara Hugh, James's-street, 6, House

Wall Mrs., James's-street, 10, House

Donnelly Pat, James's-street, 4, House

Rock Charles, James's-street, 33, House & yard

Skelly Francis, James's-street, 15, House

McGowran Catherine, James's-street, 12, House

Markey Peter, James's-street, 5, House

McCann Joseph, James's-street, 40, Store

Lacy George, James's-street, 10, House & yard

Melia James, James's-street, 8, House & yard


Harpur George, John-street, 50, House & saltworks

Owens George, John-street, 18, House

Lamb Ellen, John-street, 18, House

Finegan John, John-street, 30, Store

Dowd Eliza, John-street, 6, Yard

Holland Pat, John-street, 8, House

Callaghan Pat, John-street, 20, House & concerns

Dumany James, John-street, 5, House & concerns

Tipping Thomas, John-street, 5, House & concerns

Caffrey William, John-street, 5, House & concerns

Dowd Eliza, John-street, 20, Tan-yard

Finegan Robert, John-street, 15, Tan-yard

Barron John, John-street, 15, Tan-yard

Waltrin Thomas, John-street, 15, Tan-yard

Finegan John, John-street, 15, Tan-yard

Finegan Michael, John-street, 30, House & tan-yard

McLoughlin Joseph, John-street, 30, Stores & concerns

Finegan Robert, John-street, 16, Four cabins & tan-yard

Ternan Patrick, John-street, 24, Tan-yard

Finegan John, John-street, 20, House & tan-yard

Floody Patrick, John-street, 3, House

Harpur George, John-street, 20, Coal-yard

Carty Thomas, John-street, 10, Store & yard

Carty Miss, John-street, 60, House & concerns

Finegan John, John-street, 15, House


Caulfield Miss, Laurence's-street, 25, House

Bannon Peter, Laurence's-street, 20, House

Walsh Thomas, Laurence's-street, 20, House

Kelly Mrs., Laurence's-street, 35, House

Flanagan Edward, Laurence's-street, 35, House

Smith Philip, Laurence's-street, 15, House

Lacy George, Laurence's-street, 35, House

Davis John, Laurence's-street, 25, House

Collins Charles F., Laurence's-street, 24, House

Jackaberry T. (Rev.), Laurence's-street, 10, House

Jackaberry T. (Rev.), Laurence's-street, 10, House

Healey Mrs., Laurence's-street, 15, House

Magrane Pat, Laurence's-street, 15, House

Needham G. (Rev.), Laurence's-street, 160, House

Fairtclough William, Laurence's-street, 40, House

Evans George W., Laurence's-street, 40, House

Fairtclough Francis G., Laurence's-street, 55, House

Pentland Robert, Laurence's-street, 55, House

Smith Mrs., Laurence's-street, 12, House

Moore Margaret, Laurence's-street, 8, House

Corrigan John, Laurence's-street, 40, House

Fairtclough Doctor, Laurence's-street, 40, House

Leland Francis W., Laurence's-street, 50, House

Callaghan Thomas, Laurence's-street, 16, House

Kenny James, Laurence's-street, 20, House

Kirwan Edward, Laurence's-street, 20, House

Cavanagh Richard, Laurence's-street, 10, House

Dardis Rev. Mr., Laurence's-street, 6, House

Darbey Patrick, Laurence's-street, 30, House

Rodger William, Laurence's-street, 35, House

McCullough Mr., Laurence's-street, 40, House

Walsh Michael, Laurence's-street, 30, House

Byrne Michael, Laurence's-street, 15, House

McAuley John, Laurence's-street, 10, House

Campbell Thomas, Laurence's-street, 15, House

Kieran John, Laurence's-street, 16, House

Everitt Loughlin, Laurence's-street, 30, House

Leonard Patrick, Laurence's-street, 15, House

Laing & Co., Laurence's-street, 30, House

Craven Christopher, Laurence's-street, 30, House

Drew Walter, Laurence's-street, 30, House

Daly Miss, Laurence's-street, 30, House

Lynch Surgeon, Laurence's-street, 30, House


Montgomery Joseph, Linen-hall-street, 10, Store

Gernon James, Linen-hall-street, 50, Malt-house

Barron Rev. Mr., Linen-hall-street, 6, House

McCabe Richard, Linen-hall-street, 6, House

Smith Michael, Linen-hall-street, 6, House

Flax Mill Company, Linen-hall-street, 6, Measuring-store

Crinnian Michael, Linen-hall-street, 30, House & store

Richardson & Clarke, Linen-hall-street, 70, Stores


Morton John, Magdalen-street, 20, House

Donaghoo Mr., Magdalen-street, 20, House

Chester John, Magdalen-street, 40, House

Gooldricke Patrick, Magdalen-street, 20, House

Plunkett Laurence, Magdalen-street, 20, House

Westcott Daniel, Magdalen-street, 15, House

Flinn Peter, Magdalen-street, 15, House

Warren Wm., Magdalen-street, 15, House

Warren Wm., Magdalen-street, 10, House

Keating Catherine, Magdalen-street, 15, House

Boyd Miss, Magdalen-street, 8, House

Boyd Miss, Magdalen-street, 10, House

Skelly - , Magdalen-street, 10, House

Bradley Mrs., Magdalen-street, 3, House

Boyle Doctor [tenants of], Magdalen-street, 15, House

White James, Magdalen-street, 4, House

Hamilton John, Magdalen-street, 5, House

Wood Catherine, Magdalen-street, 6, House

Lamb John, Magdalen-street, 4, House

Moore WIlliam, Magdalen-street, 5, House

Nugent John, Magdalen-street, 5, House

Moore William, Magdalen-street, 8, House

Walcome Mr., Magdalen-street, 8, House

Smith Thomas, Magdalen-street, 6, House

Watson James, Magdalen-street, 6, House

Simcox Thomas, Magdalen-street, 8, Store, &c.

Denby Mr., Magdalen-street, 6, House

Chambers Hugh, Magdalen-street, 6, House

Stewart Mr., Magdalen-street, 6, House

Early James, Magdalen-street, 8, House

Kean John, Magdalen-street, 12, House

Fitzpatrick Mrs., Magdalen-street, 12, House

White Charles, Magdalen-street, 5, House

Campbell Mrs., Magdalen-street, 15, House

Breadan Mr., Magdalen-street, 6, House

Anderson Mrs., Magdalen-street, 6, House

Poe Anthony, Magdalen-street, 5, House

McEntegart Pat, Magdalen-street, 5, House

Jepson William, Magdalen-street, 4, House


Rodger William, Mayoralty-lane, 60, Store


Wolsey John & Co., New Quay, 546, Distillery and concerns

Collins Bartholomew, New Quay, 16, House

Murphy James, New Quay, 25, House

Neal Robert, New Quay, 10, House

William Roy, New Quay, 30, Meal Crane


Muckian Denis, New-road, 3, House

Farrell Charles, New-road, 5, House & forge

McCarty Richard, New-road, 5, House & forge

Kelly Charles, New-road, 3, House & forge

Smyth Michael, New-road, 3, House & forge

Mooney Laurence, New-road, 3, House & forge

Collins John, New-road, 3, House & forge

Hagan William, New-road, 2, House & forge

Daly Pat, New-road, 2, House & forge

Plunkett Pat, New-road, 6, House & forge

(New-road: from James's-street to the church)


Begbey John, North Quay, 22, House

Boylan Nicholas, North Quay, 26, House

Connelly - , North Quay, 26, House

Walsh Michael, North Quay, 20, Store

Fitz Gerald Edward, North Quay, 20, House

Flanagan John, North Quay, 20, House

Butterly John, North Quay, 10, Office & yard

Cooke John, North Quay, 10, Yard

Cooke John, North Quay, 25, House

Ternan Patrick, North Quay, 20, House

Ternon Patrick, North Quay, 40, Store

Rodger William, North Quay, 24, Store

Bellew James, North Quay, 20, House

Kelly Ann, North Quay, 30, House

Boylan Patrick, North Quay, 30, Office & yard

Hardman T.B., North Quay, 70, House

Morton J. & R., North Quay, 50, Store

McCann James, North Quay, 120, House, store, &c.

Smith William, North Quay, 60, House, store, &c.


Verdon Thomas, Old Abbey, 5, House

Berrill Francis, Old Abbey, 5, House

Boyle Owen, Old Abbey, 10, Yard, &c.

Connolly Mrs., Old Abbey, 6, Yard, &c.

McDonnell Mrs., Old Abbey, 4, Yard


Cooke John, Old Hill, 2, House

McDonnell Pat, Old Hill, 2, House

McKnight Owen, Old Hill, 2, House

Duffy John, Old Hill, 2, House

Rourke Pat, Old Hill, 10, House

Hughes Nicholas, Old Hill, 1, House

Rooney James, Old Hill, 2, House

Roe Denis, Old Hill, 2, House

McAuley Francis, Old Hill, 2, House

Wogan Thomas, Old Hill, 2, House

Davis John, Old Hill, 2, House

Coogan Pat, Old Hill, 2, House

Cooke Widow, Old Hill, 1, House

Hore James, Old Hill, 2, House

Bagnall John, Old Hill, 2, House

Bagnall William, Old Hill, 2, House

Bagnall William, Old Hill, 2, House

Beatty Margaret, Old Hill, 2, House

McCormick Pat, Old Hill, 4, House

Connor James, Old Hill, 3, House

Barron James, Old Hill, 2, House

McFadden John, Old Hill, 2, House

Lenahem Charles, Old Hill, 2, House

Mullen Philip, Old Hill, 2, House

Mullen Philip, Old Hill, 2, House

Kimmins Alexander, Old Hill, 2, House

Long James, Old Hill, 3, House

Gernon - , Old Hill, 3, House

Weldon Mary, Old Hill, 2, House

Long Nicholas, Old Hill, 3, House

Cassidy - , Old Hill, 2, House

McKowen Hugh, Old Hill, 2, House


Algar Robert, Palace-street, 30, House

Martin Rev. Mr., Palace-street, 20, House

Crooks Mrs., Palace-street, 30, House

Hill Mrs., Palace-street, 30, House

Hardman Miss, Palace-street, 30, House

Crolly Henry, Palace-street, 30, House

Byrne Major, Palace-street, 30, House

Wisdom Obadiah, Palace-street, 35, House

Fairburne John, Palace-street, 8, House

Daly - , Palace-street, 18, House


McDonnell Mrs., Patrick's-well-lane, 20, Store, &c.

McDonnell Mrs., Patrick's-well-lane, 10, House

McDonnell Mrs., Patrick's-well-lane, 8, House

Leland John, Patrick's-well-lane, 120, House & Salt-works

Leland John, Patrick's-well-lane, 20, House and garden

Leland John, Patrick's-well-lane, 16, Store

Leland John, Patrick's-well-lane, 16, House

Leland John, Patrick's-well-lane, 20, Store


Bagnell Henry, Peter-street, 30, House

Macken Michael, Peter-street, 15, House

Reilly Hugh, Peter-street, 20, House

Garvey Henry, Peter-street, 24, House

Verdon Peter, Peter-street, 50, House

Latimer Anne, Peter-street, 15, House

Moran Mrs., Peter-street, 16, House

Curtis James, Peter-street, 20, House

Dollard Patrick, Peter-street, 20, House

Brandon D.J., Peter-street, 20, House

Delakoyde George, Peter-street, 20, House

Rodger WIlliam, Peter-street, 40, Bakery

Doggett Christopher, Peter-street, 10, House

Woods Peter, Peter-street, 20, House

Berrill -, Peter-street, 20, House

Apperson Thomas, Peter-street, 20, House

Owens John, Peter-street, 20, House

Holland John, Peter-street, 16, House

Wisdom Samuel, Peter-street, 25, House

Warren John, Peter-street, 15, House

Warren Thomas, Peter-street, 15, House

Mathews Peter, Peter-street, 20, House

Sompson William, Peter-street, 10, House

Farrell Charles, Peter-street, 12, Yard & store

Kierans John, Peter-street, 10, House

Norris Pat, Peter-street, 16, House

McCartney James, Peter-street, 50, House

Connor Henry, Peter-street, 20, House

Dawson William, Peter-street, 30, House

Biggers John, Peter-street, 15, House

McGuire Mrs., Peter-street, 20, House

Byrne Miss, Peter-street, 10, House

Thompson Mr., Peter-street, 15, House

Robinson -, Peter-street, 20, House

Farrell Charles, Peter-street, 40, House

Hatton Bryan, Peter-street, 20, House

Curtis Thomas, Peter-street, 15, House

Biggers Catherine, Peter-street, 14, House


Mulligan Pat, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Neil George, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Levins Richard, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Landy James, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Lamb Nicholas, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Kerr Edward, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Carolan James, Pitcher-hill, 4, Two houses

Cassidy Richard, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Rooney Neal, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Mullin Denis, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Campbell Andrew, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Andrews John, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Drew John, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Cooney Thomas, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Cassidy Charles, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Currin Pat, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Gough James, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Garraway William, Pitcher-hill, 10, Six houses

Moore Coldwell, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Halfpenny Ann, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

McCann Michael, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Anderson Mary, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Splaine John, Pitcher-hill, 2, House

Carson Eliza, Pitcher-hill, 1, House

White Joseph, Pitcher-hill, 1, House

Mathews Richard, Pitcher-hill, 2, House


Christy Patrick, Potato-market, 8, House

Smith Anthony, Potato-market, 6, House

Walker John, Potato-market, 6, House

Skelly Luke, Potato-market, 10, House

Mulligan - , Potato-market, 6, House


Mayne John, Shop-street, 25, House

McDonough Matthew, Shop-street, 30, House

Campbell John, Shop-street, 50, House

Carty Hugh, Shop-street, 30, House

Rafferty Miss, Shop-street, 28, House

Farrell Michael, Shop-street, 50, House

Quigley Peter, Shop-street, 16, House

Courtnay Patrick, Shop-street, 16, House

Flanagan Thomas, Shop-street, 30, House

Crolly Patrick, Shop-street, 35, House

Arthure George, Shop-street, 25, House

Bowens John, Shop-street, 10, House

Galbraith Hugh, Shop-street, 45, House

Atkinson Doctor, Shop-street, 15, House

Hard Mrs., Shop-street, 20, House

Collins John, Shop-street, 50, House

Lynch Hugh, Shop-street, 50, House

Finegan Robert, Shop-street, 30, House

Bolton Mrs., Shop-street, 20, House

Clarke Pat, Shop-street, 25, House

Fanning John, Shop-street, 30, House

Kelly Michael, Shop-street, 20, House

McKenna & McHale, Shop-street, 20, House

Mohan Peter, Shop-street, 20, House

Finegan Bernard, Shop-street, 60, House

Clarke John, Shop-street, 40, House

Murphy Mrs., Shop-street, 40, House

Dowd Mrs., Shop-street, 50, House

Fanning Miss, Shop-street, 20, House

Dowd George, Shop-street, 24, House

Heaney Miss, Shop-street, 30, House

Branagan Thomas, Shop-street, 20, House

White Miss, Shop-street, 12, House

Dowdall Mrs., Shop-street, 30, House

McGuire John, Shop-street, 30, House

Trotter James, Shop-street, 30, House

Adams John, Shop-street, 50, House

Hatton B. & Co., Shop-street, 50, House

Halligan Thomas, Shop-street, 25, House

Halpin Pat, Shop-street, 25, House

Fogarty Thomas, Shop-street, 75, House

Levins James, Shop-street, 24, House

Ternan John, Shop-street, 54, House

Levins Michael, Shop-street, 50, House

Cathcart Richard, Shop-street, 50, House and bakery

Barry & Co., Shop-street, 60, House


Duffy Edward, South Quay, 20, House

Dowd James, South Quay, 25, Store

McLoughlin James, South Quay, 50, House & store

Boylan Pat, South Quay, 60, Two house

Mathews Pat, South Quay, 30, House, &c.

Skelly Francis, South Quay, 40, Corn stores

Connolly John, South Quay, 15, Store

Boylan Pat, South Quay, 20, Tan-yard

Leland and Gernon, South Quay, 80, Salt-works

Gernon Dr., South Quay, 80, Salt-works


Leland John, Stockwell-lane, 20, Yard

Leany Martin, Stockwell-lane, 20, House

Plunkett John, Stockwell-lane, 30, House

Plunkett John, Stockwell-lane, 30, House

McKenna Patrick, Stockwell-lane, 16, House and forge

Barnewell Thomas, Stockwell-lane, 16, House

Connor Michael, Stockwell-lane, 16, House

Carpenter Thomas, Stockwell-lane, 15, House

Moore Mrs., Stockwell-lane, 20, House

Galbraith Mary, Stockwell-lane, 15, House

Connor Michael, Stockwell-lane, 8, House

Moles James, Stockwell-lane, 6, House

Traynor Edward, Stockwell-lane, 12, House

Finegan - , Stockwell-lane, 18, House

Vaghey Michael, Stockwell-lane, 12, House

Rice Mrs., Stockwell-lane, 10, House

Hanratty John, Stockwell-lane, 10, House

Power Richard, Stockwell-lane, 10, House

Carroll Henry, Stockwell-lane, 10, House

Waltrin Thomas, Stockwell-lane, 40, House and tan-yard

Mooney John, Stockwell-lane, 30, Store

Collins John, Stockwell-lane, 6, House

Shaw Peter, Stockwell-lane, 6, House

Leany Martin, Stockwell-lane, 30, Store

Cassidy Henry, Stockwell-lane, 6, House


Drew John, West-street, 40, House

Rafferty Nicholas, West-street, 14, House

Drew Stephen, West-street, 20, House

Jordan Christopher, West-street, 40, House

Daly Robert, West-street, 60, House

Daly Robert, West-street, 50, House

Smith & Allen, West-street, 60, House & Concerns

Davis James, West-street, 60, House

Hoey Patrick, West-street, 30, House

Archbold Miss, West-street, 40, House

McCabe Felix, West-street, 40, House

Elliott Thos. Henry, West-street, 40, House

Byrne Patrick, West-street, 50, House, &c.

Keappock Anthony, West-street, 80, House, &c.

McCann James, West-street, 150, Brewery, bakery, &c.

Hughes James, West-street, 50, House

Keenan Peter, West-street, 50, House

Courtnay Pat, West-street, 25, House

Slevin Mrs., West-street, 25, House

Collin Pat, West-street, 30, House

Holmes Edward, West-street, 30, House

Simpson -, West-street, 50, House

Mackin Miss, West-street, 50, House

Cavanagh Francis, West-street, 40, House

Boyle Owen, West-street, 50, House

Duffy Bernard, West-street, 15, House

Mulligan Patrick, West-street, 80, Hotel, stables, &c.

Casey Patrick, West-street, 20, House

Dullaghan Joseph, West-street, 20, House

Kirk Patrick, West-street, 20, House

Kirk Patrick, West-street, 120, Hotel, stables, &c.

Clements Mrs., West-street, 40, House

Carroll Thomas, West-street, 25, House

Meighan Michael, West-street, 10, Stable and store

Meighen Michael, West-street, 10, Store

White Miss, West-street, 12, House

Walsh John, West-street, 14, House

McCann John, West-street, 30, House

Gernon James, West-street, 240, House, brewery, &c.

Gernon James, West-street, 60, Salt Works

Denin Mrs., West-street, 60, House

White Nicholas, West-street, 40, House

Montgomery Joseph, West-street, 50, House

Richardson & Clarke, West-street, 50, House

Kelly John, West-street, 40, House

Cunningham Mrs., West-street, 6, House

Smith Thomas, West-street, 6, House

McDonnell Mrs., West-street, 50, Two houses

Walsh Mrs., West-street, 10, House

Devin Pat., West-street, 10, House

Commins Wm., West-street, 15, House

Carten John, West-street, 16, House

Gernon Dr. [Tenants of], West-street, 5, House

McNamara Eugene, West-street, 10, House

Berril Francis, West-street, 10, House

Crosby Patrick, West-street, 10, House

Crosby Patrick, West-street, 10, House

Whearty Richard, West-street, 10, House

Campbell Nicholas, West-street, 10, House

Chester Michael, West-street, 12, House

Murphy Pat, West-street, 16, House

McCullough Mrs., West-street, 30, House

Carty Thomas, West-street, 150, House, saltworks, &c.

Brady Philip, West-street, 15, House

Markey Peter, West-street, 12, House

Pentony Laurence, West-street, 10, House

Daum Joseph, West-street, 12, House

Callaghan Nicholas, West-street, 12, House

McCabe Pat, West-street, 12, House

Brady Daniel, West-street, 12, Store

Brady Daniel, West-street, 24, House

Ennis Thomas, West-street, 60, House, store, &c.

McCrow John, West-street, 70, House

White Patrick, West-street, 26, House

Carr Pat, West-street, 20, House

Farmer Michael, West-street, 25, House

Byrne Mrs., West-street, 40, House

Keenan Peter, West-street, 40, House and Ball-court

Kavanagh James, West-street, 18, House

Gilmer Mrs., West-street, 12, House

McGuire Hugh, West-street, 35, House & forge

Owens William, West-street, 10, House

Finegan Thomas, West-street, 20, Brewery

Flood James, jun., West-street, 70, House, store, &c.

Wootten Miss, West-street, 8, House

Meighan Michael, West-street, 26, House

Fallon Malachi, West-street, 40, House

Beddy Thomas & Hanlon Mrs., West-street, 50, Two house

Hanlon Mrs., West-street, -, House, see Beddy, Thomas

Kelly Joseph, West-street, 36, House & yard

Connolly Mrs., West-street, 30, House & yard

Halpin Bartholomew, West-street, 10, House & yard

Marguire Mrs., West-street, 10, House & yard

Simcox Thomas, West-street, 10, Coach-office

Simcox Thomas, West-street, 40, Hotel

Grendon Thomas, West-street, 70, House, foundry, &c.

Byrne Lewis, West-street, 25, House

Kelly John, West-street, 20, House

Dwinin James, West-street, 30, House

Morar John, West-street, 30, House

Mathews Miss, West-street, 15, House

McKenna Charles, West-street, 50, House

Butterly John, West-street, 50, House

Campbell William, West-street, 50, House

Campbell James, West-street, 40, House

Rogers Michael, West-street, 40, House

North Thomas, West-street, 65, House

Clark George R., West-street, 75, House, store, &c.

Devlin James, West-street, 26, House

Clarendon Mrs., West-street, 40, House

McGuire Pat, West-street, 32, House

Simpson Boyle, West-street, 40, House

Verdon Peter, West-street, 30, House

Kelly Patrick, West-street, 35, House

Gugerty Miss, West-street, 30, House

Halligan James, West-street, 15, House

Crawford Samuel, West-street, 30, House

Murphy -, West-street, 60, House


Collins John, William-street, 16, House

Collins Francis, William-street, 16, House

Lawless Christopher, William-street, 4, House

Atkinson Samuel, William-street, 4, House

Fairtclough Miss, William-street, 30, House

McCann John, William-street, 6, House

Reilly Hugh, William-street, 6, House

Codd William, William-street, 8, House

Parkes Mrs., William-street, 16, House

Ginn - , William-street, 16, House

Wisdom Obadiah, William-street, 10, Garden

Smyth Ralph, William-street, 10, Yard, &c.

Holmes Mrs., William-street, 10, Yard, &c.

Crolly Rev. Doctor, William-street, 40, Yard, &c.

Henzill Mrs., William-street, 25, Yard, &c.

Swan Mr., William-street, 20, Yard, &c.

Paisley William, William-street, 50, Yard, &c.

Skelley Thomas, William-street, 30, Yard, &c.

White Patrick, William-street, 10, Yard, &c.

Needham George, William-street, 40, Yard, &c.

Nicholls Austin, William-street, 30, Workshop, &c.

Murphy & Kent, William-street, 8, House, &c.

Sherry Blaney, William-street, 9, House, &c.

Leatkin James, William-street, 4, House, &c.

McLoughlin John, William-street, 4, House, &c.

Rath Pat, William-street, 4, House, &c.

Murphy John, William-street, 12, House, &c.

Morris Miles, William-street, 6, House, &c.

Dardis - , William-street, 6, House, &c.

Reilly Mrs., William-street, 8, House, &c.


The Clerk of the Peace is not supplied with any official documents from which he could make the Return required; he has therefore applied to the parish officers and cess collectors for such information as they are respectively enabled to afford, to enable him, as far as he can, to comply with the requisites of the order.


The town of Drogheda, having a fund from the collection of tolls and customs for the paving of the streets, does not come under the provisions of the 9th Geo. 4; and the constituency for Drogheda being that of a county and town, there are several registered voters in the suburbs, which are without the walls, who are not assessed for any municipal tax. There are only two local Acts, namely, the Assessment for defraying the Expense of a Nightly Watch, under 5 Geo. 3, chap. 23, which is confined to the town within the ancient walls; and the Assessment for Lighting, under 30 Geo. 3, chap. 39, sec. 27, which is to be agreed to at vestry in the month of August, and Leviable, if it should be thought fit, on the inhabitants of the parishes within the walls or any part of the suburbs; but the usage has hitherto confined the assessment within the walls; and the accompanying Return is made from the assessment and applotment for defraying the expenses of a nightly watch.


The parish assessment for the other usual purposes is made at vestry, and extends to both town and country; and the order requiring the Return being confined to towns, this valuation could not be referred to; nor is this assessment made under any local Act.


The county cess is levied under grand jury presentment, which is subsequently applotted at an assembly held before the magistrate at sessions, under 33 Geo. 2, ch. 7, sec. 1, and is levied upon land only, excluding the houses within the town. The hospital cess is also levied under grand jury presentment, and applotted under the before-mentioned Act, sec. 3; and its levy is confined to the houses in the town so far as the parish of St. Peter extends, excluding the land within said parish; but the proportion of the levy for St. Mary's parish is assessed upon the land only, excluding the houses within the parish.


Drogheda, 1 May 1837

Certified by

Joseph Holmes, Clerk of the Peace.



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