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Louth, a maritime county in Leinster province, and the smallest in Ireland.


Boundaries : N., Armagh and Down ; E., the Irish Sea ; S., Meath ; W., Meath and Monaghan.   Greatest length, N. and S., 25 miles ;  greatest breadth, E. and W., 15 miles; comprising an area of 315 square miles, or 201,434 acres, of which 178,972 are arable, 15,603 uncultivated, 5,318 in plantations, 728 in towns, and 813 under water.   It is intersected by 466 miles of   roads, kept in repair by the Grand Jury Presentments, and 44 miles repaired by turnpike trusts, besides other roads.   On its N. coast Carlingford Bay separates it from Down; on its S., the estuary of the Boyne from Meath ; between both is the bay and harbour of Dundalk. The river Boyne, here navigable, skirts the county on the S.


The surface is level or undulating, except on the N., where it is rugged and mountainous; the subsoil is clay-slate and graywacke, and in a few districts the mountain limestone ; the soil is fertile, except in the elevated tracts. The number of acres under crops in 1850, was 114,002, viz.; - wheat, 17,952; oats, 36,366 ; barley, bere, and rye, 17,610 ; peas and beans, 4,532 ; potatoes, 11,098; turnips, 7,358 ; mangel-wurzel, carrots, parsnips, and cabbage, 168 ; vetches and other green crops, 2,075 ; flax, 388; meadow and clover, 15,955.   Of plantations, there were, in 1841, 34 acres oak, 30 ash, 11 elm, 36 beech, 66 fir, 4,868 mixed timber, and 273 fruit, besides 218,736 detached trees, equivalent to 1,367 acres of plantation ; total, 6,685 acres.


The number of farms in 1841, above 1 acre each, was 7,917, on which there was a stock of 10,623 horses and mules, 16,361 horned cattle, 19,295 sheep, 23,957 pigs, 132,900 head of poultry, and 746 asses, the estimated value of all which was £146,569.    In 1850, on 10,638 holdings there were 11,542 horses, 1,788 mules and asses, 28,788 cattle, 22,276 sheep, 16,224 pigs, 4,031 goats, 132,306 poultry.


Tillage is much practised; wheat, barley, oats, and green crops are raised; the farms are well fenced and drained ; linen is manufactured.


The fishery district of Dundalk extends the whole line of coast from Warrenpoint to Ballywater, comprising 52 miles of maritime boundaries, which had in 1850, 209 registered fishing vessels, employing 1,376 men and boys.


The population in 1841 was 111,979 ; 96,479 in the rural, and 15,500 in the civic district.   According to the Census of 1851 the total population of the county was 91,045, being a decrease of 20,934.   The number of children attending public schools in 1841 was, in rudimental schools, males 3,363, females 2,838 ; in superior schools, males 48, females 9 ; total, 6,249.  In December, 1850, there were 79 national schools in operation, attended by 11,215 children ;  5,597 males, 5,618 females.


The county is divided into 6 baronies - Ardee, Drogheda, Lower and Upper Dundalk, Ferrard, and Louth, and contains 64 parishes.  The county is in Armagh archdiocese, with a small portion in that of Meath.  The principal towns are Dundalk, population, in 1841, 10,782 ; Ardee, 3,679 ; and part of Drogheda, 1,039 ; the remaining part containing 16,261 inhabitants, being in the county of the town of Drogheda ; total population, 17,300.  It returns 3 members to Parliament ; 2 for the county at large, constituency, under 13 and 14 Vict., c. 69, in 1851, 2,078 ; and 1 for Dundalk borough, constituency, 267.


It is in the N.E. circuit ; the County Prison is at Dundalk, where the Assizes are held ;  committals thereto in 1850, 449 ;  Quarter Sessions there and at Ardee ; Petty Sessions in 10 places.


The County Infirmary is at Dundalk ; the District Lunatic Asylum, to which the county is entitled to send 23 patients, is in Dublin.   There is a Fever Hospital in Drogheda, and 9 Dispensaries in the county.


Savings’ Banks, are established at Dundalk, Drogheda, and Ardee ; total depositors in 1850, 2,140, amounting to £59,588.


The Union Workhouses are at Dundalk, Drogheda, and Ardee; the net annual value of property rated to the poor in the county, is £309,560, and the amount of property valued under the Act of 6 & 7 Wm. IV., cap.84, Drogheda not included, amounts to £194,922.


The Grand Jury Presentments for 1851 amounted to £16,223.


A new Prison, on the separate system, is in course of erection, at a cost of about £17,000.


The county is partly within the military district of Dublin, and partly in that of Belfast; there are Cavalry Barracks in Dundalk, and the staff of the County Militia is stationed at Dunleer.  The head-quarters of the Constabulary force, consisting of 192 men, officers included, are at Dundalk ; those of the 5 districts, comprising 27 stations, at Dundalk, Ardee, Carlingford, Dunleer, and Louth.


There is a Resident Magistrate at Dundalk.


Nine Coast-Guard stations, consisting of 4 officers and 50 men.  There are two newspapers published in Drogheda, the Drogheda Argus, and Drogheda Conservative ; and in Dundalk the Newry Examiner and The Democrat.    See these Boroughs in Borough Directory.  



Lieutenant, Rt. Hon. Lord BELLEW, Barmeath, in this county.

Custos Rotulorum, Right Hon. Earl of RODEN, K.ST.P., Tollymore Park, Castlewellan, co. Down.

High Sheriff, (1851-52), Geo. RUXTON, esq., Rahanna, Ardee.



Members for the County – RICHARD MONTESQUIEU BELLEW, esq., D.L., Barmeath, Dunleer, in this county, and Brookes’s Club, London. – CHICHESTER SAMUEL FORTESCUE, esq., D.L., Red House, Ardee, in this county, and Brookes’s Club, London.




Balfour, Blayney Townley, Townley Hall, Drogheda

Belleew, Richard Montesquieu, M.P., Barmeath, Dunleer

Bellingham, Sir Alan Edward, bart., Castle, Castle­bellingham

Chester, Henry, Cartown, Drogheda

Dease, Matthew O’Reilly, Nicholastown ; and 50, Lower Dominick-street, Dublin

Fitzgerald, Thomas, Fane Valley, Dundalk

Forster, Frederick John, Castlering, Louth

Fortescue, C. S., M.P., Red House, Ardee

Fortescue, Thomas, Ravensdale Park, Flurrybridge

Norman, Thomas Lee, Corballis, Ardee

O’Callaghan, Hugh, Culloville, Crossmaglen, and Rosemount, Booterstown

O’Reilly, Myles William, Knockabbey Castle, Louth

Taaffe, Myles, Smarmore, Ardee




John Finlay, esq., LL.D., 31, North Cumberland-street, Dublin




Balfour, Blayney T., D.L., Townley Hall, Drogheda

Balfour, Blayney, jun., Townley Hall, Drogheda

Bellingham, SirAlan E., bt., D.L., Castle, Castlebellingham

Bellingham, Alan O’Brien, Dunany House, Castlebellingham

Bigger, John James, Filmore Hall, Dundalk

Black, John, Annaskea, Dundalk

Caraher, James, Cardistown, Ardee

Carty, Thomas, Drogheda

Chester, Finlay, Stonehouse, Dunleer

Chester, Henry, D.L., Cartown, Drogheda

Cloncurry, Lord, Maretimo, Blackrock, Dublin

Delap, Robert, Monasterboice, Collon

De Verdon, Richard, Monksland House, Carlingford

Donagh, Francis, Newtown, Drogheda

Filgate, Thomas William, Arthurstown, Ardee

Filgate, William, Lisrenny, Ardee

Fitzgera1d, Thomas, D.L., Fane Valley, Dundalk

Forster, Sir George, bart., Coolderry, Carrickmacross

Fortescue, Chichester S., M.P., D.L., Red House, Ardee

Fortescue, Thomas, D.L., Ravensdale Park, Flurrybridge

Garstin, Rev. Anthony, Bragganstown, Castlebellingham

Hatch, William, Ardee Castle, Ardee

Jocelyn, Viscount, M.P., Tollymore Park, Castlewellan

M’Clntock, John, Drumcar, Dunleer

M’Clintock, John, jun., Oriel Temple, Collon

M‘Clintock, Samuel, Newtown House, Termonfeckin

M’Neale, Donald, Faughart, Dundalk

MacNeale, Robert

Milling, Nathaniel, Shanless, Ardee  

Montgomery, Richard Thomas, Beaulieu, Drogheda

Moore, Hugh, Nootka Lodge, Carlingford

Murphy, John, Castletown, Dundalk

Norman, Thomas Lee, D.L.  Corballis, Ardee

O’Callaghan, James, Priorland, Dundalk

O’Reilly, Myles Wm., D.L., Knockabbey Castle, Louth

Pentland, George Henry, Blackhall, Drogheda

Robinson, Sir John Stephen, bart,, Rokeby Hall, Dunleer

Rutherford, Archibald H., Ghau House, Carlingford

Ruxton, George, Rahana House, Ardee

Ruxton, William, Ardee House, Ardee

Singleton, Edward, Collon

Taaffe, Myles, D.L , Smarmore, Ardee

Tipping, Edward, Bellurgan Park, Dundalk

Tisdall, Lieut.-Col. Thomas, Charleville, Dunleer

Townley, John, Dundalk

Upton, Lewis, Glyde Court, Castlebellingham




French, Arthur, Dundalk




Clerk of the Crown, John Maher, esq., 8, Bachelor’s-walk, Dublin.

Deputy Clerk of the Crown, Thos. Bourne, esq., Dundalk

Clerk of the Peace, Thomas Bourne, esq., Dundalk

Crown Solicitor, Maxwell Hamilton, esq., 5, Kildare ­street, Dublin.

Crown Solicitor at Quarter Sessions, Peter M’Evoy Gartland, esq., Mountbailie, Dundalk, and 63, Upper Dominick-street, Dublin.

Treasurer, John Straton, esq., Dundalk

Sec to the Grand Jury, Alex. Shekleton, esq., Dundalk.

County Surveyor,  J. Neville, esq., C.E., M.R.I.A., Dundalk.

Sub Sheriff,  Burton Brabazon, esq., Cartown, Drogheda.

Sheriff’s Returning Officer,  Joseph F. Booth, 159, Lower Gloucester -street, Dublin.

Coroners, Henry M. Blackwell, M.D., Dunleer; and John Byrne, esq., Dundalk.

Agent for Lloyds, Sam. Jackson Turner, esq., Dundalk.




Head Distributer at Dundalk, George Russell, esq.

Ardee, W. S. Wade.

Carlingford, William Woodney.

Castlebellingham, Thomas Magrath.




Ardee,  Thos. Hardman, Salterstown, Castlebellingham.

Drogheda, James Simpson, Collon

Dundalk, lower, Michael M’Alister, Faughart; and Thomas Brown, Carlingford.

Dundalk, upper, John Kieran, Cullenstown, Castle­bellingham

Ferrard, James Simpson, Collon.

Louth, John Kieran, Cullenstown, Castlebellingham.




Colonel, Right Hon. Lord Bellew, Barmeath, Dunleer.

Lieut.-Col., Vist. Massareene and Ferrard, Antrim Castle.

Major, J. M’Clintock, jun., Oriel Temple, Collon.

Adjutant, Captain Henry L. Pendleton.




County Inspector, James Battersby, esq, Dundalk.


Sub-Inspectors’ Stations

Ardee, Murtagh O’Brien.

Carlingford, J. R. Croghan.

Dundalk, Edward Hill.

Dunleer, E. K. D’Arcy.

Louth, Samuel Duff.




Carlingford; Clogher Head; Cooley Point; Dunany Point ;  Greenore; Giles’s Quay; Omeath; Soldiers’ Point; Queensborough.

Inspectinq Officers, Lieut. Charles Servante, R.N., Car­lingford; Captain John Sibbald, R.N., Dundalk.




Tallanstown, alias Louth Hall




Place where held, Day, and Name of Clerk.

Ardee, second Wednesday; William Wade.

Carlingford, second Saturday; John Carr.

Castlebellingham, second Tuesday; Joseph Russell.

Collon, second Thursday; James Gamble.

Dundalk, second Friday; James Kennedy.

Dunleer, second Tuesday ; Henry Garvey.

Louth, second Thursday; John Hawes.

Mell, Drogheda, second Wednesday; S. M’Loughlen.

Ravensdale, Flurrybridge, second Wednesday; William Locke.

Termonfeckin, second Wednesday; Geo. Edbrooke.




Board of Superintendence meet on first Saturday in March, June, September, and December: the Right Hon. the Earl of Roden ;  Thomas  Fortescue, esq., J.P., ; Fred. J. Forster, esq. ; Graham Johnston, esq. ; James Wolfe M’Neale, esq.; J.J. Bigger, esq., J.P.; Edward Tipping, esq., J.P.; John Townley, esq., J.P. ; James O’Callaghan, esq., J.P.,; Thomas Coleman, esq.; John George Coddington, esq.; and John Black, esq., J.P.


Inspector and Chaplain, Rev. J. H. Allpress.

R.C. Chaplain, Rev. Michael Keiran, P.P.

Presbyterian Chaplain,  Rev. James Beatty.

Physician and Surgeon, E. G. Brunker, M.D., F.R.C.S.I.

Apothecary, Mr. Francis Scott.

Governor, Mr. Francis Lamb.




Ardee, William Armstrong.




Treasurer, Alexander Shekleton, esq.

Surgeon, Edward G. Brunker, M.D., F.R.C.S.I.




Manager, S. Wrigley, esq.

Physicians, John Mollan, M.D., and Richard Tuohill, M.D.

Surgeon, John Hughes, M.D.




Drogheda  (temporary), Richard Kelly, M.D.




Ardee, Richard Montgomery, A.B., M.B., F.R.C.S.I.

Carlingford, Thomas Massey, M.D.

Castlebellingham, J. Trimble, M.D.

Collon,  Edward P. MacLoghlin, M.R.C.S.I.

Dunleer, Joseph Carroll, L.R.C.S.I.

Louth, Chichester Carraher.

Philipstown, William Pollock, surgeon.

Ravensdale, J. Strong, A.B., M.B.,T.C.D.

Termonfeckin, John Drew.





THE ARDEE UNION is situated partly in the county of Louth, and partly in the county of Meath ; it contains an area of 96,159 statute acres, and a population of 43,563.    The valuation of property rated in the Union amounts to £93,397.    There are 13 Electoral Divisions, represented by 24 elected, and 24 ex-officio Guardians.   The Workhouse was opened in May, 1842, and affords accommodation for 983 inmates; there is 1 Auxiliary Workhouse, with accommodation for 200 inmates.   The Board of Guardians meets on Tuesday.


Chairman, Thomas Lee Norman, esq.. Corballis, Ardee.

Vice-Chairman, Ths. W. Filgate, esq., Arthurstown, Ardee.

Deputy vice-Chairman, Wm. Ruxton, esq., Ardee House, Ardee.

Treasurer, Bank of Ireland, Dundalk.

Clerk and Returning Officer, Laurence Kearns.

Master and Matron, Thomas Callan and Isabella Callan.

Chaplains  - Established Church, Rev. T. D. Logan.  Roman Catholic, Rev. John Levins.

Medical Officer, Edward M’Ardle.



THE DROGHEDA UNION is situated partly in the county of Louth, and partly in the county of Meath; it contains an area of 98,848 statute acres, and a population of 52,551.  The valuation of property rated in the Union amounts to £129,522.  There are 12 Electoral Divisions, represented by 25 elected, and 25 ex-officio Guardians.  The Workhouse was opened in December, 1841, and affords accommodation for 1,010 inmates.   The Board of Guardians meets on Thursdays.    For list of Officers, see DROGHEDA, in Borough Directory.



THE DUNDALK UNION is situated partly in the county of Louth, partly in the county of Armagh, and partly in the county of Monaghan ; it contains an area of 104,226 statute acres, and a population of 65,834.    The valuation of property rated in the Union amounts to £86,703.   There are 19 Electoral Divisions, represented by 30 elected, and 16 ex-officio Guardians.   The Workhouse was opened in March, 1842, and affords accommodation for 948 inmates.   The board of Guardians meets on Thursday.  – For list of Officers, see DUNDALK, in Borough Directory.




Annagassan, 17 March, 7 May, 22 July, 8 Nov.

Carlingford, 10 Oct., and first Saturday in each month.

Ardee, 1 Mar., 10 April, 6 June, 8 July, 20 Aug., 28 Sept., 23 Oct., 17 Dec.

Castlebellingham, 4 Feb., 19 May, Easter Tues., 24 June, 10 Oct., 13 Nov., 22 Dec.

Clougher, 21 Jan., 27 April, 5 June, 18 July, 29 Sept.

Collon, 10 May, 29 June, 20 Oct., 4 and 24 Nov.

Drogheda, 2nd Mon. in March, 2nd Fri. in April, 12 May, 22 June, 26 Aug., 29 Oct., 3rd Fri. in Nov., 3rd Fri. in Dec.

Drumcashel, 19 May, 12 Oct.

Dunleer, 6 Jan., 1 Feb., 11 March, 1 April, 14 May, 9 June, 5 July, 11 Aug., 19 Sept., 5 Oct., 1 Nov., 11 Dec.

Dundalk, 3rd Wed. in every month, with the exception of May, when it will be held on the 17th as usual.

Lurgangreen, 21 May, 25 July, 11 Nov.

Mullaghcrew, 2 Feb., 17 & 25 March, Easter Mon., 1 May, 17 June, 26 July, 15 Aug., 8 Sept., 18 Oct., 16 Nov., 21 Dec.


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