Louth Parish Church Subscription Fund 1890


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1890 Louth Parish Church Subscription Fund




Foundation of the New Church,




Dear Mr. Roe,

In requesting you to publish the annexed list of subscribers to our New Church in Louth, I gladly take this opportunity of thanking my numerous friends who have so generously responded to my appeal for help in my heavy undertaking.    It would be too much to expect you to publish the names who contributed smaller sums.    Your space is limited.    In making out a list expended to such a length naturally mistakes may arise.    Should any appear I would feel grateful to the benefactors concerned to intimate it to me, and the necessary correction will be promptly published – I remain faithfully yours,


                                                                                            A. Dillon P.P.

Parochial House, Louth,

October 8, 1890



This following list, as well the above letter, was published in The Dundalk Democrat on 11 October 1890.   The transcript below, containing some 600 names, is in surname order.    The original list was divided into ‘Collection Districts’ (in brackets below) that do not necessarily correlate geographically to the address given, and in order of amount subscribed.   


ACB’ refers to ‘Absent Children of the Parish’ (Donations from people living abroad).


As an alternative to using the original newspaper, a transcript of the list, as originally published, may be found in: Church of the Immaculate Conception Centenary Celebration 1892-1992, by Eddie Filgate, Tempest Dundalk, 1992.    This excellent booklet also contains a short history of the parish.


Tragically, on 02 April 2003, a fire broke out in the church and this magnificent listed building was engulfed in flames.   The cause of the fire was apparently accidental, but the building was left in ruins.


Louth Parish Church Subscription Fund


Name, Address, Amount, Collection District


His Grace the Primate, £10, -

A Friend, £1, [Knockbridge -]

Anonymous, New York City, £15, [ACP]

Anonymous per Fr. Clarke, £5, [Dundalk]

Anonymous per Fr. Smyth, C.C., £5, [Dundalk]

Anonymous per Fr. Smyth, C.C., £3, [Dundalk]

Mr. Backhouse, £3, [Dundalk]

Mr. Hugh Barron, Walterstown, 10/-, [Cooley]

V. Rev. W. Barry, CSSR, St. Joseph's, Dundalk, £1

Mr. P. Begley, Knockbridge, 10/-, [Knockbridge]

Sydney Bellingham, Esq., 10/-, [Dunleer]

Miss Belton, Stonetown, £2, [Louth]

V. Rev. Dean Bermingham, P.P., Carrickmacross, £1

Rev. W. Booth, C.C., Tenure, 10/-

Miss Booth, The Castle, Darver, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Denis Boyle, Channonrock, £1, [Louth]

Mr. Joseph Boyle, Mullacrew, £1, [Louth]

Miss Mary Boyle, New York City, £3 8s, [ACP]

Mr. Henry Boyle, Troy, £3 1s 7d, [ACP]

Doctor Bradley, Laurence Street, 10/-, [Drogheda]

Rev. Fr. Brady, C.C., Carlingford, £1

Mr. Owen Brady, Kilcroney, £1, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Patrick Brady, Loughan, £2 10s, [Louth]

Rev. Owen Breagy, C.C., Dundalk, £1

Mrs. Brennan, Knockcor, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mr. James, Brennan, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Mrs. Brennan, Edmondstown, £1, [Cooley]

Miss Brennan, Carrickmacross, 10/-, [Cooley]

Miss Brodigan, Blackrock, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Mrs. Brodigan, Summerhill, £1 10s, [Louth]

Mr. R.L. Brown, J.P., £2, [Dundalk]

Mr. T. Brown, £2, [Dundalk]

V. Rev. J.J. Buckley, S.M., Dundalk, £1, -

Rev. John Byrne, C.C., Ardee, £2, -

V. Rev. Canon Byrne, P.P., Portadown, £1, -

V. Rev. Dean Byrne, P.P. V.G., Dungannon, £1, -

Mr. W.H. Byrne, Architect, £5, -

Mr. James Byrne, Park Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Mr. James Byrne, Crowe Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Mr. Thomas Byrne, Ballybarrack, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Patrick Byrne, Dunbin, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Miss Byrne, Cavan, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Mathew Byrne, Haggardstown, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Mr. T.J. Byrne, Rossmakea, £5, [Knockbridge]

Miss Byrne, Rossmakea, £1, [Knockbridge]

Miss E. Byrne, 10/-, [Knockbridge]

Mr. J. Byrne, Knockbridge, 10/-, [Knockbridge]

Miss Byrne, Knockbridge, 10/-, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Loughlan Byrne, Killany, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. James Byrne, Channonrock, £5, [Louth]

Mr. Bernard Byrne, Bailifland, £5, [Louth]

Mr. Stephen Byrne, Beloran, £3, [Louth]

Mrs. Byrne Bailifland, £3, [Louth]

Mr. John Byrne, Louth, £3, [Louth]

Mr. C. Byrne, Bailifland, £3, [Louth]

Mr. Thomas Byrne, Rootate, £3, [Louth]

Mr. James Byrne, Bailifland, £2, [Louth]

Mr. Hugh Byrne, Teacher, Stonetown, £2, [Louth]

Mr. O. Byrne, Tully, £1, [Louth]

Mr. P. Byrne, Tully, £1, [Louth]

Mr. J. Callaghan, Mullacrew, 10/-, [Louth]

Doctor Callan, £1, [Dundalk]

Miss A. Callan, Francis Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Doctor Callan, £1, [Ardee]

Mr. John Callan, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Thomas Callan, Tullagee, £5, [Knockbridge]

Mr. John Callan, Corderry, £3, [Knockbridge]

Messrs T. & F. Callan, Knocklore, £1, [Cooley]

Mrs. Callan, Carrickmacross, £5, [Cooley]

Mr. J. Callan, Shamrock, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Joseph Callan, Corderry, £5, [Louth]

Mr. Edward Callan, Cooldreddan, £2, [Louth]

Mrs. Callan, Allardstown, £1, [Knockbridge]

Mrs. Callan, £1, [Knockbridge]

Mrs. Callan, Tullagee, £1, [Knockbridge]

Messrs. D. Callan & Co., £1, [Dundalk]

Mr. F.F. Campbell, £10, [Dundalk]

Mr. Campbell, Drumgoolin, £10, [Louth]

Mr. Peter Campbell, Drumgoolin, £1, [Louth]

Mr. P.D. Caraher, Mayne, 10/-, [Dunleer]

Mr. James Caraher, Tallanstown, £1, [Cooley]

Rev. F. Carolan, C.C., Forkhill, £1, -

Mr. P.V. Carolan, £10 10s, [Dundalk]

Mr. James Carroll, £5, [Dundalk]

Mr. V. Carroll, £2, [Dundalk]

Mrs. P. Carroll, Roden Place, £1, [Dundalk]

Mrs. Carroll, The Wood, 8/[Dunleer]

Mr. M. Carroll, Teacher, Haggardstown, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Mr. P. Carroll, Neptune Hotel, Blackrock, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Miss Carroll, Kilcroney, £4, [Knockbridge]

Mrs. Carroll, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Joseph Carroll, Ardpatrick, £5, [Louth]

Mr. Francis Carroll, Ardpatrick, £5, [Louth]

Mrs. Carroll, Mullavalley, £5, [Louth]

Mr. Peter Carroll, Drumgoolin, £2, [Louth]

Mr. Michael Carroll, Louth, £1, [Louth]

Mrs. Carroll Ferraghs, £1, [Louth]

Mr. Owen Carroll, Bailifland, 10/-, [Louth]

Mrs. Carroll, 10/-, [Louth]

R.P. Cartan, Esq. Q.C., Dublin, £3, -

Mr Casey, Blackrock, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mr. James Casey, Carrickmullen, £5, [Knockbridge]

Mrs. Casey, Carrickmullen, £2, [Knockbridge]

Mr. John Casey, Ardpatrick, £1, [Louth]

Mr. P. Casey Connolly, Westgate Brewery, £2, [Drogheda]

Rev. T. Cassidy, C.C., Drogheda, £5, -

Mr. P.J. Cassidy, Earl Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Mr. Hugh Cassidy, Mullacrew, £5, [Louth]

Mr. O. Cassidy, Priorstate, £1, [Louth]

Mrs. Cassidy, -Stone Trough, 10/-, [Louth]

Mrs. Cassidy, £1, [Louth]

Mr. Chaddick, J.P., 10/-, [Drogheda]

Mr. Finley, Chester, J.P., Williamstown House, 10/-, [Dunleer]

Rev. P. Clarke, Adm, Dundalk, £5, -

Rev. John Clarke, P.P., Clogherhead, £1, -

Rev. Owen Clarke, C.C., Ballinderry, £1, -

Mr. Laurence Clarke, Louth, £5, [Louth]

Mr. James Clarke, Rosslough, £2, [Louth]

Mr. James Clarke, Kilcroney, £1, [Knockbridge]

Mr. George Clinton, Summerhill, 10/-, [Louth]

Mr. Patrick Coe, Louth, £1, [Louth]

Doctor P. Coleman, Ashville, Collon, £50, -

Miss Coleman, Ashville, Collon, £50, -

Mr. T.K. Coleman, Baltrasna, Ardee, £2, [Ardee]

Mrs. Coleman, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. J.J. Coleman, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. James Coleman, 10/-, [Cooley]

Miss Anne Collier, Tullycahan, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. P. Collier, Dales Cottage, Clogherhead, £5, [Cooley]

Mr. H. Collier, £5, [Louth]

Mrs. Collins, Clanbrassil Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Mr. Comyn, Manager, National Bank, £2, [Dundalk]

Mr. Denis Conlan, Beloran, £1, [Louth]

Rev. P. Conlon, C.C., Clogherhead, £5, -

Mr. James Conlon, Mills of Louth, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. Patrick Conlon, Channonrock, £20, [Louth]

Mr. Patrick Conlon, Ardtoney, £5, [Louth]

Mr. Laurence Conlon, Mullacrew, £5, [Louth]

Mr. James Conlon, Mullacrew, £5, [Louth]

Mr. Patrick Conlon, Channonrock, £3, [Louth]

Mr. J. Connick, £3 3s, [Dundalk]

Mr. T. Connick, £2, [Dundalk]

[Per] Maggie Connor, Kilkerley, £1 2s 6d, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Patrick Conophy, Channonrock, £5, [Louth]

Mr. Francis Conophy, Channonrock, £1, [Louth]

Mr. John Conroy, Tankardsrock, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mr. James Conroy, Channonrock, £3, [Louth]

Miss Anne Conway, San Jose, £4, [ACP]

Rev. N. Conwell, C.C., Crossmaglen, £1, -

Mr. Patrick Cooke, Whitecross, £3, [Louth]

Mr. Cooney, Chord Road, £1, [Drogheda]

Mr. Bernard Corcoran, Beloran, £3, [Louth]

Mr Corrigan, Termonfeckin, 10/-, [Dunleer]

Mr. Michael Courtney, Carnalahog, £0, [Louth]

Mr. John Courtney, Carnalahog, £1, [Louth]

V. Rev. Canon Coyne, P.P., Moy, £1, -

Miss Sarah Crawley, New York City, £4, [ACP]

Mr. Crilly, Grane, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Cunningham, Rosskey, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Thomas Curtis, Kilcroney, £1, [Knockbridge]

Mr. W.J. De Vere, Oldcastle Co. Meath, £2 2s, [Cooley]

Rev. A. Dillon, P.P., Louth, £100, [Louth]

Mr. Patrick Dogherty, Breslanstown, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. Thomas Dolan, 5, £5, [Ardee]

Mrs. Dolan, £1, [Ardee]

Master Joseph Dolan, £1, [Ardee]

The Misses Dolan, Sea View, Blackrock, £2, [Kilkerley]

Rev. B. Donnellan, C.C., Dromintee, £1, -

Mr. William Dowdall, Tateetra, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. Downes, Carrickmacross, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Bernard Duff, Mullacrew, £5, [Louth]

Mr. Hugh Duffy, Park Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Miss Duffy, Barrack Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. Thomas Duffy, Dunbin, £4, [Kilkerley]

Mr. M. Duffy, Dunbin, £2, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Owen Duffy, Carnalahog, £1, [Louth]

Mr. P. Dullaghan, Ardpatrick, 10/-, [Louth]

Mrs. Durnin, Stonetown, £1, [Louth]

Mr. Michael Dwyer, Channonrock, £8, [Louth]

Employees Castlebellingham Brewery, £1, [Cooley]

Rev. P. Fagan, C.C., Dundalk, £2, -

Mr. O. Fagan, Boherboy, £1, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Laurence Fagan, Mullacrew, £0, [Louth]

Mr. Farmer, G.P.O., Dublin, £1, -

Mr. Edward Farrelly, Carrickmacross, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Owen Faul, Mullacrew, £5, [Louth]

Mr. J. Faul, Greenroad, £2, [Louth]

Mr. Stephen Feehan, Manfieldstown, 10/-, [Dunleer]

Mr. James Feehan, Castlecar, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Patrick Feehan, Stabannon, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. Ferrar, Roden Place, £1, [Dundalk]

Miss Maggie Filgate, New York City, £1, [ACP]

Mrs. Fitzsimons, West Hartlepool, £2, [ACP]

Doctor Flood, £1, [Dundalk]

Miss Fortescue, West Street, £1, [Drogheda]

Mr. Fortescue, £1, [Ardee]

Mrs. Fortescue, £1, [Ardee]

Rev. Francis Fox, C.C., Lordship, £1, -

Mrs. Fox, Hackballscross, £1, [Kilkerley]

Rev. F., Gallagher, P.P., Killany, £1, -

Mr. P. Gannon, 10/-, [Ardee]

Mrs. Gernon, Mills of Louth, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. W. Gernon, Newrath, £40, [Louth]

Mr. Owen Gilmer, Mullacrew, £5, [Louth]

Mr. Thomas Gilmore, Boston, £1, [ACP]

Mrs. M. Ginity, £2, [Dundalk]

Rev. P. Gogarty, C.C., Knockbridge, £2, -

Mr. Patrick Gogarty, Cullenstown, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. P. Gorman, Lowrath, £1, [Louth]

Rev. Fr. Grant, C.C., Dromiskin, £2, -

Mr. Felix Grant, Aclint, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Edward Grant, Dungooley, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr Green, Cordova, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. John Grey, Kellystown, Ardee, £1, [Cooley]

Rev. J. Grimes, C.C., Camlough, 10/-

Mr. James Halfpenny, £2, [Ardee]

Mrs. P. Halfpenny, £1, [Ardee]

Mr. Michael Halfpenny, Blackrock, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Mr. B. Halfpenny, Charlestown Cottage, £2, [Cooley]

Mrs. B. Halfpenny, Charlestown Cottage, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. J. Hamill, J.P., £2, [Dundalk]

Mr. Hamill, Park Street, £2 10s, [Dundalk]

Mrs. Hamill, Tankardsrock, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Patrick Hamill, Greenroad, £5, [Louth]

Mr. Hanratty, Quay Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. M. Hanratty, £2, [Cooley]

Mr. Patrick Hanratty, Carrickadoon, £10, [Louth]

Mr. M. Hanratty, Beloran, £5, [Louth]

Mr. Nicholas Hardy, Earl Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Mr. Owen Hardy, Grange, £1, [Knockbridge]

Miss Hardy, Woodstown, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. John Hardy, Kilcroney, £1, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Henry Harte, Drumgoolin, 10/-, [Louth]

Mrs. Harte, New York City, £4, [ACP]

Rev. J. Healy, C.C., Dunleer, £1, -

Mr. Thomas Hemlin, Coolcreedan, £5, [Louth]

Mrs. Hoey, Annagassan, 10/-, [Dunleer]

Mrs. Hoey, Corballis, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. John Hoey, Reaghstown, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. Owen Hoey, Drumgoolin, £2, [Louth]

Mr. Pat Hoey, Drumgoolin, £2, [Louth]

Mr. Patrick Hoey, Oaktate, 10/-, [Louth]

Mrs. Hogan, Summerhill, £1, [Louth]

Mr. J.W. Horan, J.P., £3, [Louth]

V. Rev. Canon Hughes, P.P., Lordship, £1

Mr. D. Hughes, £10, [Dundalk]

Mr. James Hughes, Roden Place, £1 5s, [Dundalk]

Mr. A. Hughes, Anne Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Mr. Peter Hughes, Park Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mrs. Hughes, West Street, 10/-, [Drogheda]

Mr. P. Hughes, Castlering, £10, [Knockbridge]

Mrs. Philip Hughes, Newton, £1, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Bernard Hughes, Mullacrew, 10/-, [Louth]

Mrs. Hynes, Corderry, £3, [Louth]

Mr. Patrick Jennette, Teacher, Killany, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Hugh Jennette, Louth, £10, [Louth]

Mr. Thomas Jennette, New York City, £10, [ACP]

Rev. John Jennette, Omaha, £5, [ACP]

Messrs. P. & J. Jennings, £5, [Dundalk]

Mr. M. Johnson, Clanbrassil Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Mr Johnson Termonfeckin, 10/-, [Dunleer]

Mr. John Johnston, Milltown, Dromiskin, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mrs. S. Jordan, West Street, 10/-, [Drogheda]

Mrs. Jordan, Kilbride, £5, [Louth]

[Per], Owen, Kane, Bailifland, 15/[Cooley]

Mr. Owen Kane, Bailifland, £2, [Louth]

Doctor Kearney, £11, [Dundalk]

Mr. P. Kearney, £1, [Dundalk]

Mr. W. Kearney, £2, [Kilkerley]

Mr. W. Kearney, Willville, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. Patrick Kearney, Drumguill, Co. Meath, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. Philip Kearney, Cootehill, £1, [Cooley]

Mrs. Kearney, Beloran, £5, [Louth]

[Per] Mr. P. Kearney, Dublin, £4 10/-, [Louth]

Doctor Keelan, £1, [Dunleer]

Miss Keelan, Corballis, 10/-, [Cooley]

Miss Keenan, Milltown, Dromiskin, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Henry Kelledy, Stone Trough, 10/-, [Knockbridge]

Mrs. Kelledy, Summerhill, £2, [Louth]

V. Rev. Canon Kelly, P.P., Keady, £1, -

Mr. Bernard Kelly, 31, Smithfield, Belfast, £2

Mr. Kelly, Fair Street, 10/-, [Drogheda]

Mrs. Kelly, Fair Street, 10/-, [Drogheda]

Mr. Kelly, Mahenacloy, Carrickmacross, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. Michael Kelly, Mullacrew, £1, [Louth]

Mr. Patrick Kelly, Mullacrew, £1, [Louth]

Mr. P. Kelly, Tully, £1, [Louth]

Mr. Kennedy, The Quay, 10/-, [Drogheda]

Mr. John Kennedy, Priorstate, 12/[Louth]

Rev. Fr. Kerley. Adm., Cullyhanna, £10, -

Mr. Kerley, Park Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

The Misses Kerley, Tarrytown, £4, [ACP]

Mr. Bernard Kernan, Corderry, £3, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Michael Kernan, Kilcroney, £1, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Patrick Kerr, Carrickmacross, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. Peter Kerr, Rathweeney, £6, [Louth]

Mr. John Kerr, Whitecross, £1, [Louth]

Mr. P. Kerr, Feraghs, £1, [Louth]

Mr. William Kieran, Clanbrassil Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

[Per] Mary Anne Kieran, Philipstown, 15/[Kilkerley]

Mr. P. Kieran, Summerhill, £10, [Knockbridge]

J.C. Kieran, Esq., J.P., Rathbrist, £10, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Patrick Kieran, Kilcroney, £2, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Kieran Rosskey, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Kieran, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Patrick Kieran, Channonrock, £4, [Louth]

Mr. John Kieran, Channonrock, £0, [Louth]

Mr. Thomas Kieran, Chicago, £2, [ACP]

Mr. Patrick Kieran, Corderry, £2, [Louth]

Mr. Kilmartin, Kelso Terrace, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. C. King, Annagassan, £1, [Dunleer]

Mr. Bernard King, Grange, £1 10s, [Knockbridge]

Mr. P. King, Ardpatrick, £5, [Louth]

Mrs. George King, Summerhill, £3, [Louth]

Mr. N.B. King, Knockbridge, £4, [Knockbridge]

Mr. F. Kirk, Channonrock, £3, [Louth]

Mr. Thomas Kirk, Ardpatrick, £3, [Louth]

Mr. Patrick Kirk, Emla, £3, [Louth]

Mr. Peter Kirk, Channonrock, £1, [Louth]

Rev. P. Kirk, S.M., Van Bruen College, £20, [ACP]

Mr. Peter Kirk, New York City, £1, [ACP]

Mr. Thomas Kirke, Rosslough, £2, [Louth]

Rev. J. Larkin, P.P., Moneymore, 10/-

Mr. P. Larkin, Kilkerley, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mrs. Larkin, Kilkerley, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. James Larney, Tallanstown, £10, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Thomas Larney, Knockabbey, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. Larney, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Thomas Larney, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Larney, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. Thomas Larney, Killen, £5, [Louth]

Mr. Thomas Larney, 10/-, [Louth]

Rev. N. Lawless, C.C., Tullyallen, £1, -

Mr. Lawless, Earl Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Mr. Michael Lennon, Park Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. J. Lennon, Park Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. Patrick Lennon, Emla, £3, [Louth]

Mr. Patrick Lennon, Mullacrew, £2, [Louth]

Mr. Patrick Lennon, Corderry, £1, [Louth]

Captain Lewis, Seacombe Villa, Cheshire, Liverpool, £10, -

Rev. James Loughran, P.P., Ardee, £1, -

Rev. M. Lynch, P.P., Rostrevor, £1, -

Mr. M.P. Lynch, J.P., Belrobin, £10, [Kilkerley]

Mr. John Lynch, £2, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Peter Lynch, Louth, £3, [Louth]

Mr. James Lynch, Mount Vernon, £1, [ACP]

Mr. J. Lynne, Louth, 10/-, [Louth]

Mrs. Macardle, Cambricville, £5, [Dundalk]

Mr. MacEntegart, Carrickmacross, 10/-, [Cooley]

V. Rev. Canon Mackin, P.P., Tallanstown, £5, -

Mr. Bernard Mackin, Channonrock, £1, [Louth]

Mr. James Mackin, Louth, £1, [Louth]

Mrs. Mary Mackin, Boston, £4, [ACP]

V. Rev. Canon Magee, P.P., Dunleer, £5, -

Mr. P. Magee, £1, [Ardee]

Mr. Patrick Magee, Beloran, £1, [Louth]

Rev. J.F. Maguire, P.P., Inniskeen, £1, -

Rev. F. Maguire, C.C., Kilsaran, £1, -

Mr. James Maguire, Corderry, 10/-, [Knockbridge]

Miss Maguire, Cookstown, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. Patrick Maguire, Corderry, £1, [Knockbridge]

Mrs. Mary Mallon, Mullacrew, 10/-, [Louth]

Mr. James Malone, Hainstown, £5, [Kilkerley]

Rev. J. Markey, P.P., Forkhill, £2, -

Mrs. Markey, Mullacrew, 10/-, [Louth]

Mr. R. Marmion, Louth, £50, [Louth]

Marmion see Rylands

Mrs. Marron, Kilally, Togher, 10/-, [Dunleer]

Mr. Thomas Marron, Aclint, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Owen Mathews, Aclint, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Michael Mathews, Drumgowna, £5, [Louth]

Mr. James Mathews, Stonetown, £3, [Louth]

Mr. Owen Mathews, Priorstate, £2, [Louth]

Mrs. Matthews, Earl Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. James McAdorey, £22, [Dundalk]

Mr. Denis McArdle, Conacre, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Matthew McArdle, Grange, £1, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Owen McArdle, Prospect, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Nicholas McArdle, Louth, £3, [Louth]

Mr. N. McArdle, Ardpatrick, £3, [Louth]

Mr. F. McArdle, Solmas, £2, [Louth]

Miss Annie McArdle, San Jose, £4, [ACP]

Mr. John McArdle, New York City, £2, [ACP]

Messrs. F.H. & J. McCann, £10, [Dundalk]

Miss McCann, Ballinurd, £10, [Kilkerley]

Mrs. Bernard McCann, Knockbridge, £2, [Knockbridge]

James McCann, Esq., Dublin, £55, [Louth]

Mrs. McCann, £2, [Louth]

Rev. J.J. McCartan, P.P., Donaghmore, 10/-

Mr. F. McCartan, Louth, £10, [Louth]

Rev. P. McCartney, C.C., Louth, £20, [Louth]

Mr. Patrick McConnan, Mullacrew, £2, [Louth]

Mr. McCooey, Bridge Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. A. McCormack, £2, [Dundalk]

Mr. McCourt, Park Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

V. Rev. Canon McCrystal, P.P., Kilcurley, £1, -

V. Rev. W. McDonald, D.D. P.P., Kilcurry, £1, -

Miss McDonald, Park Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Miss S. McDonald, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Rev. T. McDonnell, C.C., Kilcurry, £1, -

Mr. Andrew McDonnell, Dunbin, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mr. John McDonnell, Mills of Louth, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. Peter McDonnell, Emla, £5, [Louth]

Mr. Peter McDonnell, Kilcroney, £3, [Louth]

Mr. M. McDonnell, Priorastate, £1, [Louth]

Mr. Patrick McDonnell, Corderry, £3, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Patrick McEneaney, Baltimore, £1, [ACP]

Rev. C. McEvoy, P.P., Tynan, £2, -

Mrs. McEvoy, Ballybarrack, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mr. L. McEvoy, Ballybarrack, £3, [Kilkerley]

Mr McGahan, Gibstown, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Mr. James McGahan, Coolcreedan, £7, [Louth]

Mr. Mathew McGahan, Bailifland, £5, [Louth]

Mr. J. McGee, West Street, 10/-, [Drogheda]

Rev. P. McGeeney, P.P., Crossmaglen, £3, -

Mr. Thomas McGill, Carrickrobin, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Thomas McGill, Louth, £1, [Louth]

Mr. James McGorisk, Newstone, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. McGough, Drumcashel, 10/-, [Dunleer]

Mrs. John McGough, Haggardstown, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mrs. N. McGough, Haggardstown, £1, [Kilkerley]

Miss Josie McGough, Haggardstown, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mr. James McGough, Louth, £1, [Louth]

Miss McGuinness, Mill House, £1, [Dundalk]

Mrs. McGuinness, Cullenstown, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mrs. McGuinness, Readypenny, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mrs. McGuinness, Drumgowna, £1, [Louth]

Mr. McGuinness, Louth, 10/-, [Louth]

Mr. P. McHugh, Channonrock, 10/-, [Louth]

Miss Mary McHugh, Boston, £2, [ACP]

Mr. Joseph McIntegart, Philipstown, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mrs. McIver, £1, [Ardee]

Rev. H. McKee, P.P., Monasterboice, £1, -

Mr. B. McKevitt, Roden Place, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. Arthur McKevitt, Kilkerley, £3, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Thomas McKone, Mullacrew, 15/[Louth]

Mr. C. McMahon, Solicitor, £1, [Dundalk]

Mr. J. McMahon, Ballybarrack, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Edward McMahon, Thornfield, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mr. J. McMahon, £1, [Cooley]

Miss McMahon, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. F. McMahon, Springhill, £2, [Cooley]

Mr. Michael McMahon, Rosslough, £5, [Louth]

Mr McManus, Park Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. P. McNello, £1, [Ardee]

Mrs. McNello, 10/-, [Ardee]

Mr. Daniel McNello, Inniskeen, £2, [Kilkerley]

[Per] Miss McNello, Inniskeen, £5, [Kilkerley]

Rev. H. McNiece, C.C., Armagh, £1, -

Rev. H. McOscar, Adm, Armagh, £1, -

Mrs. McQuillan, Cagny, 15/[Dunleer]

Miss A. McShane, 10/-, [Ardee]

Rev. H. McSherry, C.C., Ardee, £2, -

Rev. P. McWilliams, C.C., Camlough, 10/-

Mr. Michael Meade, Castle Bellingham, £1, [Cooley]

Mr Meade, Rosskey, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Michael Mohan, Aclint, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. James Moley, Knockbridge, £5, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Patrick Monaghan, Louth, £2, [Louth]

Mr. John Monaghan, Mullacr[ew], £1, [Louth]

Mrs. R. Mooney, Quay Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Miss Mooney, Dundalk Union, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Doctor Moore, J.P., £1, [Ardee]

Mr. Patrick Moore, Oaktate, 10/-, [Louth]

Mrs. Morgan, Beloran, £2, [Louth]

Mr. M.C. Moynagh, Solicitor, £5, [Dundalk]

Mrs. Mulholland, Earl Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Mr. N. Mullen, Knockbridge, 10/-, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Mullen, Solmas, £2, [Louth]

Mr. T. Mullin, £1, [Dundalk]

Rev. T.J. Murphy, P.P., Dromintee, £1, -

Rev. H. Murphy, P.P., Cooley, £1, -

Rev. B. Murphy, P.P., £1, -

Messrs. P. & J., Murphy, £2, [Dundalk]

Miss M.A. Murphy, Clanbrassil Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Mr Murphy, Clanbrassil Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. Thomas Murphy, Clanbrassil Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. John Murphy, Bridge Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. Peter Murphy, Democrat Office, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. Thomas Murphy, Seafield, Blackrock, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Nicholas Murphy, Newton, £2, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Murphy, Johnstown, 10/-, [Cooley]

Miss Murphy, Louth, £5, [Louth]

Mrs. M. Murphy, Louth, £5, [Louth]

Mr. John Murphy, Stonetown, £5, [Louth]

Mr. John Murphy, Toomes, £2 10s, [Louth]

Mr. Henry Murphy, Rootate, £2, [Louth]

Mr. Owen Murphy, Lowrath, £2, [Louth]

Rev. T. Murray, C.C., Ardee, £5, -

Mr. W.J. Murray, £5, [Dundalk]

Mr. M. Murray, Donaghmore, £2 10s, [Kilkerley]

Mrs. Murray, Donaghmore, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mrs. Murray, Kilcroney, £5, [Knockbridge]

Mrs. Murray, Rathnestin, 12/6, [Cooley]

Mr. Patrick Murray, Corderry, £20 10s, [Louth]

Mr. James Murray, Corderry, £10, [Louth]

Messrs. Murray & Johnston, £2, [Dundalk]

Rev. F. Murtagh, C.C., Kilcurley, £3, -

Mr. John Murtagh, Tankardsrock, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Mr. John Murtagh, Lowrath, £2, [Louth]

Mrs. Myers, Tullagee, 10/-, [Knockbridge]

Mr. O. Neary, Cookstown, £1 10s, [Cooley]

Mrs. Neary, Cookstown, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. B. Neary, Whiterath House, £1, [Cooley]

Mrs. B. Neary, Whiterath House, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mrs. C. Neary, Monvallet, £1, [Cooley]

Mr. C.M. Neary, J.P., Monvallet, £50, [Louth]

Rev. B. Nugent, P.P., Lissan, £1, -

Mr. Nugent, R.O., £2, [Dundalk]

Mr. P. Nugent, Emla, £5, [Louth]

Mr. James Nulty, Louth, £1, [Louth]

Mr. Henry O'Connell, £5, [Dundalk]

Mrs. Rose O'Connor, Des Moines, £10, [ACP]

Rev. B. O'Gorman, C.C., Haggardstown, £2, -

Doctor O'Hagan, £1 10s, [Dunleer]

Rev. T. O'Neil, C.C., Kilcurry, £1, -

Mr. J.D. O'Neill, £3, [Dundalk]

Mr. Edward O'Neill, Carrickmacross, £2, [Cooley]

Mr. Peter O’Reilly, Knockbridge, 10/-, [Knockbridge]

V. Rev. T. O'Reilly, Franciscan Convent, Drogheda, £1, -

Miss O'Reilly, Danefold, Horsham, Sussex, £1, [Cooley]

Miss O'Rorke, Anne Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. P. O'Rorke, Dunany, 10/-, [Dunleer]

Mr. O'Toole, Imperial Hotel, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. W.M. Patteson, £5, [Dundalk]

Rev. P. Pentony, P.P., Kilsaran, £1, -

Mr. Thomas Pepper, Rathweeney, £2, [Louth]

Mr. Michael Plunkett, Mullacrew, £1, [Louth]

Rev. James Powderly, P.P., Togher, £1, -

Mr. Pratt, Ulster Bank, £1, [Ardee]

Mr. Preston, Dyer Street, 10/-, [Drogheda]

Messrs T. & Peter Quigley, Castleroach, £1, [Cooley]

Rev. P. Quin, C.C., Crossmaglen, £1, -

Rev. F. Quin, C.C., Armagh, £1, -

Mr. Bernard Quin, Mount Bagnal, £1, [Cooley]

Messrs P. & P. Quin, Whitestown, £2, [Cooley]

Rev. C. Quinn, P.P., Camlough, £1, -

Mr. Reilly, Shop Street, 10/-, [Drogheda]

Mrs. O. Reilly, Clonmore, 10/-, [Dunleer]

Mr. P. Reilly, Milloxtown House, 10/-, [Ardee]

Mr. Thomas Reilly, Coolrath, £25, [Louth]

Miss Reilly, Coolrath, £15, [Louth]

Mr. James Reilly, Mullacrew, 10/-, [Louth]

V. Rev. Canon Rice, P.P., Cookstown, £2, -

Mrs. Rice, Magdalene Street, 10/-, [Drogheda]

Miss Rice, Tallanstown, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. P. Roache, Mullacloe, £5, [Ardee]

Mr. J. Roddy, Lowrath, £5, [Louth]

Mr Roe, Dundalk Democrat, £3, [Dundalk]

Rev. A. Rogers, P.P., Ardee, £5, -

Mr Rorke, Park Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. Edward Ryan, Clanbrassil Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Mr. Thomas Ryan, Louth, £8, [Louth]

Mr. Rylands (per Mr. R. Marmion, Louth), £2, [ACP]

Mr. Peter Sandys, Hainstown, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Peter Sandys, Maplestown, £1, [Cooley]

Mr Scott, Hibernian Bank, 10/-, [Ardee]

Rev. J. Segrave, P.P., Termonfeckin, £1, -

Rev. P. Segrave, C.C., Drogheda, £1, -

Mrs. Segrave, Dunany, 10/-, [Dunleer]

Mr. Patrick Sheerin, Louth, £1, [Louth]

Rev. C. Short, C.C., Dromiskin, £2, -

Rev. Fr. Short, C.C., Beragh, £1, -

Rev. Peter Slevin, C.C., Pomeroy, 10/-

Mr. Peter Sloane, Dundalk, £1, [Cooley]

Rev. J. Smyth, C.C., Dundalk, £5, -

Rev. A. Smyth, C.C., Togher, £1, -

Mrs. C. Smyth, £2, [Dundalk]

Mr. James Smyth, Gibstown, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Joseph Smyth, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Thomas Soraghan, Cavan, £1, [Kilkerley]

Mrs. P. Stokes, The Cross, £1, [Dunleer]

Mr. Patrick Stokes, Knockatubber, 10/-, [Dunleer]

Rev. L. Taaffe, C.C., Tallanstown, £10, -

Rev. Thomas Taaffe, P.P., Tullyallen, £1, -

Mr. W. Taaffe, 10/-, [Ardee]

Mr. Stephen Taaffe, Glenkeiran House, 10/-, [Ardee]

Mr. Patrick Taaffe, Tallanstown, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. John Taaffe, £100, [Louth]

Mr. George Taaffe, Coolcreedan, £10, [Louth]

Mr. Thomas Taaffe, Whitecross, £3, [Louth]

Mrs. Taaffe, Channonrock, £2, [Louth]

Mr. Laurence Taaffe, Mullacrew, 10/-, [Louth]

Mr. Thornton, Peter Street, 10/-, [Drogheda]

Mr. P. Thornton, Knockbridge, 10/-, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Bernard Thornton, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mr. Tiernan, J.P., 10/-, [Drogheda]

Mrs. Tracey, Philipstown, 10/-, [Kilkerley]

Mr. Tuite, Balbriggan, 13/[Cooley]

Mr. S. Vero, Barrack Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

V. Rev. Superior, O.P., St. Malachy's Dundalk, £2,

Mr. M. Walsh, T.C., Church Street, £3, [Dundalk]

Miss Walsh, Shop Street, 10/-, [Drogheda]

Mr. John Walsh, Stone Trough, £1, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Patrick Watters, Earl Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Mr. George Watters, Clanbrassil Street, £1, [Dundalk]

Miss Watters, Clanbrassil Street, 10/-, [Dundalk]

Mr. Michael Watters, Channonrock, £2, [Louth]

Miss Maggie Watters, Philadelphia, £1, [ACP]

Rev. G. Weir, P.P., Knockbridge, £2, -

Messrs. T. & H. Williamson, £3, [Dundalk]

Messrs. Williamson, Royal Avenue, Belfast, 10/-, [Cooley]

Mrs. Wood, Rathrobe, £2, [Knockbridge]

Rev. John Woods, C.C., Drogheda, £, -

Mr. Patrick Woods, Kilcroney, £1 10s, [Knockbridge]

Mr. John Woods, Kilcroney, £2, [Knockbridge]

Mr. Patrick Woods, Killen, £2, [Louth]

Mr. John Woods, Feragh, £2, [Louth]

Alice Woods, Corderry, £1, [Louth]

Mr. Patrick Woods, Stonetown, 10/-, [Louth]

Mr. Wynne, Mullacrew, £1, [Louth]



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