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1891 The Patrick Carroll Widow's Relief Fund [Dundalk]

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The following list, a useful census substitute, is taken from two editions of The Dundalk Democrat, those dated 31 Jan 1891 & 07 Feb 1891.      Patrick Carroll was accidentally killed by being gored by a bull at the Steam Packet, Dundalk Quays.    There was an outpouring of grief and a fundraising effort put in place to help his widow.      The Dundalk Young Ireland Society held its own separate collection and managed to raise £20 0s 6d.   This subscription list was reported separately in the newspaper, but has been incorporated in the main list below.    Subscribers on the Young Ireland list have been highlighted by placing 'D.Y.I.S.' after the entry.


The Dundalk Democrat commented: "We publish the first list of subscriptions to the Carroll Fund. The list is headed by the Young Ireland Society, of which poor Carroll was a very popular member, with £21 odd; and his late employers, the Steam-Packet Company, follow with £20. The generosity of the people of Dundalk is once more exemplified by the liberal subscriptions given to this fund, which it is hoped will amount when finished to £200."


The list, containing some 300 names, is sorted in surname order, as opposed to the order in the original (namely subscription amount).

Details given are Name, Address, Amount Donated to the Fund.


Words in brackets [ ] have been inserted by myself and do not appear in the original.

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Dundalk Quays in busier days, from a postcard sent to New York in 1906. The Steam Packet is in the middle distance. The Cooley Mountains are in he background.

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The following is the report on the inquest into Patrick Carroll's death from the Dundalk Democrat, 17th of January 1891:



An extremely sad accident on Sunday last at the Steam Packet Company’s Yard, Dundalk, whereby a young man named Carroll sustained injuries from which he died on Tuesday at the Louth Infirmary. It appeared that the deceased, who was in the employment of the company, but not on duty on Sunday, went to look after a bull belonging to Mr Goodwin, dealer, which was in one of the pens in the yard, and that when he entered and untied the beast it turned upon him and, pinning him against the pen, gored him savagely. He was rescued as soon as possible and attended by Dr Callan, who found that the injuries the man had received were so serious as to render it desirable that he should be removed to the hospital. He was brought there in one of the hotel ‘busses, and attended by Dr MacDonnell. Notwithstanding the efforts of the doctors, however, he gradually sank and died on Tuesday. Full details of the accident as deposed to at the inquest, will be found below.


Poor Carroll was a young man of remarkably fine physique, aged only 24, and a trusted and useful servant of the Steam Packet Company. He was a member of the Dillon and Young Ireland Gaelic football clubs, and his physical strength made him a power on the football field. He was married, and the father of three young children, who, with his widow, are left destitute.


The remains of the poor fellow were, on Tuesday night, after the inquest, removed to his residence, Point Road, and on the following day were brought thence for internment in Castletown Cemetery. The funeral was attended by an exceedingly large and representative assemblage of town people whom the news of the sad accident had deeply touched. On the coffin was placed a wreath presented by the Dundalk Young Ireland Society, of which the deceased had been a member.


The melancholy circumstances under which the deceased came by his death, and the destitute condition of his widow and family, so suddenly deprived of their protector and provider has, we are glad to say, appealed to the charitable hearts of our fellow townsmen. A meeting has been called for Monday evening next to organise a public fund for their relief. The Young Ireland Society too, of which he was a member, has decided to open a subscription list amongst the members for the same purpose. We are sure it does not need the recommendation of the coroner’s jury to induce the directors of the Steam Packet Company to aid the helpless widow and family of their late servant; although he was not on duty on the occasion on which he met his death, and they have therefore no legal claim against his employers.


The deceased having been attended by Dr Callan, in his professional capacity; he did not preside as coroner at the inquest, which was held before Messrs W M Patteson, J P, and R P T Logan, J P, as presiding justices. A jury was sworn composed of the following:- Messrs B McKeever (foreman); Peter Hughes, B Hamill, J Bellew, C Kennedy, J Bullock, GS Thompson, Peter Callan, T Haye, J Moore, P Cosgrove, and M Hamill. The following evidence was given: -

Bernard Monaghan, Newry, deposed – I remember Sunday last, the 11th inst. I was at the Steampacket Quay, Dundalk, and saw the deceased, Patrick Carroll, there. I and Mr Laurence Goodman went down for a bull belonging to Mr Peter Goodman. The bull was in the steampacket yard tied up in a shed; he was tied to a stake from the ring in his nose. I went to the keeper of the yard and told him that he wanted the bull out, but he would not open the gate. This was about 2 o’clock p.m. He refused to open the gate to let him out until Mr Goodman would go and speak to Mr Clarke, of Barrack Street, and got his orders to let the bull out. Mr Goodman then left me, and I saw the deceased coming up from the steampacket. The watchman asked him would he allow the bull out of the yard, and he replied ‘of course, open the gate’. The deceased then unloosed the bull and took him by a rope to lead him down the yard between the pens. The bull then struck deceased from behind and lifted him about five feet from the ground. Deceased then rose on his feet, and the bull knocked him down a second time, but this time deceased was unable to rise. I had a stick in my hands and tried to beat the bull off from him. Deceased was only struck twice. The bull then went round the pens. The yard is an enclosed one and shut off from the public and no person could get at the bull without authority. I cannot say what the duty of the deceased was at the yard. Mr Goodman, myself, and two men lifted up the deceased and carried him to a hut in the yard. He did not speak after his second fall – he tried to speak out but I could not understand what he said. I was behind the bull and about four yards from deceased when the animal attacked him first. I did not strike the bull, nor did deceased, nor any other person in my presence. There was no person present when the bull attacked deceased, except myself. I left the yard then for Newry, and do not know what took place afterwards. The bull was secured in one of the pens by Mr Goodman before I left.


Hercules MacDonnell, MD, deposed that the deceased Patrick Carroll, aged 24, was admitted to the County Louth Infirmary on Sunday, 11th inst, about 8 o’clock in the afternoon. He was suffering from fracture of the spine situated in the dorsal region. When admitted he was paralysed from the arms downwards. His death was due to the fracture and subsequent extension upwards of the paralysis, till the respiratory nerve centres were implicated. He had 8 extensive abrasions in the body and hip, but there was no perforation of the abdomen.


Davis Atkinson, Camp street, deposed – I remember Sunday last, 11th inst. I was in a shed in the Steam Packet Company yard feeding a pig. There was a bull in the yard. He was tied up when I first saw him. I saw the deceased leading the bull out of the shed where he had been tied towards the gate – the gate inside the yard and nearest the quay. The deceased was before the bull and Laurence Goodman behind him. Bernard Monaghan was beside the bull. I saw the bull gore the deceased against the palings. He then lifted the deceased on his horns and threw him over the paling into one of the pens. I then saw Bernard Monaghan strike the bull with a stick. The bull walked down a bit and then turned round and looked at the men. I was in the shed and I ran out the iron gate (the gate by which cattle are taken out of the yard for shipment) and shut it after me. I came out on the quay and shouted that Carroll was killed in the yard. I did not see the bull struck by any person until after he had gored the deceased. He was then struck to beat him off Carroll.


Thomas Connick, general manager of the Dundalk and Newry Steam Packet Company deposed – I knew the deceased. He was employed by the Company as head cattle man. He had been many years in the service of the Company and for the last seven years under my control. His duties in the yard cease on Saturday night at six o’clock unless in case of delay to the steamers. The deceased had no duty to perform in the cattle yard on last Sunday. I saw the deceased soon after the accident lying in the old veterinary hut in the Cattle yard, and I remained with him for an hour, when he was removed to the hospital. He was unconscious during that period. I saw the deceased on Monday, 12th inst. He was then quite conscious, and entertained no hope of recovery. He stated he had no feeling in his lower extremities. He made no reference to the accident, nor did he attribute blame to any person.


Andrew McCann, Lisdoo, deposed – I am Sunday watchman on the Steam Packet Company’s quays. I remember Sunday the 11th inst. Mr Laurence Goodman and two other men came to me and asked me to open the gate to get out a bull. I told him I would not, as I did not know who owned the bull. Goodman then went up the street, and the deceased came up the quays and I told him. He told me to open the gate and let the bull out. I then opened the gate. I saw the deceased leading the bull up the passage in the yard; the other men were after the bull. Mr Goodman was not there at the time. When they came opposite the hut I saw deceased’s legs high up in the air, and the bull ran over to the other side of the yard. I then ran over and saw the deceased lying in the passage, partly on his back. I saw a sailor belonging to the ‘Earl of Erne’ at the gate, and I called him in, and he carried the deceased into the hut. I then went for Carroll’s father, and a sailor went for the police. I knew the deceased to be in the employment of the Steam Packet Company.


Laurence Goodman, Park-street, deposed – I remember last Sunday, the 11th inst; there was a bull belonging to my father, Peter Goodman in the Steam Packet’s yard. The bull was bought by my brother Edward Goodman, on the previous day in this yard, and he was left there to be taken away on the Sunday. Bernard Monaghan and I went down to the yard about one o’clock p.m. for the bull. We went to the watchman who had charge of the yard and asked him for the bull. He said I could not get him out until I got the deceased Patrick Carroll or Mr William Clarke to give permission. I went up to Mr Clarke’s house, he was not within. I returned to the Quay, and saw the deceased in the yard and the men around him; he was in a pen supported by the men. I did not see the accident. I drove the bull into a pen and shut the gate, and tied him. I was not in the pen with the bull, but worked the ring with a stick and drove him over and then tied him. I then went over and helped carry Carroll into the hut. I asked him was he hurt and he said he was, he did not say how the accident happened; he did not lay blame upon any person.


The jury returned the following verdict: - ‘That Patrick Carroll came by his death from the effects of injuries received by being gored by a bull on Sunday afternoon, 11th January, on the premises of the Dundalk and Steam Packet Company, and are of opinion that no blame is attributable to anyone.’ The jury added the following rider – The jury desires to recommend the widow and family of the deceased to the favourable consideration of the directors of the Dundalk Steam Packet Company.


Dundalk Democrat

17th January 1891


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'A Meeting called for the purpose of inaugurating a fund for the relief of the widow and family of the late Patrick Carroll, who died from the effects of injuries received from being gored by a bull in the Steam Packet Co.'s yard [Dundalk], was held on Monday last.   Mr. John Hamill, J.P., presided.   Arrangements were made for placing the case before the public and soliciting subscriptions to the fund for this deserving object.    Messrs. H. O'Connell, T.C., and J. Hamill, J.P., consented to act as treasurers to the fund, and the following as a committee to collect subscriptions: - Messrs. J. Trainor, A. McCormack, E. McKeown, M. Meade, J. Sheils, S. Fennell, R. McLoughlin….'


'A Friend', Park-street, Dundalk, 2/6

'A Friend' per P. Goodman, Dundalk, 10/-

'A Friend' per Mr. Goodman, Park-street, Dundalk, 5/-

'A Friend' per Mr. Madden, Windmill-road, Dundalk, 10/-

Sundry Subscribers of 1s each, £2 1s

Dundalk Young Ireland Society, Dundalk, £21 0s 6d


John Adair, s.s. 'Enterprise', 5/-

S. Adair, Castleblayney, 2/6

W. Adair, Castleblayney, 2/-

J.H. Agnew, Jocelyn-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Mr. Allan, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Messrs. H.C. Backhouse, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, £3

John Bellew, Bridge-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

O. Belton, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 3/-, D.Y.I.S.

Captain Berrill, s.s. 'Bessbrook', £1

Mr. Bolton, Castlering, 5/-

Isaac Bradshaw, Newry, 5/-

John Brady, Armagh, 5/-

P. Brady, Cootehill, 2/6

Rev. Father Breagy, Dundalk, £1

J. Bride, Windmill Road, Dundalk, 2/-

Mr. Thomas Brown, H.C., Mill-street, Dundalk, £1

Mr. Robert L. Brown, J.P., Quay-street, Dundalk, £1

Mr. J. Brown, M.D., Jocelyn-street, Dundalk, 10/-

Messrs. Malcolm Brown & Co., Roden-place, Dundalk, £5

Mr. James Bullock, Earl-street, Dundalk, 10/-

Mr. James Byrne, Crowe-street, Dundalk, 10/-

Nicholas Byrne, T.C., Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-

O. Byrne, Anne-street, Dundalk, 2/-

Fred Byrne, Barrack-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. Peter Cahill, C.E., Seatown-place, Dundalk, 10/-

Mr. J.M. Callan, M.D., Roden-place, Dundalk, £1

P. Callan, Anne-street, Dundalk, 2/-

F. Callan, Mary-street, Dundalk, 2/-

Mr Peter Callan, Bridge-street, Dundalk, £1, D.Y.I.S.

P.J. Callan, Bridge-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

James Callan, Bridge-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. F.F. Campbell, Earl-street, Dundalk, 10/-

Jas. Campbell, Church-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Thomas Campbell, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Messrs. N. Carolan & Co., Earl-street, Dundalk, £2

Mr. V.S. Carroll, T.C., Church-street, Dundalk, £1

Mr. James Carroll, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 10/-

Messrs. P., Carroll, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 2/-

Michael Carroll, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

P. Casey, s.s. 'Bessbrook', 2/-

P.J. Cassidy, Earl-street, Dundalk, 5/-

J. Cassidy, Bachelors Walk, Dundalk, 2/-

Patk. Cavanagh, Dublin-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

W. Cheshire, s.s. 'Earl of Erne', 2/-

Rev. Father Clarke, Dundalk, £1

Mr. James Clarke, Rampart, Dundalk, £1, D.Y.I.S.

Patk. Clarke, Ramparts, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Clerks Newry Office, Newry, 7/-, D. & N.S.P. Co.

Peter Coleman, Jocelyn-street, Dundalk, 3/-

Mr. Patrick Collins, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 10/-

James Collins, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Patrick Collins, s.s 'Bessbrook', 5/-

P. Collins, s.s. 'Enterprise', 2/6

Patrick Collins, Barrack-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Mathew Comerford, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. M. Comyn, National Bank, [Roden-place], Dundalk, 10/-

Messrs. Thomas Connick, Seatown-place, Dundalk, £2

Mr. John Connick, H.C., Seatown-place, Dundalk, £1

Mr. James Connolly, Rassanmore, £1

Messrs. T. Connolly & Sons, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 10/-

Constant Porters, Dundalk, £1 2s, D. & N.S.P. Co.

Constant Porters, Newry, 9/6, D. & N.S.P. Co.

P. Cosgrove, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/6

Mr. William, Cotter, Chapel Lane, Dundalk, 3/6

Mr. J.A. Coulter, Roden-place, Dundalk, 10/-

Messrs. J.M. Cox, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, £2

Mr. Thomas Craig, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 10/-

H. Crawford, Newry, 2/6, D. & N.S.P. Co

J. Cullen, Dungannon, 5/-

P. Cumiskey, Newry, 2/6

Messrs. P. and J. Cunningham, Drumintee, 10/-

M. Cunningham, Castleblayney, 2/6

Patrick Curtis, jun., St. Helena Quay, Dundalk, 2/-, D.Y.I.S.

P. Day, Newry, 2/6

Mr. James Delaney, Armagh, £1

Captain Dennehy, H.M. Prison, £1

Captain Dewhurst, 'Parkside', Dundalk, 2/6

Mr. Thomas Dolan, Ardee, £1

Mr. J.N. Doran, Glydefarm, £1

James Dougan, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Thos. Dowdall, s.s. 'Enterprise', 2/6

John Dowdall, Earl-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Captain Doyle, 'Warree', 2/-

P. Dromgoole, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 3/-, D.Y.I.S.

J. Dromgoole, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. C.A. Duffy, Quay-street, Dundalk, £3

Mr. Patrick Duffy, Jocelyn-street, Dundalk, 10/-

Hugh Duffy, Park-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Dundalk and Newry Steam-packet Co., Dundalk, £20

Mr. Alexander Dunne, Seatown, Dundalk, £1

Hugh Dunne, Mill-street, Dundalk, 5/-

W. & S. Eakins, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-

'Examiner' Office, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Rev. Father Fagan, Dundalk, £1

John Falconer, s.s. 'Emerald Isle', 5/-

Captain John Farrell, s.s. 'Enterprise', £1

D. Farrell, Naas, 5/-

J.F. Farrell, Quay-street, Dundalk, 2/6

T. Feaghy, s.s. 'Enterprise', 2/6

J. Feigherty, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/6

Captain Ferguson, s.s. 'Newry', 10/-

A.O. Ferguson, Crowe-street, Dundalk, 2/-

Joseph Finegan, Earl-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Thomas Finegan, Barrack-street, Dundalk, 2/6

Patk. Finegan, Chapel Lane, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Firemen, s.s. 'Newry', 5/-

Firemen, s.s. Bessbrook', 8/-

Firemen, s.s. 'Enterprise', 6/-

Firemen, s.s. 'Earl of Erne', 7/-

John Fitzsimons, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 2/-, D.Y.I.S.

Dr. Flood, £1, D.Y.I.S.

Victor Fulton, Park-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Mr. W.J. Gabbie, V.S., [St. Helena Quay], Dundalk, £1

Dr. Patrick Garland, Kilcurry, 10/-, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. James Garratt, Bank of Ireland, [Park-street], Dundalk, 10/-

Mr. Peter Goodman, Park-street, Dundalk, £5

William Gordon, Chapel Lane, Dundalk, 5/-

- Gordon, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 2/-

James Gorman, Park-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Messrs. R. and C. Gray, Market-square, Dundalk, 10/-

James Grimes, Castletown Lane, Dundalk, 3/-, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. Michael Hagarty, T.C. H.C., Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, £1

Mr. John Hamill, J.P., Seatown, Dundalk, £2

Mr. J.P. Hamill, T.C., Chapel-lane, Dundalk, £1

Mr. Joseph Hamill, Chapel-lane, Dundalk, 10/-

Bernard Hamill, Park-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Michael Hamill, Crescent, Dundalk, 5/-

Mr. Owen Hanratty, 10/-

Patrick Hanratty, T.C., Quay-street, Dundalk, 5/-

L. Hanratty, Drumintee, 2/6

Mr. William Hardy, s.s. 'Newry', Dundalk, 4/-

Messrs. P. Hardy, Francis-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Hat Company, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Jas. Haughey, Bridge-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Mrs. Hearty, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/6

T. Hearty, Drumintee, 2/6

Patrick Hearty, Point Road, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. Helman, Coast Guard Station, Dundalk, 5/-

Mrs. Henry, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/-

Robert Henry, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

T. Hetherington, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Chas. Hill, [Barrack-street], Dundalk, s.s. 'Earl of Erne', 2/6

Mr. James Hughes, Roden-place, Dundalk, £1

James Hughes, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/6

G. Hughes, Newry, 2/6, D. & N.S.P. Co

A. Hughes, Anne-street, Dundalk, 2/-

Dr. Thomas Hughes, Dublin-street, Dundalk, 10/-, D.Y.I.S.

Peter Jackson, Market-street, Dundalk, 2/-, D.Y.I.S.

Michael Johnson, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-

M. Johnson, s.s 'Bessbrook', 2/6

Miss Johnston, Draper, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 10/-

Patrick Johnston, Crowe-street, Dundalk, 5/-

James Johnston, T.C., Bridge-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Frank Jones, s.s. 'Newry', 2/6

Thos. Jones, Castle Road, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Doctor Kearney, Jocelyn-street, Dundalk, 5/6

Hugh Kearney, Quay-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Jas. Keating, Williamsons Place, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. Stephen Kelly, Seatown-place, Dundalk, £3

Messrs. Charles Kelly, T.C., Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-

O. Kelly, Drumintee, 2/6

P. Kelly, Ballybay, 2/6

John Kerley, Steam Packet Quay, Dundalk, 5/-

M. Kerley, Dublin Road, Dundalk, 2/-

Messrs. F.W. Kidd & Co., [Park-street], Dundalk, £1

Mr. J.C. Kieran, J.P., Rathbrist, £1

Mr. William Kieran, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 10/-

Mr. Kinahan, 5/-

Lieut. Kinder, R.N., Coast Guard Station, Dundalk, 10/-

Mrs. Kinder, Coast Guard Station, Dundalk, 10/-

Mr. Larkin, Inland Revenue, Dundalk, 5/-

Mrs. Lavelle, Jocelyn-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Mr. William Lawless, Post Office, Dundalk, 10/-

John Lawless, Earl-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Messrs. Leverett & Frye, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-

William Little, Park-street, Dundalk, 3/-

S. Lockington, Quay-street, Dundalk, 2/-

Messrs. The London & Counties Tea Co., [Clanbrassil-street], Dundalk, £1

R. Love, Dublin-street, Dundalk, 2/6

Wm. Lyons, Dublin, 5/-

J.C. Lyons, Quay-street, Dundalk, 2/6

Messrs. Macardle Moore & Co., Cambricville, Dundalk, £2

Mr. MacDonald, Belfast Bank, [Clanbrassil-street], Dundalk, £1

Mr. Arthur MacMahon, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 10/-

R. Magrath, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

P. Maher, Barrack-street, Dundalk, 2/6

Francis Marmion, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Mrs. Mathews, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-

J. Mathews, Chapel Lane, Dundalk, 2/6

Michael McAlester, Market-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Chas. McAlester, Market-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Patrick McArdle, s.s. 'Enterprise', 5/-

Captain McCabe, s.s. Countess of Derby', 5/-

Mr. James McCann, Stockbroker, Dublin, £2

Messrs. H.F. and J., McCann, Church-street, Dundalk, £1

M. McCann, Jocelyn-street, Dundalk, 2/6

Messrs. McCartan & Brennan, Park-street, Dundalk, £1, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. R. McClenaghan, H.C., Quay-street, Dundalk, £1

James McCooey, Bridge-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. Andrew McCormick, Windmill-road, Dundalk, £1

Mr. Samuel James, McCourt, Park-street, Dundalk, 10/-

P. McCourt s.s. 'Newry', 2/-

Mr. Francis McCulla, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 10/-

M. McDermott, Park-street, Dundalk, 3/-

P. McDonald, Newry, 2/6

C. McDonald, Armagh, 2/-

W. McDowell, P.L.G., Lisnawilly, 2/6

T. McFeeney, jun., Newry, 5/-

P. McGee, Newry, 2/6

J. McGeeney, Newry, 2/-

T. McGeeney, sen., Newry, 2/-

Patk. McGinn, Gallows Hill, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

F. McGuinness, Newry, 2/6

Patk. McGuinness, Market-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. A. McHinch, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 10/-

Dr. Michael McKenna, Dunleer, 10/-, D.Y.I.S.

E. McKenna, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Brian McKevitt, Roden Place, Dundalk, 5/-

James McKittrick, Park-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Mr. McKone, Lisdoo, Dundalk, £1

Mr. Robert McLoughlin, Warrenpoint, 10/-

Thomas McNamara, Park-street, Dundalk, 5/-

A. McParland, Liverpool, 5/-

Wm. McQuaid, Church-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Wm. McQuaide, Castleblayney, 5/-

F. McShane, Newry, 2/-

Jas. Meegan, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/6

Mrs. Moloney, Roden-place, Dundalk, 10/-

D., Molony, Roden Place, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Robert Mooney, Quay-street, Dundalk, 5/-

John Morgan, Francis-street, Dundalk, 5/-

T. Morgan, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/-

John Morgan, Francis-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Miss L. Mouritz, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 2/6

Mr. M.C. Moynagh, Roden-place, Dundalk, £1

Mrs. Mulholland, Earl-street, Dundalk, 10/-

O. Mulholland, Barrack-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

J.F. Mulligan, Castletown Lane, Dundalk, 3/-, D.Y.I.S.

Thomas Mullin, Barrack-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Mr. T. Murphy, Victualler, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 10/-

Mr. Patrick Murphy, Castle-street, Dundalk, 10/-

T.S. Murphy, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Felix Murphy, Drumintee, 5/-

Robert Murphy, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/6

Dr. P.J. Murphy, 10/-, D.Y.I.S.

Francis Murphy, Church-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Sebastian Murphy, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Messrs. Murphy Bros, Park-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. William J. Murray, [Clanbrassil-street], Dundalk, £1

N. Murtagh, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/6

W. Neary, Cootehill, 2/6

N. Nolan, s.s. 'Earl of Erne', 2/6

Mr James Nugent, T.C., Park-street, Dundalk, £1

Messrs. J.M. Nugent, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 10/-

J. Nugent, Dublin, 5/-

Mr Henry O'Connell, Earl-street, Dundalk, £3, D.Y.I.S.

Stephen O'Hagan, Park-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Mrs. M. O'Hanlon, Earl-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Mr. John D. O'Neill, Church-street, Dundalk, £1

John O'Neill, Francis-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Felix O'Neill, St. Helena Quay, Dundalk, 5/-

J. O'Rorke, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/6

E. O'Rorke, s.s. 'Earl of Erne', 2/-

P. O'Toole, Park-street, Dundalk, 5/-

M. Parks, Church-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Messrs. S. Parks, Barrack-street, Dundalk, 2/-, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. W.M. Patteson, J.P., Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, £1

Mr. Patrick Quigley, Seatown, Dundalk, 10/-

Mr. Thomas Quigley, Castleroche, 10/-

Laurence Reenan, Park-street, Dundalk, 2/6

Mr. James Reilly, s.s. 'Newry', 6/-

William Reilly, Crescent, Dundalk, 5/-

Captain Rice, s.s. 'Earl of Erne', 10/-

Mr. Thomas Richardson, J.P., Prospect, £1

Sir John Robinson, Rokeby Hall, £5

James Robinson, Park-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Mr. Thomas Roe, DEMOCRAT, Dundalk, £1, D.Y.I.S.

Thos. Rogers, Bridge-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Thos. Rorke, Rampart Lane, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Miss Rourke, Anne-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Royal Irish Constabulary, Quay-street, Dundalk, 11/-

Messrs. A. and W. Russell, Park-street, Dundalk, 10/-

Messrs. M. Ryan, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 3/-

Sailors, s.s. 'Newry', 8/-

Sailors, s.s. 'Bessbrook', 8/-

Sailors, s.s. 'Enterprise', 9/-

Sailors, s.s. 'Earl of Erne', 9/-

G. Sherry, Armagh, 2/6

Mr. James Shields, Cootehill, £1

Rev. Father Smith, Dundalk, £1

Michael Smith, Church-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Dr. Thomas Smyth, Castletown, Dundalk, 10/-, D.Y.I.S.

Thos. Stewart, s.s. 'Earl of Erne', 2/6

Stewart & Cook, s.s. 'Bessbrook', 1/6

J. Stokes, Newry, 2/6, D. & N.S.P. Co

Mr. E.C. Strong, Estate Office, [Dundalk], 10/-

Patk. Swift, Bachelors Walk, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. G. Thompson, Commercial House, Earl-street, Dundalk, 10/-

B. Toner, Park-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Mr. John Trainor, Castletown-road, Dundalk, £1

John Trainor, Castlebellingham, 4/-, D.Y.I.S.

A. Turner, Belfast, 2/-

Mr. W. Twibill, Quay-street, Dundalk, £1

S. Vero, Jocelyn-street, Dundalk, 2/6

Dr. Michael Walsh, Church-street, Dundalk, 10/-, D.Y.I.S.

Mr. Alexander Watters, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, £1

George O'H. Watters, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 5/-

Misses Watters, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 2/6

Captain Watters, Tug 'Oscar', 2/-

Patrick Watters, Earl-street, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Mrs. Whan, Clanbrassil-street, Dundalk, 10/-

W. Whately, Anne-street, Dundalk, 2/6, D.Y.I.S.

John White, s.s 'Emerald Isle', 5/-

Patrick White, Castletown Road, Dundalk, 5/-, D.Y.I.S.

Francis White, William-street, Dundalk, 2/-, D.Y.I.S.




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