1908 Dundalk Householders

(Name Order)


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1908 Dundalk


Seatown Place, Dundalk, circa 1898, showing the Militia Barracks (Louth Rifles) and Windmill

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1908 Dundalk Householders: The lists from which the names below  were extracted, appeared in the Dundalk Democrat from May to September 1908.


The list is in two sections:


Part 1: Name Order

Part 2: Street Order


The newspapers were referenced in the following repositories:


Louth County Reference Library, Roden Place, Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland. Telephone: (042) 9335457

National Library of Ireland, 2/3 Kildare Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. Telephone: (01) 6030200

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The following is a list of subscribers to the St. Nicholas (Roman Catholic Church) Building Fund 1908. As the collection was made by districts, subscribers who changed their districts during the interval when collections were being made were set down for the amounts paid in each district. (The subscription amounts are not included in this list).


There are 2,054 names in the list.


The population of Dundalk in 1901 was 13,076 and in 1911 the population of the town was 13,128. (Source: Vaughan, W.E. & Fitzpatrick A.J., Irish Historical Statistics, RIA Dublin 1978)


These records are indexed alphabetically in name order and in street order. This transcription may assist in narrowing the field if searching for ancestors in the 1901 or 1911 censuses for Dundalk. (File updated and corrected 07 Aug 2002)

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Part 1: Name Order Part 2: Street Order



Agnew, Edward, McDermott's Terrace

Agnew, James, Castletown Road

Agnew, John, Anne Street

Agnew, Peter, Casey's Row

Anderson, John, Williamson's Place

Anonymous, Roden Place

Arthurs, Nicholas, Mary Street North

Atkinson, D., St. Alphonsus Road

Atkinson, W., St. Patrick's Terrace

Bailey, Patrick, Castletown Road

Ballins, James, Castletown Road

Barrett, Mrs., Dublin Street

Baxter, C., Dowdallshill

Baxter, Joseph, Nicholas Street

Baxter, Patrick, Dowdallshill

Beauchamp, James, Lennonstown

Begley, Michael, Church Street

Begly, Con, Long Avenue

Bell, R., St. Mary's Road

Bellew, Edward, Dowdallshill

Bellew, Henry, Castletown Road

Bellew, James, Castletown Road

Bellew, John, Bridge Street

Bellew, Mrs., Anne Street

Bellew, Mrs., Brown's Row

Bellew, Patrick, Castletown Road

Belton, James, Casey's Row

Belton, Joseph, Nicholas Street

Belton, L., Mary Street North

Belton, Owen, Clanbrassil Street

Bennett, Mrs., Dowdallshill

Bennett, Nicholas, Park Street

Bennett, Patrick, Dowdallshill

Bergin, John, Long Avenue

Berrills, Sergeant, Castletown Road

Berrils, John, James' Street

Birney, Mrs., Quay Street

Bishop, Mrs., Park Street

Bishop, Nahor, Dublin Street

Black, John, Bachelors Walk

Blake, Mr., Anne Street

Blake, Mrs., Albert Place

Boland, Bernard, Williamson's Place

Borden, Patrick, Lisdoo

Borza, M., Bridge Street

Bowditch, G., Quay Street

Boyd, James, Castletown Road

Boyd, Thomas, Seaview Terrace

Boyle, James, Casey's Place

Boyle, Michael, Church Street

Boyle, Michael, Clanbrassil Street

Boyle, Michael, Lennonstown

Boyle, Mrs,, Market Square

Boyle, Mrs., Quay Street

Boyle, P., Mary Street North

Boyle, Terrence, Linenhall Street

Bradley, John, Mary Street North

Bradley, Thomas, McDermott's Terrace

Brady, Mrs., Castletown Road

Brady, Mrs., Seatown

Brady, Thomas, John Street

Branigan, Owen, Nicholas Street

Brannigan, Owen, Lisdoo

Brannigan, Peter, Mary Street South

Breen, James, Lennonstown

Breen, John, Lennonstown

Breen Peter, Broughton Street

Breen, Peter, Brown's Row

Brennan, A., Point Road

Brennan, Daniel, Lisdoo

Brennan, James, Mary Street North

Brennan, Mrs., Mary Street North

Brennan, Mrs., Park Street

Brennan, Mrs., Williamson's Place

Brennan, P., Dublin Street

Brikle, Henry, Barrack Street

Brodigan, Mrs., St. Mary's Road

Brown, Robert, Mill Street

Brown, Thomas, Mill Street

Browne, Henry, Nicholas Street

Browne, Mrs., John Street

Burke, Larry, Bridge Street

Burke, Mrs., St. Mary's Terrace

Burns, Mrs., Chapel Lane

Burns, Patrick, Bachelors Walk

Butterly, Stephen, Mary Street North

Byrne, Bernard, Vincent Avenue

Byrne, Hugh, Barrack Street

Byrne, J., Dowdallshill

Byrne, James, Park Street

Byrne, James, The Crescent

Byrne, John, Clanbrassil Street

Byrne, John, Mill Street

Byrne, John, Rampart Lane

Byrne, John, Williamson's Place

Byrne, M., St. Alphonsus Road

Byrne, Matt, Seatown

Byrne, Michael, Bridge Street

Byrne, Miss, Park Street

Byrne, Miss, Vincent Avenue

Byrne, Mrs., Bachelors Walk

Byrne, Mrs., Barrack Street

Byrne, Mrs., Long Avenue

Byrne, Mrs., Seatown

Byrne, Mrs., St. Alphonsus Road

Byrne, Owen, Clanbrassil Street

Byrne, Patrick, Barrack Street

Byrne, Patrick, Clanbrassil Street

Byrne, Patrick, Seatown

Byrne, Robert, Church Street

Byrne, T., Mary Street North

Byrne, Thomas, Bridge Street

Byrne, Thomas, Mary Street South

Byrne, Thomas, Nicholas Street

Byrne, Thomas, Park Street

Byrne, William, Broughton Street

Byrne, William, Dublin Street

Cahill, Mrs., Seatown Place

Callaghan, Edward, Castletown Road

Callaghan, Mrs., Casey's Place

Callaghan, Mrs., Linenhall Street

Callaghan, Patrick, Long Avenue

Callaghan, Peter, Castletown Road

Callaghan, Peter, Lisdoo

Callaghan, Peter, Maxwell's Row

Callan, Bernard, Hill Street

Callan, F., Mary Street North

Callan, Frank, Chapel Lane

Callan, James, James' Street

Callan, James, St. Helena's Quay

Callan, John, Barrack Street

Callan, Joseph, Barrack Street

Callan, Joseph, Casey's Place

Callan, Miss, Seatown

Callan, Nicholas, Seatown Place

Callan, P., Barrack Street

Callan, P., Quay Street

Callan, P.J., Linenhall Street

Callan, Pat, Bachelors Walk

Callan, Patrick, Long Avenue

Callan, Patrick, Long Avenue

Callan, Patrick, Mary Street South

Callan, Peter, Bridge Street

Callan, Peter, Dublin Street

Callan, Peter, Lisdoo

Callan, Philip, McDermott's Terrace

Callan, Richard, Quay Street

Callan, T., Broughton Street

Callan, T., Dublin Street

Callan, Thomas, Hill Street

Callan, Thomas, Park Street

Callan, Thomas, Seaview Terrace

Campbell, F.F., The Crescent

Campbell, Hugh, Chapel Lane

Campbell, James, Bachelors Walk

Campbell, Joseph, Bachelors Walk

Campbell, Mr., Long Avenue

Campbell, Mrs., Demesne Terrace

Campbell, Mrs., Jocelyn Place

Campbell, Patrick, Mary Street South

Campbell, Terry, Williamson's Place

Campbell, Thomas, Castle Road

Caragher, Patrick, Hill Street

Caraher, Joseph, Lisdoo

Carey, Constable, Bridge Street

Carlin, Bernard, Nicholas Street

Carolan, George, Nicholas Street

Carolan, Mr., Park Street

Carolan, P.V., Earl Street

Carolan, Patrick, Linenhall Street

Carolan, Thomas, Casey's Row

Carr, Patrick, Church Street

Carragher, James, Nicholas Street

Carragher, Mrs., Seatown

Carragher, Patk., Williamson's Place

Carragher, Patrick, Nicholas Street

Carraher, William H., Long Avenue

Carroll, J.J., Castle Road

Carroll, John, Castletown Road

Carroll, John, St. Patrick's Terrace

Carroll, Joseph, Quay Street

Carroll, Mary, Park Street

Carroll, Michael, Bridge Street

Carroll, Michael, Castletown Road

Carroll, Michael, Castletown Road

Carroll, Michael, William Street

Carroll, Mrs., Point Road

Carroll, Mrs., Vincent Avenue

Carroll, Mrs. N., Rampart Lane

Carroll, Patk., William Street

Carroll, Patrick, James' Street

Carroll, Thomas, Dublin Street

Carroll, V.S., Clanbrassil Street

Carroll, William, Dublin Street

Carron, Michael, Church Street

Carron, Mrs., Casey's Row

Carron, Thomas, McDermott's Terrace

Cartan, Edward, Nicholas Street

Cartin, Edward, Clanbrassil Street

Casey, B., Barrack Street

Casey, Hugh, Ramparts

Casey, J., Mary Street North

Casey, James, Castletown Road

Casey, John, Albert Place

Casey, John, Casey's Row

Casey, John, Seatown

Casey, Miss, Chapel Lane

Casey, Mrs., Earl Street

Casey, Mrs., Park Street

Casey, P., St. Patrick's Terrace

Casey, Patk., William Street

Casey, Patrick, Casey's Row

Casey, Patrick, Chapel Lane

Casey, Patrick, St. Mary's Terrace

Casey, Peter, Chapel Lane

Cassidy, James, Brown's Row

Cassidy, John, Bachelors Walk

Cassidy, John, Brown's Row

Cassidy, John, Nicholas Street

Cassidy, Miss, Bachelors Walk

Cassidy, Miss, Church Street

Cassidy, P., Mary Street North

Cavanagh, Moses, Dublin Street

Cavanagh, Patrick, Dublin Street

Chartis, L., Barrack Street

Cheshire, John, Broughton Street

Cheshire, John, Point Road

Cheshire, Patrick, Broughton Street

Cheshire, William, Broughton Street

Clancy, Mrs., Barrack Street

Clarke, Bernard, Anne Street

Clarke, Edward, Seatown

Clarke, James, Long Avenue

Clarke, James, Rampart Lane

Clarke, James, Ramparts

Clarke, John, Gray's Lane

Clarke, Michael, Casey's Row

Clarke, Michael, Castletown Road

Clarke, Mrs., Anne Street

Clarke, Mrs., Broughton Street

Clarke, Mrs., Linenhall Street

Clarke, Mrs., Quay Street

Clarke, Patrick, Castletown Road

Clarke, Patrick, Doyle's Fort Road

Clarke, Patrick, Dublin Street

Clarke, Patrick, Jocelyn Place

Clarke, Patrick, Mary Street South

Clarke, Patrick, Nicholas Street

Clarke, Patrick, Seatown

Clarke, Peter, Barrack Street

Clarke, Peter, Williamson's Place

Clarke, Rev. E., Anne Street

Clarke, Thomas, Barrack Street

Clarke, Thomas, Bridge Street

Clarke, Thomas, Demesne Terrace

Clarke, Thomas, Linenhall Street

Clarke, W., Barrack Street

Clarke, William, St. Mary's Road

Clerkin, Michael, Lisdoo

Clew, Henry, Lisdoo

Clifford, James, Casey's Place

Clifford, John, Casey's Place

Clifford, John, Casey's Row

Clifford, Mr. C., McDermott's Terrace

Clifford, P., James' Street

Clifford, Peter, Castletown Road

Clinton, J.T., Roden Place

Clinton, Mrs., Seatown

Clinton, Peter, William Street

Cluskey, Pat, Bachelors Walk

Cluskey, Patrick, Anne Street

Coburn, George, Camp Street

Coburn, M., Mary Street North

Coburn, Michael, Chapel Lane

Coburn, Neal, St. Mary's Road

Coburn, Patrick, Maxwell's Row

Coburn, Philip, Castletown Road

Coburn, Thomas, Castletown Road

Coburn, Thomas, Castletown Road

Codd, Sergeant, Quay Street

Coffey, Timothy, Chapel Lane

Coleman, Bernard, Demesne Terrace

Coleman, James, Barrack Street

Coleman, John, Chapel Lane

Coleman, John, Gray's Lane

Coleman, Matthew, Casey's Row

Coleman, Mrs., Casey's Row

Coleman, Mrs., Casey's Row

Coleman, Peter, Jocelyn Place

Colitron, G., Quay Street

Collins, John, Park Street

Collins, Mrs., Castletown Road

Collins, P., Seatown Place

Collins, Patrick, Lisdoo

Collins, Thomas, Dublin Street

Collins, William, Bachelors Walk

Colliter, Thomas, Castletown Road

Comerford, Miss, Clanbrassil Street

Comish, A.M., Mary Street North

Comisky, Owen, Hill Street

Conlon, Francis, Chapel Lane

Conlon, Hugh, River Lane

Conlon, James, Seatown

Conlon, John, Hill Street

Conlon, John, St. Helena's Quay

Conlon, Mrs., John Street

Conlon, Peter, Hill Street

Connell, Mrs., Church Street

Connell, William, Linenhall Street

Connick, Thomas, Seatown Place

Connolly, Constable, Castletown Road

Connolly, James, Lisdoo

Connolly, James, Williamson's Place

Connolly, Mrs., Crowe Street

Connolly, Patrick, Doyle's Fort Road

Connolly, Peter, Chapel Lane

Connolly, Peter, Chapel Lane

Connolly, T.R., Clanbrassil Street

Connolly, Thomas, Dublin Street

Connolly, W.B., Clanbrassil Street

Connor, J., Williamson's Place

Connor, James, James' Street

Connor, John, Vincent Avenue

Connor, Patrick, Hill Street

Connor, Thomas, Anne Street

Conroy, James, Anne Street

Conroy, John, Demesne Terrace

Conroy, Pat, Bachelors Walk

Cook, Mrs., Upper Merches

Cooper, Mrs., Dublin Street

Copas, Charles, Castletown Road

Copas, Mrs., Dublin Street

Corbett, Samuel, Bachelors Walk

Corcoran, James, Williamson's Place

Corcoran, Mrs., Seatown Place

Corr, John, Camp Street

Corrigan, James, Casey's Place

Corrigan, Patrick, Mary Street South

Cosin[?], Miss, Point Road

Cosmini, Joseph, Crowe Street

Costelloe, Mrs., St. Mary's Road

Course, Mrs., William Street

Course, William, William Street

Courtenay, James, Seatown

Courtney, John, Broughton Street

Courtney, Patrick, Casey's Row

Courtney, William, McDermott's Terrace

Cowan, John, Camp Street

Cowan, John, Seatown

Cowen, John, Union Street

Coyle, Francis, Jocelyn Place

Coyle, Thos., Bachelors Walk

Craig, Hugh, Castletown Road

Craig, Mr., Seatown

Crangle, Henry, Rampart Lane

Craughwell, Richard, Hill Street

Craven, Matt, Nicholas Street

Craven, Mrs., Church Street

Craven, N., Bridge Street

Crawley, Miss, Anne Street

Crawley, Miss, Dublin Street

Crawley, Mr., H.M. Prison

Crilly, John, Lennonstown

Crilly, John, Union Street

Crilly, Michael, Dowdallshill

Crilly, Mrs., Park Street

Crilly, Pat, James' Street

Crilly, Patrick, Camp Street

Cullen, Andrew, Bachelors Walk

Cullen, James, St. Mary's Terrace

Cullen, Mr., Crowe Street

Cullen, Thomas, Mary Street North

Cullin, Peter, Chapel Lane

Cunningham, B., John Street

Cunningham, Bartle, Castletown Road

Cunningham, Michael, Camp Street

Cunningham, Miss, Anne Street

Cunningham, Mrs., Castletown Road

Cunningham, Mrs., Demesne Terrace

Cunningham, Mrs., St. Mary's Terrace

Cunningham, N., Linenhall Street

Cunningham, O., St. Patrick's Terrace

Cunningham, Pat., Brown's Row

Curley, James, Chapel Lane

Curran, Laurence, Crowe Street

Curran, Mrs., Vincent Avenue

Curran, Wm., Dowdallshill

Curry, John, Albert Place

Curtis, L., Barrack Street

Curtis, P., Barrack Street

Curtis, Patrick, St. Helena's Quay

Curtis, Thomas, Linenhall Street

Daly, James, North Marsh

Daly, Mrs., Upper Merches

Daly, P.J., Bridge Street

Darby, James, Mary Street South

Darcy, Matt, Mary Street South

Darcy, Matt, McDermott's Terrace

Darcy, Miss, McDermott's Terrace

Darcy, Owen, Hill Street

Darcy, Patrick, Bachelors Walk

Darcy, Thomas, St. Patrick's Terrace

Dardis, Michael, Bachelors Walk

Dawe, Edward, Chapel Lane

Dawe, Michael, Church Street

Dawe, Mrs., Seatown

Deane, Michael, Bridge Street

Deary, William, Castletown Road

Deery, Francis, St. Mary's Terrace

Deery, Henry, Church Street

Deery, Mrs., St. Alphonsus Road

Deery, Owen, Dowdallshill

Deery, Owen, St. Alphonsus Road

Deery, Patrick, Church Street

Deery, Peter, Park Street

Delacey, Sergt., Broughton Street

Denison, Charles, North Marsh

Devane, Mrs., Dowdallshill

Devine, James, Barrack Street

Devlin, John, Casey's Place

Devlin, Mrs., Castletown Road

Devlin, Patrick, Bridge Street

Devlin, Patrick, Castletown Road

Dillon, Mrs., Lisdoo

Dixon, Thomas, Casey's Row

Dobbs, Francis, Broughton Street

Dobbs, Patrick, Mill Street

Doherty, John, Mary Street North

Doherty, Mrs., James' Street

Doherty, P., Mary Street North

Dolan, Miss, The Crescent

Donaghy, Hugh, Hill Street

Donaghy, Mrs., Anne Street

Donnelly, F., St. Mary's Road

Donnelly, Hugh, Anne Street

Donnelly, James, William Street

Donnelly, John, Castletown Road

Donnelly, Mr., Church Street

Donnelly, P., Earl Street

Donnelly, Peter, Bridge Street

Donnelly, Thomas, Nicholas Street

Donnelly, Thomas, St. Patrick's Terrace

Donovan, Michael, Lennonstown

Doogan, Patrick, Lisdoo

Doolan, Patrick, Hill Street

Dooley, John, Lisdoo

Dooley, William, Dowdallshill

Dowd, Richard, Castletown Road

Dowdall, Francis, Doyle's Fort Road

Dowdall, Jas. (Hospital), Vincent Avenue

Dowdall, Mrs., Long Avenue

Downey, P., Barrack Street

Doyle, Captain, Broughton Street

Doyle, James, Doyle's Fort Road

Doyle, John, St. Mary's Terrace

Doyle, Michael, Church Street

Doyle, Patrick, Dowdallshill

Dromgoole, Michael, Mary Street South

Drysdale, Mrs., Broughton Street

Duff, James, Market Square

Duff, John, Quay Street

Duff, Mrs., Linenhall Street

Duffy, Charles, Seatown Place

Duffy, Edward, Barrack Street

Duffy, Frank, Demesne Terrace

Duffy, Joe, Dublin Street

Duffy, John, Bachelors Walk

Duffy, John, Dublin Street

Duffy, Michael, John Street

Duffy, Mrs., Mary Street South

Duffy, Mrs., Mill Street

Duffy, Mrs., Park Street

Duffy, Mrs., Park Street

Duffy, Mrs., Union Street

Duffy, Owen, Bachelors Walk

Duffy, Owen, Castletown Road

Duffy, Owen, Nicholas Street

Duffy, Owen, William Street

Duffy, Patrick, Castletown Road

Duffy, Patrick, Castletown Road

Duffy, Patrick, Demesne Terrace

Duffy, Patrick, Dowdallshill

Duffy, Patrick, Doyle's Fort Road

Duffy, Patrick, Jocelyn Place

Duffy, Patrick, Linenhall Street

Duffy, Peter, Castletown Road

Duffy, Peter, jun, Castletown Road

Duffy, Samuel, Lisdoo

Duffy, Thomas, Chapel Lane

Duffy, Thomas, Chapel Lane

Duffy, Thomas, Doyle's Fort Road

Duffy, Thomas, on the river, Dublin Street

Dugdale, B., Mary Street North

Duggan, John, Castletown Road

Dullaghan, James, Anne Street

Dullaghan, Mrs., Quay Street

Dullaghan, P., Brown's Row

Dullaghan, Patrick, Casey's Place

Dullaghan, Stephen, Castletown Road

Dullaghan, William, Mill Street

Dumigan, Mrs., Linenhall Street

Dunn, Alick, Bachelors Walk

Dunne, A., Quay Street

Dunne, James, Anne Street

Dunne, James, Broughton Street

Dunne, Joe, Mary Street North

Dunne, John, Anne Street

Dunne, John, Barrack Street

Dunne, John, North Marsh

Dunne, John, son, Anne Street

Dunne, Laurence, Casey's Row

Dunne, Michael, Long Avenue

Dunne, Mrs., Barrack Street

Dunne, Mrs., Lisdoo

Dunne, Mrs., Mill Street

Dunne, Thomas, Hill Street

Dunne, William, Dowdallshill

Durnin, Denis, Camp Street

Durnin, James, Demesne Terrace

Durnin, Michael, Anne Street

Durnin, Mrs., North Marsh

Durnin, Patrick, Mary Street South

Durnin, Patrick, Seatown

Durnin, Patrick, Union Street

Dwyer, Edward, Barrack Street

Eccles, J., Linenhall Street

Eccles, John, John Street

Eccles, O., Linenhall Street

English, Mrs., Chapel Lane

Fagan, James, River Lane

Fagan, Miss, Linenhall Street

Fagan, P., Williamson's Place

Fagan, Rose, Mary Street South

Farnan, Mrs., Church Street

Farrell, Bernard, Seaview Terrace

Farrell, John, Quay Street

Farrell, Joseph, Hill Street

Farrell, Michael, Hill Street

Farrell, Mr., St. Mary's Road

Farrell, Peter, Hill Street

Farrell, Thomas, Nicholas Street

Farrelly, John, Broughton Street

Faulkner, Andrew, Bachelors Walk

Fay, John, Mary Street South

Fay, John, Park Street

Fay, Patrick, Long Avenue

Fearon, Patrick, Seatown

Feehan, Peter, James' Street

Feeley, James, Castletown Road

Feeley, James, St. Mary's Road

Fegan, Mrs., Camp Street

Feighery, John, Anne Street

Fennell, Mrs., Park Street

Finan, Mr., Bachelors Walk

Finegan, Anne, Camp Street

Finegan, B., Linenhall Street

Finegan, John, Bachelors Walk

Finegan, John, Seatown

Finegan, John, St. Patrick's Terrace

Finegan, Joseph, Earl Street

Finegan, Mat, Clanbrassil Street

Finegan, Miss, Chapel Lane

Finegan, Miss, Church Street

Finegan, Patrick, Lisdoo

Finegan, Peter, Castletown Road

Finegan, Terence, Vincent Avenue

Finegan, Thomas, Dublin Street

Finegan, Thomas, Williamson's Place

Finigan, P.R., Jocelyn Place

Finigan, P.R., St. Mary's Road

Finn, George, Casey's Place

Finn, James, John Street

Finn, Laurence, John Street

Finn, Owen, Dublin Street

Fisher, John, Casey's Place

Fitzgerald, James, Quay Street

Fitzgerald, Patrick, John Street

Fitzpatrick, John, Bachelors Walk

Fitzpatrick, Patrick, Bachelors Walk

Fitzsimons, James, Bachelors Walk

Fitzsimons, James, Bridge Street

Fitzsimons, Michael, Vincent Avenue

Flanagan, John, Chapel Lane

Flanagan, Owen, Distillery Lane

Flanagan, Peter, Seatown

Flanigan, James, Barrack Street

Flanigan, James, St. Mary's Road

Flanigan, Mrs., Barrack Street

Flanigan, P., Mary Street North

Flanigan, Peter, Barrack Street

Flannigan, P., Bachelors Walk

Fleming, Patrick, Union Street

Flood, Dr., Clanbrassil Street

Flood, John, Barrack Street

Flood, Miss, Seatown Place

Flynn, J.J., Clanbrassil Street

Flynn, Michael, Hill Street

Flynn, Mrs., Nicholas Street

Flynn, Mrs., Quay Street

Flynn, Owen, Lisdoo

Flynn, Owen, Mill Street

Flynn, R., Seatown Place

Foley, Captain, Castle Road

Foley, John, Church Street

Foley, William, Church Street

Foster, Peter, Brown's Row

Fox, Mrs., Barrack Street

Fox, Mrs., Quay Street

Fox, Thomas, McDermott's Terrace

Frazer, John, Barrack Street

French, Edward, Lisdoo

Friel, C., H.M. Prison

Gallagher, Alexander, Dublin Street

Gallagher, B., Clanbrassil Street

Gallagher, E., Roden Place

Gallagher, Peter, Chapel Lane

Garlan, Michael, Lisdoo

Garland, Francis, John Street

Garland, James, Casey's Place

Garland, John, Broughton Street

Garland, John, Mary Street North

Garland, P., St. Patrick's Terrace

Garland, Patrick, Lisdoo

Garland, Peter, St. Mary's Terrace

Gartland, Mrs., James' Street

Garvey, Ellen, McDermott's Terrace

Garvey, John, Castletown Road

Garvey, Michael, Mary Street South

Gaskin, Anthony, Park Street

Gaskin, James, Clanbrassil Street

Gaskin, Nicholas, Maxwell's Row

Gaughran, Bernard, Hill Street

Gaughran, Peter, Mary Street South

Gaughran, Thomas, Mary Street South

Gernon, Michael, Hill Street

Gibbons, James, Castletown Road

Gibbons, James, Castletown Road

Gibney, Thomas, Chapel Lane

Gilmartin, Thomas, Park Street

Gilmore, Bernard, Church Street

Gilmore, Joseph, Bachelors Walk

Gilmore, Matthew, Castletown Road

Gilmore, Miss, Bachelors Walk

Gilmore, William, Point Road

Ginnety, Michael, Dublin Street

Glacken, Patrick (part), John Street

Glackin, Patrick, Castletown Road

Glen, Austin, Long Avenue

Gogarty, Michael, Bachelors Walk

Gogarty, Owen, Francis Street

Gonnelly, B., James' Street

Gonnelly, Laurence, Hill Street

Gonnelly, Patrick, Hill Street

Gonnolly, Mrs., Union Street

Goodfellow, James, Mary Street North

Goodman, Edward, Clanbrassil Street

Goodman, Peter, The Crescent

Goodman, Thomas, McDermott's Terrace

Googan, James, Mary Street North

Gore, Joseph, Crowe Street

Gorman, Charley, Seatown Place

Gorman, James, Park Street

Gorman, John, Mill Street

Gorman, Mrs., Linenhall Street

Gorman, Thomas, Mill Street

Gormely, Robert, Broughton Street

Gosling, James, Hill St., Anne Street

Gosling, John, Hill Street

Gosling, Mrs., Linenhall Street

Goss, John, Chapel Lane

Gracey, Joseph, Clanbrassil Street

Grant, Michael, Seaview Terrace

Grant, Miss, Crowe Street

Grant, Thomas, Bridge Street

Grant, William, William Street

Gray, Davey, Brown's Row

Gray, John, Williamson's Place

Gray, Richard, Casey's Place

Gray, Thomas, Brown's Row

Green, Michael, Quay Street

Green, Patrick, St. Mary's Terrace

Green, Thomas, Brown's Row

Greene, Mrs., James' Street

Griffiths, M., Seatown Place

Griffiths, Thomas, Mary Street North

Grimes, -, Francis Street

Grimes, John, Bachelors Walk

Grimes, Laurence, Park Street

Grimes, Michael, Casey's Row

Grimes, Mrs., Mary Street South

Grimes, Patrick, Hill Street

Grimes, Peter, Castletown Road

Grogan, John, St. Mary's Terrace

Guest, Willie, Anne Street

Gunne, Philip, Bridge Street

Hale, James, William Street

Hall, John, St. Patrick's Terrace

Hall, Simon, Jocelyn Place

Halpenny, Mrs., Lennonstown

Hamill, Bernard Esq., J.P., Park Street

Hamill, Edward, Rampart Lane

Hamill, John, Chapel Lane

Hamill, Mrs., Mary Street South

Hamill, Mrs., Park Street

Hamill, Mrs., Seatown

Hamill, Mrs., Seatown

Hamill, Mrs., The Crescent

Hamill, Mrs. Julia, Seatown

Hamill, Peter, Albert Place

Hamill, Peter, Chapel Lane

Hamill, Peter, Dublin Street

Hamill, Thomas, Chapel Lane

Hand, Matt., jun., Barrack Street

Hand, Matt., sen, Barrack Street

Hanlon, Peter, Lisdoo

Hanlon, Stephen, Lisdoo

Hanratty Bros., Church Street

Hanratty, James, Mill Street

Hanratty, John, Castletown Road

Hanratty, John, Maxwell's Row

Hanratty, Mrs., Quay Street

Hanratty, Owen, Lennonstown

Harbon, Henry, Chapel Lane

Hardy, Nicholas, Park Street

Harmon, Patk., Union Street

Harmon, Patrick, Dublin Street

Harmond, M., Mary Street North

Harnett, Mr., H.M. Prison

Harrison, Thomas, Chapel Lane

Hart, James, Broughton Street

Hart, Mrs., Point Road

Harte, Mrs., Linenhall Street

Harvey, Edward, Dublin Street

Haughey, John, Chapel Lane

Haughey, Mrs., Bridge Street

Haughey, Pat, James' Street

Haughey, Patrick, Seatown

Hayes, James, James' Street

Heaney, James, St. Helena's Quay

Heany, Michael, Dowdallshill

Hearne, Mrs., St. Patrick's Terrace

Hearty, Bernard, Quay Street

Hearty, Francis, Chapel Lane

Hearty, Francis, Lisdoo

Hearty, James, Castletown Road

Hearty, John, Casey's Row

Hearty, Michael, Castletown Road

Hearty, Michael, Hill Street

Hearty, Michael, Seatown

Hearty, Mrs., Park Street

Hearty, Owen, Dublin Street

Hearty, Patrick, St. Patrick's Terrace

Hearty, Thomas, Bridge Street

Hearty, Thomas, Lennonstown

Heavy, William, Casey's Row

Heeney, Michael, Point Road

Hennessy, Mr., Dublin Street

Henry, Frank, Anne Street

Henry, George, Albert Place

Henry, George, Union Street

Henry, George, Williamson's Place

Henry, Joseph, River Lane

Henry, Mrs., Camp Street

Henry, Mrs. William, Seatown

Henry, Robert, Bachelors Walk

Hernan, Mrs., Mary Street South

Hernon, Michael, Lennonstown

Heurihan, Alf., Castle Road

Higgins, Captain, Quay Street

Higgins, Joe, Dublin Street

Higgins, M., Barrack Street

Higgins, Patrick, Doyle's Fort Road

Hilliard, James, Doyle's Fort Road

Hobson, Mrs., Market Square

Hodgers, James, Williamson's Place

Hodgers, Mrs., Hill Street

Hoey, James, Hill Street

Hoey, James, Lisdoo

Hoey, John, Bridge Street

Hoey, John, Upper Merches

Hoey, Julia, Upper Merches

Hoey, L., St. Patrick's Terrace

Hoey, Matt, Park Street

Hoey, Michael, Upper Merches

Hoey, Mr., Dublin Street

Hoey, Mrs. Catherine, Upper Merches

Hoey, Mrs. Thomas, Park Street

Hoey, Mrs. William, Upper Merches

Hoey, Pat, Quay Street

Hoey, Patrick, Upper Merches

Hoey, Peter, Williamson's Place

Hoey, Thomas, Nicholas Street

Hoey, W., Seatown Place

Hogan, Mrs., Dublin Street

Hogan, Mrs., James' Street

Hogan, Mrs., Mary Street South

Hoines, Mrs., Demesne Terrace

Hollywood, Hugh, Maxwell's Row

Hollywood, Michael, Camp Street

Hollywood, Thomas, Crowe Street

Hughes, Arthur, Anne Street

Hughes, Arthur, Castletown Road

Hughes, Arthur, Quay Street

Hughes, Bernard, Dowdallshill

Hughes, Francis, Camp Street

Hughes, Henry, Hill Street

Hughes, James, Hill Street

Hughes, James, Hill Street

Hughes, James, Park Street

Hughes, James, Seatown

Hughes, John, Castletown Road

Hughes, John, Lisdoo

Hughes, John, Lisdoo

Hughes, John, Quay Street

Hughes, Mrs., Dublin Street

Hughes, Mrs., Park Street

Hughes, Mrs., Point Road

Hughes, Mrs., Roden Place

Hughes, Owen, Lisdoo

Hughes, Patrick, Nicholas Street

Hughes, Peter, Castletown Road

Hughes, Peter, Hill Street

Hughes, Peter, Nicholas Street

Hughes, Thomas, Castle Road

Hughes, Thomas, Hill Street

Hughes, Thomas, St. Mary's Terrace

Hughes, W., Barrack Street

Ingham, Mr., Jocelyn Place

Jackson, Samuel, Hill Street

Jameson, John, Bridge Street

Jennings, Patrick, Francis Street

Jennings, William, Bachelors Walk

Johnson, Joseph M., Clanbrassil Street

Johnson, Miss, Park Street

Johnson, Patrick, Nicholas Street

Johnston, Arthur, Lisdoo

Johnston, Francis, Francis Street

Johnston, Fred, Lisdoo

Johnston, Miss, Bridge Street

Johnston, Mrs., Lisdoo

Johnston, Mrs. James, Bridge Street

Johnston, Patk., Crowe Street

Jones, Thomas, Castle Road

Jordan, John, Seatown

Jordan, Mrs., Nicholas Street

Kane, Miss, Linenhall Street

Kane, Mrs., Williamson's Place

Kane, Peter, Chapel Lane

Kearney, B., St. Patrick's Terrace

Kearney, Dr., Jocelyn Place

Kearney, Henry, Vincent Avenue

Kearney, John, Hill Street

Kearney, Joseph, North Marsh

Kearney, Margaret, Dowdallshill

Kearney, Michael, Long Avenue

Kearney, Miss, Quay Street

Kearney, Mrs., River Lane

Kearney, Owen, Dowdallshill

Kearney, Pat, Bachelors Walk

Kearney, Patrick, Camp Street

Kearney, Patrick, Dublin Street

Kearney, Thomas, Quay Street

Kearney, William, Dublin Street

Kearns, Mrs., Barrack Street

Keating, Mrs., Williamson's Place

Keating, Samuel, Seatown

Keelan Bros., Clanbrassil Street

Keeley, James, William Street

Keenan, James, Demesne Terrace

Keenan, Patrick, Nicholas Street

Keenan, W.J., Barrack Street

Kelledy, Mrs., Park Street

Kelledy, Patrick, Brown's Row

Kelledy, Robert, St. Mary's Terrace

Kelly, Bernard, Park Street

Kelly, Chas, Clanbrassil Street

Kelly, D., St. Patrick's Terrace

Kelly, F., Mary Street North

Kelly, James, North Marsh

Kelly, James, Quay Street

Kelly, John, Broughton Street

Kelly, John, Dublin Street

Kelly, John, Park Street

Kelly, Michael, Barrack Street

Kelly, Michael, Hill Street

Kelly, Miss, River Lane

Kelly, Mrs., Casey's Place

Kelly, Mrs., Casey's Row

Kelly, Mrs., Castletown Road

Kelly, Mrs., Church Street

Kelly, Mrs., Mary Street North

Kelly, Owen, Nicholas Street

Kelly, Peter, Bridge Street

Kelly, Stephen, Seatown Place

Kelly, Thomas, Broughton Street

Kelly, Thomas, Broughton Street

Kelly, Thomas, Distillery Lane

Kelly, Thomas, St. Mary's Terrace

Kelly, William, Seatown

Kennedy, Chas, Demesne Terrace

Kennedy, John, Castle Road

Kennedy, P., Linenhall Street

Kenny, Constable, Barrack Street

Keogh, Mrs., Chapel Lane

Keough, John, Lisdoo

Keough, John, Seatown

Kerley, Hugh, Casey's Place

Kerley, James, Barrack Street

Kerley, James, Broughton Street

Kerley, James, Dowdallshill

Kerley, James, Point Road

Kerley, James, Upper Merches

Kerley, Michael, Dowdallshill

Kerley, Michael, Park Street

Kerley, Mrs., Dowdallshill

Kerley, Mrs., John Street

Kerley, Mrs., Park Street

Kerley, Mrs., Point Road

Kerley, Mrs., Vincent Avenue

Kerley, Mrs. J., Seatown

Kerley, Thomas, Mill Street

Kerr, Mrs., Broughton Street

Kerr, Patrick, Broughton Street

Kerr, Patrick, Mary Street South

Kerr, Peter, Castletown Road

Kieran, Edward, Park Street

Kieran, James, St. Patrick's Terrace

Kieran, Mrs, Francis Street

Kieran, Mrs., Mary Street North

Kieran, Patrick, Linenhall Street

Kieran, Patrick, Vincent Avenue

Kiernan, Mrs., Castle Road

Kimmins, James, Camp Street

Kimmons, Mrs., Chapel Lane

Kimmons, P., St. Alphonsus Road

Kimmons, Patrick, Barrack Street

Kincart and Co., Clanbrassil Street

Kindlen, John, Castletown Road

Kindlon, D., Brown's Row

King, James, St. Patrick's Terrace

Kinlan, Edward, Hill Street

Kinsella, Mr., Long Avenue

Kirk, James, Bridge Street

Kirk, John, St. Alphonsus Road

Kirk, Miss, Roden Place

Kirk, Mrs., Castletown Road

Kirk, Mrs., Linenhall Street

Kirk, Mrs., Seatown

Kirk, Patrick, Church Street

Kirk, Thomas, Hill Street

Kirk, Thomas, Mary Street North

Knowledge, James, Dowdallshill

Knowledge, Thomas, Dowdallshill

Lambe, Captain, St. Helena's Quay

Lambe, Edward, Union Street

Lambe, James, Broughton Street

Lambe, Michael, Park Street

Lambe, Mrs., Albert Place

Lambe, Owen, Union Street

Lambe, Peter, St. Mary's Terrace

Lambe, Thomas, Nicholas Street

Lappin, Edward, Mill Street

Lappin, Mrs., St. Alphonsus Road

Larkin, Dan, Anne Street

Larkin, Owen, Demesne Terrace

Larkin, William, McDermott's Terrace

Larney, Thomas, Anne Street

Lavery, Dr., Jocelyn Place

Lavery, John, Mary Street North

Lawless, J., Earl Street

Lawless, Joseph, William Street

Lawless, Mrs., Anne Street

Lawless, Mrs., Park Street

Lawless, Thomas, Dublin Street

Lawlor, Michael, Long Avenue

Lawson, Christopher, Quay Street

Leahy, Patrick, Hill Street

Leary, Owen, Long Avenue

Leavy, Dan, Clanbrassil Street

Lee, Thomas, James' Street

Lennon, Barney, Gray's Lane

Lennon, Bernard, Lennonstown

Lennon, Francis, Camp Street

Lennon, Hugh, Dowdallshill

Lennon, Hugh, Hill Street

Lennon, James, James' Street

Lennon, James M., Lennonstown

Lennon, James P., Lennonstown

Lennon, John, Dowdallshill

Lennon, John, Dublin Street

Lennon, John, Lennonstown

Lennon, John, Park Street

Lennon, Michael, Hill Street

Lennon, Miss, Anne Street

Lennon, Mrs., Castletown Road

Lennon, Mrs., Dublin Street

Lennon, Mrs., Williamson's Place

Lennon, Mrs A., Lennonstown

Lennon, Mrs. Joe, Lennonstown

Lennon, P., Mary Street North

Lennon, P., Nicholas Street

Lennon, Patrick, Chapel Lane

Lennon, Patrick, Gray's Lane

Lennon, Patrick, Lisdoo

Lennon, Peter, Dowdallshill

Lennon, Thomas, Lennonstown

Lennon, Thomas, Park Street

Leonard, John, Nicholas Street

Levins, Owen, James' Street

Little, [Mrs], Francis Street

Loughrea, Neal, Lennonstown

Louth, Patrick, Casey's Row

Love, Richard, Dublin Street

Lynch, -, Francis Street

Lynch, Frank, Demesne Terrace

Lynch, J., Mary Street North

Lynch, John, Brown's Row

Lynch, John, Quay Street

Lynch, John, Seatown

Lynch, M., James' Street

Lynch, Patrick, Demesne Terrace

Lynch, Patrick, Jocelyn Place

Lynch, Peter, Doyle's Fort Road

Lynch, Thomas, Barrack Street

Lynn, George, Point Road

Lynn, Mrs., Chapel Lane

Lyons, J., Castle Road

Lyons, Rev. P. C.C., Church Street

MacAlister, Mrs., Mary Street South

Macardle, Moore and Co., Jocelyn Place

Macardle, [P.L.], Francis Street

Macardle, T. Callan, Jocelyn Place

Macken, -, Francis Street

Mackin, A., James' Street

Mackin, James, Jocelyn Place

Mackin, John, Bachelors Walk

Mackin, Michael, Hill Street

Mackin, Mrs., Park Street

Mackin, Thomas, Bridge Street

Mackin, Thomas, Seaview Terrace

Mackle, Oliver, Lisdoo

Madden, M., Barrack Street

Magee, Mrs., Mary Street North

Magee, Mrs., Quay Street

Magee, Pat, Barrack Street

Magennis, Mrs., Quay Street

Magennis, Thomas, Bridge Street

Magill, James, Lisdoo

Magill, John, Doyle's Fort Road

Maginn, James, Mary Street North

Magrath, B., Brown's Row

Magrath, James, Brown's Row

Magrath, Redmond, Clanbrassil Street

Maguire, Bernard, Church Street

Maguire, Constable, Bridge Street

Maguire, John, Barrack Street

Maguire, John, Castle Road

Maguire, Michael, Castletown Road

Maguire, Michael, Doyle's Fort Road

Maguire, P., Linenhall Street

Maguire, P.J., Seatown

Maguire, Patrick, Chapel Lane

Maher, J.J., St. Mary's Road

Mallon, Christopher, Lisdoo

Mallon, John, Lisdoo

Mallon, L., Seatown Place

Malone, John, Church Street

Maloney, Maurice, Jocelyn Place

Mandeville, James, Castletown Road

Mandeville, John, Castletown Road

Mandeville, Laurence, Castletown Road

Mandeville, Owen, Castletown Road

Markey, Patrick, Camp Street

Markey, Thomas, St. Mary's Terrace

Markham, Thomas, Castle Road

Marmion, John, Doyle's Fort Road

Marron, Joseph, Chapel Lane

Marron, Joseph, Seatown

Marron, Joseph, Union Street

Marron, M., Barrack Street

Marron, Owen, Chapel Lane

Marron, P., Mary Street North

Martin, Edward, Seatown

Martin, James, Williamson's Place

Martin, John, Casey's Row

Martin, John, Park Street

Martin, John, River Lane

Martin, Joseph, John Street

Martin, Michael, Camp Street

Martin, Mrs., Dublin Street

Martin, Mrs., Dublin Street

Martin, Mrs., Gray's Lane

Martin, Mrs., Hill Street

Martin, Mrs., River Lane

Martin, Owen, Anne Street

Martin, P., Linenhall Street

Martin, Patrick, Distillery Lane

Martin, Patrick, Linenhall Street

Martin, R., Barrack Street

Martin, R., St. Alphonsus Road

Martin, Thomas, Hill Street

Mathews, Bernard, McDermott's Terrace

Mathews, James, North Marsh

Mathews, John, Camp Street

Mathews, John, Nicholas Street

Mathews, John, Williamson's Place

Mathews, Joseph, Hill Street

Mathews, Michael, Jocelyn Place

Mathews, Mrs., Barrack Street

Mathews, Mrs., Chapel Lane

Mathews, Mrs., Clanbrassil Street

Mathews, Mrs., Dublin Street

Mathews, P., Clanbrassil Street

Mathews, P., Mary Street North

Mathews, Patrick, Linenhall Street

Mathews, Patrick, Point Road

Mathews, Patrick, Upper Merches

Mathews, Peter, Broughton Street

Mathews, Peter, St. Mary's Terrace

Mathews, Thomas, Brown's Row

Mathews, Thomas, River Lane

Maxwell, William, Bridge Street

McAdorey, James, Seatown Place

McAlester, Chas., Castle Road

McAlester, E., St. Alphonsus Road

McAlister, James, Dowdallshill

McArdle, Bernard, Castletown Road

McArdle, Charles, Castletown Road

McArdle, Charles, John Street

McArdle, Denis, Brown's Row

McArdle, Felix, Castletown Road

McArdle, J., Williamson's Place

McArdle, James, Church Street

McArdle, Joseph, Park Street

McArdle, M., St. Patrick's Terrace

McArdle, Michael, Barrack Street

McArdle, Michael, Distillery Lane

McArdle, Michael, Distillery Lane

McArdle, Miss, Barrack Street

McArdle, Miss, Dowdallshill

McArdle, Mr., Rampart Lane

McArdle, Mrs., Church Street

McArdle, Mrs., Point Road

McArdle, Owen, Bachelors Walk

McArdle, Pat, Bachelors Walk

McArdle, Patrick, Barrack Street

McArdle, Patrick, Castletown Road

McArdle, Patrick, Castletown Road

McArdle, Patrick, Williamson's Place

McArdle, Terence, Castletown Road

McArdle, Thomas, Anne Street

McArdle, Thomas, Barrack Street

McArdle, Thomas, Chapel Lane

McArdle, Thomas, Gray's Lane

McArdle, Thomas, Park Street

McAuley, Sergeant, Chapel Lane

McBride, James, Distillery Lane

McBride, Matthew, Bridge Street

McBride, Mrs., Bachelors Walk

McBride, Mrs., Jocelyn Place

McBride, Mrs., St. Alphonsus Road

McBride, Peter, Distillery Lane

McBride, Thomas, Castletown Road

McCabe, Bernard, Mill Street

McCabe, Francis, Hill Street

McCabe, Hanna, Hill Street

McCabe, John, Demesne Terrace

McCabe, Mrs., James' Street

McCabe, Mrs., James' Street

McCabe, Mrs., McDermott's Terrace

McCabe, Neal, Broughton Street

McCabe, Owen, Albert Place

McCabe, Owen, Barrack Street

McCabe, Peter, John Street

McCabe, Thomas, Castletown Road

McCabe, Thomas, Hill Street

McCabe, Thomas, Park Street

McCaffrey, John, Casey's Row

McCaffrey, Peter, Church Street

McCann, H.F. & J., Church Street

McCann, John, Market Square

McCann, Mrs., Bachelors Walk

McCann, Mrs. T., Park Street

McCann, Sergeant, Long Avenue

McCartan, Mrs., Seatown

McCarthy, Charles, Quay Street

McCarthy, Thomas, Hill Street

McCartney, Hugh, Albert Place

McCobb, Mrs., Anne Street

McComish, Mrs., Mary Street North

McConnon, James, Demesne Terrace

McConville, F., Clanbrassil Street

McConville, J., Clanbrassil Street

McCooey, James, Bridge Street

McCormack, M., Seatown Place

McCormack, Michael, Mary Street North

McCormack, Mrs., Park Street

McCormack, Mrs., St. Alphonsus Road

McCormick, Edward, Camp Street

McCourt, J., Seatown Place

McCourt, James, Chapel Lane

McCourt, James, Clanbrassil Street

McCourt, John, Dowdallshill

McCourt, John, Union Street

McCourt, Mrs., Barrack Street

McCourt, Mrs., Dowdallshill

McCourt, Mrs., Dowdallshill

McCourt, Mrs., St. Patrick's Terrace

McCourt, Nicholas, Doyle's Fort Road

McCourt, Owen, Barrack Street

McCourt, Patrick, Doyle's Fort Road

McCourt, Patrick, Seatown

McCourt, Samuel, Park Street

McCourt, Thomas, Bachelors Walk

McCoy, F., Quay Street

McCoy, Jack, Brown's Row

McCoy, James, James' Street

McCoy, Michael, Clanbrassil Street

McCoy, Miss, Barrack Street

McCrave, Henry, Lisdoo

McCrave, Michael, Dowdallshill

McCrave, P., Seatown Place

McCrave, Patrick, Dowdallshill

McCrave, Patrick, Lisdoo

McCrave, Peter, Seatown

McCreesh, Miss, Bachelors Walk

McCrudden, Thomas, Albert Place

McCrudden, Thomas, Williamson's Place

McCue, Felix, Vincent Avenue

McCullough, Patrick, Clanbrassil Street

McCumiskey, J., Dowdallshill

McCummiskey, Miss, Clanbrassil Street

McCusker, Francis, Barrack Street

McCusker, Michael, Jocelyn Place

McCusker, Mrs., Bridge Street

McCusker, Mrs., Camp Street

McCusker, Peter, Earl Street

McDermott, J.J., Park Street

McDermott, Miss, McDermott's Terrace

McDermott, Mr., Church Street

McDermott, Mrs., Roden Place

McDermott, Pat, Bachelors Walk

McDermott, Patrick, Mary Street South

McDermott, William, Chapel Lane

McDonald, Arthur, Seatown

McDonald, Aug., Barrack Street

McDonald, James, Vincent Avenue

McDonald, John, Camp Street

McDonald, John, H.M. Prison

McDonald, Miss, Church Street

McDonald, Mrs., Roden Place

McDonald, Mrs., Seatown

McDonald, Mrs., Seaview Terrace

McDonald, Nicholas, Rampart Lane

McDonald, Patrick, Gray's Lane

McDonald, Thomas, Dublin Street

McDonald, Thomas, Linenhall Street

McDonnell, John, Bachelors Walk

McDonnell, John, Bachelors Walk

McDonnell, John, Bachelors Walk

McDonnell, Patrick, Albert Place

McDonnell, Peter, James' Street

McElearney, Hugh, St. Mary's Terrace

McEleavey, Joseph, Chapel Lane

McEleavy, Miss, Bridge Street

McElroy, James, Williamson's Place

McElroy, Mrs, Anne Street

McElroy, Mrs., Mary Street North

McElveanie, Thomas, Hill Street

McEneaney, Bernard, Casey's Place

McEneaney, Hugh, Bachelors Walk

McEneaney, Joseph, Albert Place

McEneaney, Michael, Castletown Road

McEneaney, Mrs. John, John Street

McEneany, Hugh, Church Street

McEneany, John, Crowe Street

McEneany, John, St. Patrick's Terrace

McEneany, P., Mary Street North

McEnteggart, James, Chapel Lane

McEnteggart, Owen, Mary Street South

McEnteggart, Owen, Park Street

McEntyre, Acting-Sergeant, Anne Street

McEvoy, Arthur, Dowdallshill

McEvoy, Henry, Camp Street

McEvoy, John, St. Patrick's Terrace

McEvoy, M., Linenhall Street

McEvoy, Michael, St. Patrick's Terrace

McEvoy, Mrs., Clanbrassil Street

McEvoy, Mrs., Lisdoo

McEvoy, Mrs., McDermott's Terrace

McEvoy, Mrs. John, Dowdallshill

McEvoy, Mrs.M., Dowdallshill

McEvoy, Mrs. P., Dowdallshill

McEvoy, T.F.V., Chapel Lane

McEvoy, Thomas, Mary Street South

McGahan, Hugh, John Street

McGahan, Mrs. H., Distillery Lane

McGahan, Patrick, Point Road

McGahon, Mrs., St. Mary's Road

McGarrity, Christopher, Dublin Street

McGarrity, Christopher, Nicholas Street

McGarrity, James, Park Street

McGarrity, Michael, Lisdoo

McGauran, Patk., Earl Street

McGeany, Mrs., Nicholas Street

McGeary, Sergeant, Long Avenue

McGee, James, Upper Merches

McGee, John, Seatown

McGee, Mary, Upper Merches

McGee, Owen, Casey's Row

McGeeney, Miss, Clanbrassil Street

McGeeney, Miss, Linenhall Street

McGeone, John, Lisdoo

McGeone, Thomas, Lisdoo

McGeough, James, North Marsh

McGeough, James, Park Street

McGeough, Mrs., Dowdallshill

McGeough, Patrick, Lisdoo

McGeough, Thomas, Chapel Lane

McGill, Patrick, Chapel Lane

McGill, Sam, Bachelors Walk

McGinn, Frank, Chapel Lane

McGinn, Owen, Demesne Terrace

McGinn, Patrick, Mary Street South

McGirr, T., Chapel Lane

McGolderick, Mrs., Jocelyn Place

McGough, Patrick, St. Mary's Road

McGovern, Thomas, Anne Street

McGrane, John, Castletown Road

McGrath, Mr., Demesne Terrace

McGrath, Thomas, Dublin Street

McGrath, Thomas, McDermott's Terrace

McGrath, William, McDermott's Terrace

McGrother Edward, Williamson's Place

McGuigan, Joseph, Lisdoo

McGuill, John, Bridge Street

McGuinness, Bernard, Seatown

McGuinness, Ellen, Rampart Lane

McGuinness, John, Demesne Terrace

McGuinness, John, Seatown

McGuinness, John, Seatown

McGuinness, Mrs., Park Street

McGuinness, Mrs., Rampart Lane

McGuinness, Patk., Rampart Lane

McGuinness, Patrick, Mary Street South

McGuinness, Peter, Crowe Street

McGuinness, Peter, Nicholas Street

McGuinnetty, Mrs., Church Street

McGuire, Brian, McDermott's Terrace

McGuire, Michael, Mary Street South

McGuire, Patrick, McDermott's Terrace

McGuirk, Mary, Bridge Street

McGuone, Mrs., Dowdallshill

McGurk, James, Quay Street

McHarte, Mrs., Bridge Street

McHarte, Mrs., Lisdoo

McKay, Francis, Vincent Avenue

McKeever, Bernard, Park Street

McKeever, Michael, Casey's Place

McKeever, Mrs., River Lane

McKeever, Nicholas, Doyle's Fort Road

McKeever, Nicholas, Lisdoo

McKeever, Patrick, Castletown Road

McKeever, Patrick, Mary Street South

McKeever, Thomas, James' Street

McKenna, Edward, Park Street

McKenna, Francis, Chapel Lane

McKenna, Frank, William Street

McKenna, John, Broughton Street

McKenna, John, Brown's Row

McKenna, Miss, Earl Street

McKenna, Mrs., Mary Street South

McKenna, P., Seatown Place

McKenna, Peter, Broughton Street

McKeone, Mrs., Casey's Place

McKeone, Patrick, Casey's Place

McKeown, Edward, Lisdoo

McKeown, F., St. Mary's Road

McKeown, H. & J., Bridge Street

McKeown, James, Dowdallshill

McKeown, John, Vincent Avenue

McKeown, Joseph, McDermott's Terrace

McKeown, Joseph B., McDermott's Terrace

McKeown, Michael, Church Street

McKeown, Miss, Seatown

McKeown, Mrs, Maxwell's Row

McKeown, Owen, Bridge Street

McKeown, P., St. Patrick's Terrace

McKeown, Peter, Dublin Street

McKeown, Peter, Vincent Avenue

McKeown, Terence, Hill Street

McKeown, Thomas, Brown's Row

McKeown, Thomas, St. Patrick's Terrace

McKeown, W., St. Alphonsus Road

McKevitt, F., St. Patrick's Terrace

McKevitt, Mrs., Mary Street North

McKevitt, P., Dublin Street

McKevitt, Patrick, Anne Street

McKevitt, Patrick, Lisdoo

McKevitt, Patrick, Nicholas Street

McKitterick, James, Park Street

McKone, Hugh, Castletown Road

McKone, James, Castletown Road

McKone, Michael, Park Street

McLoughlin, P., Castle Road

McLoughlin, Sam, Quay Street

McLoughlin, Sergeant, Barrack Street

McMahon, Chas., Clanbrassil Street

McMahon, J., Castle Road

McMahon, James, Casey's Row

McMahon, Mrs., Casey's Row

McMahon, Owen, Bridge Street

McMahon, P., Dowdallshill

McMahon, Patrick, Anne Street

McMahon, Patrick, Casey's Row

McMahon, Patrick, Castletown Road

McManus, John, James' Street

McManus, Thomas, Park Street

McManus, Thomas, Seatown

McNally, John, Bridge Street

McNally, John, St. Alphonsus Road

McNally, John, St. Mary's Terrace

McNally, Michael, Seaview Terrace

McNally, Mrs., Casey's Place

McNally, Patrick, Dowdallshill

McNally, William, Brown's Row

McNamee, P., Bachelors Walk

McNaney, John, Casey's Row

McNeill, James, Chapel Lane

McNeill, Robt., Clanbrassil Street

McParland, D., Linenhall Street

McParland, Edward, Lisdoo

McParland, Frank, Clanbrassil Street

McParland, O., Barrack Street

McPeake, John, Barrack Street

McPhilips, Mrs., Bachelors Walk

McQuaid, P., St. Alphonsus Road

McQuaid, Patrick, St. Alphonsus Road

McQuaid, Peter, Long Avenue

McQuaide, James, Linenhall Street

McQuillan, F., Mary Street North

McQuillan, Francis, Casey's Row

McQuillan, Mrs., Demesne Terrace

McQuillan, Mrs., Mary Street South

McQuillan, Thomas, Chapel Lane

McShane, Francis, Nicholas Street

McShane, Hugh, Castletown Road

McShane, John, Dowdallshill

McShane, Miss, Clanbrassil Street

McShane, Mrs., Seatown Place

McShane, Neil, Bridge Street

McShane, Owen, Point Road

McShane, P., Mary Street North

McShane, P., Seatown Place

McShane, Patrick, Doyle's Fort Road

McShane, Patrick, Lennonstown

McShane, Patrick, Nicholas Street

McShane, Robert, Dowdallshill

McShane, Thomas, Dowdallshill

McShane, Thomas, Point Road

McShane, Thomas, Upper Merches

McTeague, Thomas, Lisdoo

McVarry, Mrs., Broughton Street

Meade, M., Brown's Row

Meegan, Thomas, Hill Street

Meegan, Thomas, McDermott's Terrace

Meeghan, Felix, Dublin Street

Meeham, James, Barrack Street

Meetham, Mrs., Seatown

Meethan, Mrs., McDermott's Terrace

Melia, John, Lisdoo

Melia, Mrs., Seatown

Melia, Patrick, Camp Street

Melia, Peter, Point Road

Milligan, Thomas, Bridge Street

Minto, J., Williamson's Place

Mitchell, Arthur, Chapel Lane

Mitchell, Arthur, Lisdoo

Mockler, H., Quay Street

Mohan, P., Mary Street North

Molloy, Constable, Bridge Street

Molloy, John, Lisdoo

Monaghan, Mrs., Mary Street South

Monahan, P., Seatown Place

Montgomery, Mrs., Broughton Street

Mooney, William, Park Street

Moore, George, Mary Street North

Moore, George, Williamson's Place

Moore, Mrs., Broughton Street

Moore, Mrs., Chapel Lane

Moore, Mrs., Church Street

Moore, Mrs., Park Street

Moore, Mrs., St. Mary's Road

Moore, Thomas, Williamson's Place

Moore, William, John Street

Moran, John, Barrack Street

Moran, T., Mary Street North

Moran, Thomas, Jnr., Seatown

Morgan, Bernard, St. Mary's Terrace

Morgan, C., William Street

Morgan, Captain, Barrack Street

Morgan, Charles, St. Patrick's Terrace

Morgan, Daniel, Linenhall Street

Morgan, Henry, John Street

Morgan, J., Mary Street North

Morgan, James, Casey's Row

Morgan, James, Mary Street North

Morgan, John, Francis Street

Morgan, John, Nicholas Street

Morgan, Mrs., Castletown Road

Morgan, Mrs., Chapel Lane

Morgan, O., St. Patrick's Terrace

Morgan, Owen, Mill Street

Morgan, P., Brown's Row

Morgan, Patrick, Bridge Street

Morgan, Patrick, Castletown Road

Morgan, Patrick, Castletown Road

Morgan, Patrick, Church Street

Morgan, Patrick, Lisdoo

Morgan, Peter, Brown's Row

Morgan, R., St. Mary's Terrace

Morgan, Thomas, Seatown

Morris, Mr. H., McDermott's Terrace

Morris, Mrs., Mary Street South

Morris, Thos., Bachelors Walk

Morrisey, Mrs., Lisdoo

Morrow, Mrs., Broughton Street

Morton, Michael, John Street

Morton, Michael, Linenhall Street

Mostyn, George, Bachelors Walk

Mostyn, R., Brown's Row

Moynagh, Dr., Roden Place

Moynahan, Mrs., Doyle's Fort Road

Muchian, Mrs., Barrack Street

Muckian, John, Dowdallshill

Muckian, Michael, Lisdoo

Muckian, Patrick, North Marsh

Muckian, Peter, Chapel Lane

Muckian, Peter, Doyle's Fort Road

Muckian, Peter, Lisdoo

Muldoon, D., Barrack Street

Mulholland, Charles, Bridge Street

Mulholland, Henry, Doyle's Fort Road

Mulholland, James, Quay Street

Mulholland, Michael, Williamson's Place

Mulholland, Miss, Chapel Lane

Mulholland, Mrs., Earl Street

Mulholland, Owen, Park Street

Mulholland, P., Mary Street North

Mulholland, Peter, Clanbrassil Street

Mulholland, Peter, Doyle's Fort Road

Mulholland, Thomas, St. Mary's Terrace

Mullan, Mrs., Seatown

Mullen, Robert, McDermott's Terrace

Mullen, Ted, Chapel Lane

Mulligan, Miss, Lisdoo

Mulligan, Mrs., Brown's Row

Mulligan Patrick, Lisdoo

Mulligan, Thomas, Long Avenue

Mulligan, Thomas, Point Road

Mullin, F., St. Mary's Road

Mullin, James, Chapel Lane

Mullin, John, Broughton Street

Mullin, Joseph, Vincent Avenue

Mullin, Mrs., Mary Street South

Murchan, John, Castletown Road

Murphy, Anthony, Seatown

Murphy, Arthur, Lisdoo

Murphy, Bernard, Albert Place

Murphy, Bernard, Casey's Place

Murphy, Denis, St. Mary's Terrace

Murphy, E., St. Patrick's Terrace

Murphy, Edward, Long Avenue

Murphy, F., St. Mary's Road

Murphy, J.H., Park Street

Murphy, J.J., Earl Street

Murphy, James, Bachelors Walk

Murphy, James, Chapel Lane

Murphy, James, Clanbrassil Street

Murphy, James, Quay Street

Murphy, [James]. J., Francis Street

Murphy, John, Clanbrassil Street

Murphy, John, Dublin Street

Murphy, John, Gray's Lane

Murphy, John, Point Road

Murphy, John, Seaview Terrace

Murphy, John, Williamson's Place

Murphy, John (part), Church Street

Murphy, Joseph, Hill Street

Murphy, Joseph, Long Avenue

Murphy, K., Point Road

Murphy, Laurence, Hill Street

Murphy, Mark, Long Avenue

Murphy, Michael, Anne Street

Murphy, Michael, Dublin Street

Murphy, Miss, Church Street

Murphy, Miss, Clanbrassil Street

Murphy, Miss, Park Street

Murphy, Mrs., Casey's Place

Murphy, Mrs., Castletown Road

Murphy, Mrs., Castletown Road

Murphy, Mrs., Church Street

Murphy, Mrs., Church Street

Murphy, Mrs., Clanbrassil Street

Murphy, Mrs. P., St. Alphonsus Road

Murphy, Nicholas, Chapel Lane

Murphy, Owen, Clanbrassil Street

Murphy, Patrick, Castletown Road

Murphy, Patrick, Quay Street

Murphy, Patrick, Seatown

Murphy, Patrick, Seatown Place

Murphy, Peter, Castletown Road

Murphy, Peter, Church Street

Murphy, Peter, Earl Street

Murphy, Robert, Park Street

Murphy, Stephen, Anne Street

Murphy, Stephen, McDermott's Terrace

Murphy, Thomas, Clanbrassil Street

Murphy, Thomas, Dowdallshill

Murphy, William, Castletown Road

Murray, James, McDermott's Terrace

Murray, Mrs., Quay Street

Murray, Pat, James' Street

Murray, Timothy, Crowe Street

Murray, W.J., Clanbrassil Street

Murtagh, John, Dowdallshill

Murtagh, Michael, Chapel Lane

Murtagh, Nicholas, Park Street

Myers, Joseph, Bridge Street

Myers, Patrick, Upper Merches

Myles, Terence, St. Mary's Terrace

Neecy, Thomas, Rampart Lane

Neirn, Frank, Bachelors Walk

Newitt, Miss, St. Mary's Road

Nixon, William, Camp Street

Nolan, James, Quay Street

Nolan, James, St. Alphonsus Road

Nolan, John, Demesne Terrace

Nolan, John, Lisdoo

Nolan, Michael, Chapel Lane

Nolan, Mrs., Dublin Street

Nolan, Sergeant, Chapel Lane

Norton, J., Linenhall Street

Norton, J., Point Road

Norton, James, Dowdallshill

Nugent, Mrs., Barrack Street

Nugent, Thomas, Brown's Row

Nulty, James, St. Mary's Road

Nulty, Mrs., Williamson's Place

O'Callaghan, Felix, Park Street

O'Callaghan, James, Demesne Terrace

O'Callaghan, Miss, Park Street

O'Callaghan, Patrick, Vincent Avenue

O'Connell, Daniel, Francis Street

O'Connell, Henry, Earl Street

O'Connor, E., St. Alphonsus Road

O'Connor, James, Doyle's Fort Road

O'Connor, M., Park Street

O'Connor, Maurice, Chapel Lane

O'Connor, P., Mary Street North

O'Connor, Thomas, St. Alphonsus Road

O'Donne, Patrick, Lennonstown

O'Donnell, Stephen, Clanbrassil Street

O'Driscoll, James, River Lane

O'Farrell, J.P., Roden Place

O'Gorman, Thomas, Linenhall Street

O'Hagan, -, Bachelors Walk

O'Hagan, Arthur, Park Street

O'Hagan, C., Brown's Row

O'Hagan, Edward, Rampart Lane

O'Hagan, John, Clanbrassil Street

O'Hagan, Mrs., Bridge Street

O'Hagan, Mrs., Point Road

O'Hagan, Patrick, Clanbrassil Street

O'Hagan, Patrick, St. Helena's Quay

O'Hagan, Peter, Bridge Street

O'Hagan, Stephen, Park Street

O'Hanlon, Edward, Castletown Road

O'Hanlon, Michael, Mary Street North

O'Hanlon, Miss, Bridge Street

O'Hara, James, Mary Street South

O'Hara, Mrs., Mary Street South

O'Hare, Arthur, Dowdallshill

O'Hare, Arthur, John Street

O'Hare, Bernard, Maxwell's Row

O'Hare, H. and J., Park Street

O'Hare, Hugh, Mary Street North

O'Hare, James, Mary Street North

O'Hare, John, Seaview Terrace

O'Hare, Miss, Anne Street

O'Hare, Miss, Linenhall Street

O'Hare, Mrs., Castletown Road

O'Hare, Mrs., River Lane

O'Hare, Patrick, Castletown Road

O'Hare, Patrick, Dowdallshill

O'Hare, Patrick, James' Street

O'Hare, Patrick, Park Street

O'Mahoney, Mr., H.M. Prison

O'Neill, Arthur, Hill Street

O'Neill, Felix, Castle Road

O'Neill, James, Dowdallshill

O'Neill, James, H.M. Prison

O'Neill, John, Lisdoo

O'Neill, L., St. Mary's Road

O'Neill, Laurence, Bridge Street

O'Neill, M.F., St. Mary's Road

O'Neill, Michael, Hill Street

O'Neill, Mrs., McDermott's Terrace

O'Neill, Mrs., Vincent Avenue

O'Neill, Owen, Casey's Row

O'Reilly, F., St. Mary's Road

O'Reilly, Mrs., Mary Street North

O'Rourke, Francis, Chapel Lane

O'Rourke, Mrs., Clanbrassil Street

O'Rourke, P., Broughton Street

O'Rourke, Patrick, Anne Street

O'Rourke, Sergeant, Long Avenue

O'Rourke, Thomas, Park Street

O'Sullivan, Mrs., Broughton Street

Owens, John, Bachelors Walk

Owens, Patrick, Seatown

P-[Illeg.], Mrs, Barrack Street

Painter, Mrs., St. Mary's Road

Parkes, T.V., Bridge Street

Parks, James, Vincent Avenue

Parks, Michael, Church Street

Pepper, John, Hill Street

Perkins, E., Barrack Street

Peterson, Jack, Brown's Row

Philips, Mrs., William Street

Phillips, James, Mary Street North

Plunkett, James, Lisdoo

Prendergast, John, Castletown Road

Prunty, James, Anne Street

Quigley, Barney, Hill Street

Quigley, H., St. Alphonsus Road

Quigley, Hugh, John Street

Quigley, James, Brown's Row

Quigley, James, Casey's Row

Quigley, James, Mary Street North

Quigley, James, Mary Street North

Quigley, James, Seatown

Quigley, James, Seatown Place

Quigley, Mrs., Point Road

Quigley, Owen, Barrack Street

Quigley, P., Brown's Row

Quigley, Patrick, Distillery Lane

Quigley, Patrick, Seatown

Quigley, Thomas, Barrack Street

Quigley, Thomas, Church Street

Quigley, Thomas, Seatown

Quilton, Bernard, Hill Street

Quin, Edward, Linenhall Street

Quin, Rev. M.J., Francis Street

Quinn, George, Quay Street

Quinn, John, Lisdoo

Quinn, John, Seatown

Quinn, Joseph, Mill Street

Quinn, Matthew, Bridge Street

Quinn, Mrs., Lisdoo

Quinn, Neal, St. Mary's Terrace

Quinn, P., Mary Street North

Quinn, P., St. Alphonsus Road

Quinn, Peter, Brown's Row

Quinn, Thomas, St. Patrick's Terrace

Rafferty, John, St. Patrick's Terrace

Rafferty, Mrs., Church Street

Rafferty, Mrs., Church Street

Raftery, James, H.M. Prison

Regan, William, Long Avenue

Reid, Sergeant, Vincent Avenue

Reilly, James, Chapel Lane

Reilly, James, Clanbrassil Street

Reilly, James, St. Mary's Terrace

Reilly, John, Dowdallshill

Reilly, John, Lisdoo

Reilly, Mrs., Church Street

Reilly, Patrick, Jocelyn Place

Reilly, William, Lisdoo

Reynolds, Henry, Dowdallshill

Reynolds, Peter, Dowdallshill

Reynolds, William, Point Road

Rice and Smyth, Clanbrassil Street

Rice, Charles, Quay Street

Rice, Edward, North Marsh

Rice, James, Camp Street

Rice, James, Jocelyn Place

Rice, Joseph, Chapel Lane

Rice, Patrick, Bridge Street

Rice, Patrick, Lisdoo

Rice, Stephen, Bridge Street

Rigney, William, Castletown Road

Robinson, Mrs., Park Street

Robinson, Mrs., Vincent Avenue

Rochfort, Mrs., Mary Street South

Roddy, Bernard, Point Road

Roddy, James, River Lane

Roddy, Michael, Upper Merches

Roddy, Owen, Barrack Street

Roddy, Pat, Point Road

Roddy, Patrick, Lennonstown

Roe, Bernard, Earl Street

Roe, Mrs., Seatown Place

Rogan, Mrs., Bachelors Walk

Rogan, Owen, Williamson's Place

Rogan, Thomas, James' Street

Rogers and Kerley, Clanbrassil Street

Rogers, John, Seaview Terrace

Rogers, Mrs., Dowdallshill

Rogers, Mrs., Long Avenue

Rogers, Patrick, Dowdallshill

Rogers, Patrick, Point Road

Rogers, Thomas, Church Street

Rooney, Dan, Mary Street North

Rooney, John, Barrack Street

Rooney, John, Lisdoo

Rooney, M., Barrack Street

Rooney, Mrs., Castletown Road

Rooney, Mrs., Chapel Lane

Rooney, Mrs., John Street

Rooney, Mrs., Park Street

Rose, Rose, James' Street

Rourke, James, Dowdallshill

Rourke, Mrs., Dowdallshill

Ruddy, Mrs., Dowdallshill

Ruddy, Peter, Bridge Street

Russell, Robert, Dublin Street

Ryan, Denis, Bachelors Walk

Ryan, Denis, Broughton Street

Ryan, Miss, Clanbrassil Street

Ryan, Mrs., Lisdoo

Ryan, Willie, Albert Place

Sands, Michael, Long Avenue

Sands, Miss, Church Street

Sands, Mrs., Chapel Lane

Savage, James, Bachelors Walk

Savage, Michael, Broughton Street

Savage, Thomas, Bridge Street

Savage, Thomas, Linenhall Street

Scally, Michael, H.M. Prison

Scanlon, Sergeant, Castletown Road

Scully, Constable, Bridge Street

Sellars, Dr., Roden Place

Sellars, M., Castle Road

Sharkey, Martin, Williamson's Place

Sharkey, Owen, Rampart Lane

Sharkey, Peter, Demesne Terrace

Sharkey, Richard, Hill Street

Sharples, Thomas, Mill Street

Sheehan, Head Constable, Anne Street

Sheeky, Mrs., Doyle's Fort Road

Sheeky, Patrick, Doyle's Fort Road

Sheenan, John, Hill Street

Sheerin, Henry, Anne Street

Sheridan, [& Co.], Francis Street

Sheridan, F., St. Mary's Road

Sheridan, J., Albert Place

Sherry, Bernard, Castletown Road

Sherry, E., Mary Street North

Sherry, Henry, Bachelors Walk

Sherry, Hugh, Park Street

Shevlin, Mrs., St. Mary's Terrace

Shields, Dan, Barrack Street

Shields, H., Seatown Place

Shields, M., Mary Street North

Shields, Mrs., Mary Street North

Shields, Patrick, Camp Street

Shields, Peter, Brown's Row

Shields, Peter, St. Patrick's Terrace

Short, Francis, Clanbrassil Street

Short, John, Bachelors Walk

Short, John, Distillery Lane

Short, John, St. Helena's Quay

Short, John, St. Patrick's Terrace

Short, Patrick, Castletown Road

Slevin, Pat, Barrack Street

Slevin, Thomas, St. Mary's Terrace

Sloane, Peter, Broughton Street

Smith, Bryan, Lisdoo

Smith, James, Castletown Road

Smith, John, Castletown Road

Smith, John, Castletown Road

Smith, Jos, Quay Street

Smith, Miss, Lisdoo

Smith, Mrs., Chapel Lane

Smith, P., Seatown Place

Smith, Thomas, Castletown Road

Smyth, Bernard, Upper Merches

Smyth, C. & Co., Clanbrassil Street

Smyth, F.J., Park Street

Smyth, Patrick, Clanbrassil Street

Smyth, Patrick, Hill Street

Smyth, Philip, Linenhall Street

Smyth, Sergeant, Bridge Street

Spottiswood, Mrs., Market Square

Stack, Thomas, Brown's Row

Stacks, John, Barrack Street

Stacy, J., H.M. Prison

Stanton, W., Quay Street

Stewart, Mrs., St. Patrick's Terrace

Stowell, W., Barrack Street

Stuart, Richard, Camp Street

Stuart, Thomas, Broughton Street

Stuart, Thomas, St. Mary's Terrace

Sullivan, John, William Street

Sullivan, Mrs., Park Street

Sullivan, Mrs., Williamson's Place

Sullivan, William, William Street

Sutherland, Mrs., Broughton Street

Sweeney, Mrs., St. Patrick's Terrace

Sweeney, Sergeant, Vincent Avenue

Swift and Cooper, Clanbrassil Street

Taaffe, Edward, McDermott's Terrace

Taaffe, James, Dublin Street

Taaffe, John, Chapel Lane

Taaffe, Miss, St. Mary's Terrace

Taaffe, Mrs., Dublin Street

Tait, Thomas, Barrack Street

Tate, James, St. Mary's Road

Thornton, Mary, Union Street

Tiernan, John, Dowdallshill

Tiernan, M., Castle Road

Tiernan, Peter, Doyle's Fort Road

Tiernan, Terence, Dowdallshill

Timmins, Thomas, Lisdoo

Timmons, P., James' Street

Timmons, T., James' Street

Toal, Francis, Broughton Street

Toal, James, John Street

Toal, John, Castletown Road

Toal, Joseph, Dowdallshill

Toal, Mary, Castletown Road

Toner, James, Anne Street

Toner, James, Castletown Road

Toner, John, James' Street

Toner, Michael, Lisdoo

Toner, Owen, Lisdoo

Toner, Peter, Bachelors Walk

Toner, Peter, Clanbrassil Street

Trainor, B., Dowdallshill

Trainor, John, Park Street

Trainor, Miss, Park Street

Trainor, Patrick, Church Street

Traynor, Mrs., John Street

Traynor, Mrs., Linenhall Street

Traynor, Pat, Barrack Street

Traynor, Stephen, Bridge Street

Traynor, Terence, Dowdallshill

Treaner, John, Castle Road

Tubman, Miss, Clanbrassil Street

Tuite, Charles, Castletown Road

Tuite, James, Point Road

Tuite, James, St. Patrick's Terrace

Tuite, Michael, Chapel Lane

Tuite, Owen, Point Road

Tuite, W., Barrack Street

Tuite, W., Quay Street

Turtle, Owen, Point Road

Turtle, Patrick, Mary Street North

Vallely, James, North Marsh

Vallely, P., Mary Street North

Vero, Mary A., Jocelyn Place

Vorin, Arthur, Hill Street

Wade, John, Casey's Row

Waller, George, Lisdoo

Walls, Constable, Lisdoo

Walls, Peter, Lennonstown

Walls, Peter, Point Road

Walsh, Francis, Vincent Avenue

Walsh, John, Linenhall Street

Walsh, Mrs., Church Street

Walsh, Patrick, Camp Street

Walsh, Sergeant, Chapel Lane

Walsh, William, H.M. Prison

Ward, Edward, Clanbrassil Street

Ward, F., St. Alphonsus Road

Ward, Jeremiah, Castletown Road

Ward, John, Chapel Lane

Ward, John, Doyle's Fort Road

Ward, John, Seatown

Ward, Mat, William Street

Ward, Miss, Park Street

Ward, Patrick, Demesne Terrace

Ward, Patrick, Lisdoo

Ward, Thomas, Dublin Street

Warnock, Dan, Union Street

Warnock, Frank, Bachelors Walk

Warren, George, Distillery Lane

Warren, James, Jocelyn Place

Warren, John, Bachelors Walk

Warren, Matt, Camp Street

Warren, Mrs., Broughton Street

Watters, Alexander, Clanbrassil Street

Watters, Frank, Clanbrassil Street

Watters, James, Bachelors Walk

Watters, James, Mill Street

Watters, John, Seatown Place

Watters, Michael, Albert Place

Watters, Miss, Clanbrassil Street

Watters, Mrs., Castletown Road

Watters, Mrs., Earl Street

Watters, Mrs., St. Mary's Road

Watters, Mrs. Geo., Clanbrassil Street

Watters, Mrs. John, Bridge Street

Watters, Owen, Anne Street

Watters, Patrick, Demesne Terrace

Watters, Richard, Albert Place

Watters, Richard, Bachelors Walk

Watters, Terence, Point Road

Watters, Thomas, Long Avenue

Weherly, E., Clanbrassil Street

Weldon, James, Broughton Street

Weldon, Mrs., Dublin Street

Whately, Miss, Anne Street

Whately, William, Bachelors Walk

Whelan, Martin, Bachelors Walk

White, Alex, Castletown Road

White, Francis, Jocelyn Place

White, H., Seatown Place

White, James, Point Road

White, John, Nicholas Street

White, Mrs., Park Street

White, Patrick, Union Street

White, Peter, James' Street

Whitney, F., St. Mary's Road

Williams, Miss, Seatown Place

Wood, James, Quay Street

Woods, James, Casey's Row

Woods, James, Casey's Row

Woods, James, Castletown Road

Woods, James, Hill Street

Woods, John, Castletown Road

Woods, John, Castletown Road

Woods, John, Dublin Street

Woods, Mrs., Anne Street

Woods, Mrs., Dublin Street

Woods, P., Quay Street

Woods, Peter, Demesne Terrace

Woods, Philip, Lisdoo

Woods, Thomas, James' Street

Wylie, James, Casey's Row

Wymes, Constable, Castletown Road

Wymes, Constable, Lisdoo

Wynne, James, Jocelyn Place

Wynne, Valentine, St. Mary's Terrace

Young, Ed., Demesne Terrace

Young, Mrs., Roden Place


(Dundalk 1908, Street Order)

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