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Mullary Churchyard


(from the Rev. J.B. Leslie)


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Erected by Samuel Bingham of Collon in memory of his daughter Mary Ann who depd this life Sept the 2 1798 aged 5 years



Erected by Simon Carroll of Castletown Mill in Memory of his beloved wife Mary Carroll (alias Lannan) who depd this life July the 18th 1821 Aged 72 years.  Also his Daughter Mary Carroll who died in May 1806 aged 24 years.   Also his daughter Anne Carroll who died in July 1813 aged 26 yrs.   And three of his children who died young.



Erected 1796 by John Conly of Drogheda in memory of his daughter Catherine Conly who died young.



Erected by James Darby of Longstones in memory of his Father Nicholas Darby who departd this life the 1st of May 1850 Aged 70 years.   Also his Mother Bridget Darby who died Augst 19th 1854 Aged 70 years.   Also his brother Michael Darby who died March 6th 1848 aged 24 years.



Here lieth the Remains of Elizabeth the beloved Wife of William Foskey of Drogheda who departed this life on the 25th day of September 1816 in the 32nd year of her age.   Also five of their children.



This stone and burial place

Belongs to Christopher Hill

of the city of dublin (sic)

Here lieth ye body of his

brother plunkit (sic) Hill who

deped this life Aust the 25th

1730 aged 24 years

here lies 2 of Chrsr Hill's




Here lyeth the Body of Mr. John

Little who departed this life the 29th day

of February 1768 Etatis Surc 67

He was Exemplary in every Christian


An Husband to the Widow

Father to the Orphan

And Friend to all.

Being endowed by the Almighty

With extensive knowledge

In Medicine.

He exercised it with thanks and without

Reward to Rich and Poor

He lived Beloved and Died Lamented

By all that knew Him

Near this also lyeth The Body

of Mary Little Alias Rothwell Alias

Phepoe His wife who Died The

1st Day of May 175(7). And the Bodys

of Richard Rothwell Her Son And

Samuel Phepoe Her Brother

Here also lyeth the Body of Mr

Thomas Hamlin who departed

This life the 19th August 1769 in the

17th year of his Age grandson of the above

John & Mary

South of this stone lieth the Body of Mrs Jane Hamlin

Daughter of the Above John & Wife who Departed

the 17th Decr 1780

This stone was Placed here by

Thomas Hamlin of Carterstown Esq

As  a Dutiful Rememberance

of the said John & Mary



This Stone was erected by Mary Martin of Drogheda in Memory of her Husband Patk Martin who departed thsi life the 8th Novr 1795 Aged 36 years.   Here also lieth the remains of the above Mary who departed this life 9th July 1809 aged (7?) 6 years



Sacred to the Memory of the Revd Alexander A. Nicholson, Fifty years Curate and Rector of this Parish who departed this life 27th Novemebr 1838   Erected by his beloved Wife Marianne Nicholson



Here lieth the Body of John North who departed this life the 21 of May 1758 aged 72 years. Also the Bodies of 3 of his children Viz. Francis William and Elizabeth   Also 11 of his grand childn



Here lieth the Remains of

Thomas Owens

of Julianstown in the County of Meath Esqr

Who departed this life 12th Septemebr 1789

Aged 72 years

Also those of his Daughter

Miss Ann Owens

Who departed this life 21st September 1801

Aged 17 years

This tomb was erected

by his beloved wife Mary Owens

Here also are deposited the Remains of the Said

Mary Owens

Who departed this life 5th Novemebr 1805

Aged 50 years





Samuel Sloan of Castletown

in Memory of his brother Henry Sloan

who departed this life July 26th 1837


His Father Henry Sloan

who departed this life November 24th



His Mother Sarah Sloan

Who departed this life March 18th 1858



This Stone and Burial place Belongeth to Henry thornton (sic) and his posterity.   Underneath it lyeth ye Body of his wife Jane Thornton Als Byrne who Departed This life September the 21 Anno 1747 Aged 34 years   Also here lyeth two of his children



Erected by the

Revd James Toris Pastor of Tinure

in Memory of his Father Patrick

Toris late of Moormount who de-

parted this life the 2nd of July 1804

Aged 64 years




by James Crawley of


in Memory of Edward White

formerly of Mostown

who departed this life on the

24th  of August 1817

aged 58 years



Journal of the Association for the Preservation of Memorials of the Dead, Vol. VIII  No. 2 (1910)


Philip King has transcribed further gravestone inscriptions for Mullary churchyard in his book Monasterboice Heritage - A Centenary Celebration, published in 1994.



Index to Mullary Churchyard Inscriptions above


Bingham Mary Ann [1]

Bingham Samuel [1]

Carroll Anne  [2]

Carroll Laurence [22]

Carroll Mary [2]

Carroll Mary [Lannan] [2]

Carroll Simon [2]

Conly Catherine [3]

Conly John [3]

Crawley James [15]

Darby Bridget [4]

Darby James [4]

Darby Michael [4]

Darby Nicholas [4]

Foskey Elizabeth [5]

Foskey William [5]

Hamlin Jane Mrs. [7]

Hamlin Thomas [7]

Hamlin Thomas [7]

Hill Christopher [6]

Hill Plunkit [6]

Little John [7]

Little Mary [Rothwell; Phepoe] [7]

Martin Mary [8]

Martin Patk. [8]

Nicholson Alexander Revd. [9]

Nicholson Marianne [9]

North Elizabeth [10]

North Francis [10]

North John [10]

North William [10]

Owens Ann [11]

Owens Mary [11]

Owens Thomas [11]

Rothwell Richard [7]

Sloan Henry [12]

Sloan Henry [jun.] [12]

Sloan Samuel [12]

Sloan Sarah [12]

Thornton Henry [13]

Thornton Jane [Byrne] [13]

Toris James Revd. [14]

Toris Patrick [14]

White Edward [15]


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