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Two Important Books By Donal Hall PhD On The Early 20TH Century History Of County Louth

World War 1 and Nationalist Politics in County Louth, 1914-1920

By Donal Hall PhD

Four Courts Press, Dublin 2005, SB. 64pp. (ISBN 1-85182-896-6)

This study is an exposition of the experience of war and revolution in one rural county in Ireland. The origins of the 1914 split in nationalism are traced to the fall of Parnell and despite the rise of radicalism, the war was central in public consciousness.

Using previously untapped sources, this study reconstructs this complex period bringing the stories of the emergence of republican nationalism, the eclipse of moderate nationalism, and the Irish participation in World War 1

This book appears in the Maynooth Studies in Local History series and is available from the Four Courts Press web site at on or can be ordered in your local book shop.

The Unreturned Army: County Louth Dead in the Great War 1914-1918

by Donal Hall PhD

Dundalgan Press, Dundalk 2005, HB. 243pp.(ISBN 0 9521456 4 2).
This beautifully produced and well-researched quality hardback book, published by the County Louth Archaeological & Historical Society, gives a substantial history of the effects of World War One on the inhabitants of County Louth, and on those who fought in the war. The book includes, for the first time, a comprehensive listing, and, where possible, biographical details (and occasional photographs) of the 800+ County Louth men and women who died on the many battlefields of Europe and elsewhere. The book also contains evocative photographs of the county's war memorials, among others, by James Greene.

This is an important and at times heartbreaking story of a tumultuous  period in Louth history and will be an invaluable source for those interested in the effects of war on a local community, County Louth genealogy or for those of us whose ancestors fought in The Great War, the "War to end all Wars".

"Donal's pioneering study" .......... "Donal Hall has done Louth and us a colossal service with this deeply moving, haunting examination of one county's wartime losses", Kevin Myers, The Irish Times, 20 December 2005.

Purchasing details can be found on the CLAHS web site at


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