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A Genealogical Survey of the Townland of Dowdallshill, Dundalk, Co. Louth:


The townland of Dowdallshill is situated just north of Dundalk. Along the southwest perimeter of the townland runs Doyle's Fort Road, once a main route into Dundalk. The southeast perimeter is bordered by the Dundalk/Newry Road, which has become a much calmer place since the completion of the Dundalk Ring Road.  According to the Townlands Index of 1851, Dowdallshill is 442 Statute Acres in size, in the Barony of Upper Dundalk and Parish of Dundalk. It was in this district that Schomberg, William III's general, camped in 1689-90 and lost more men from sickness than in battle.


Early mention of the townland is to be found in the Dowdall Deeds:


[page 230] Rental of Dowedalle's lands in Dundalk, made by Dunslewe O Corkeran, 18 June, 30 Henry VIII (1538):


"Donslewe O Corkeran in Hargynmoryesaghe, called Dowedal's Hill, ten acres in one piece, five acres in another piece there, and three more acres in Carnanryaghe.


Dunslewe McYlraley at Dowedal's Hyll an acre and a half of Donslewe O Cocran's setting and two acres that McKnaunde set him."


[Page 342] The lands belonging to Christopher Dowdall, esq., descended to Andrew Dowdall, Esq. (1661):


"In the town of Dundalk 40 Tenements with gardens and backsides, and one old castle in Dundalk, a parcel of land called Dowdall's Hill, with some pastures belonging unto him there."


[Page 347] Petition and claim of Andrew Dowdall Esq., of Killaly, co. Louth, to the commissioners for executing His Majesty's gracious declaration for the settlement of Ireland (1663):


"In the town of Dundalk 35 houses or Tenements and 35 gardens and backsides, and an old castle called Doudall's castle [Church Street, Dundalk]; a parcel of land called Dowdall's Hill, with some appurtenances near Dundalk."


[Page 355] P. Trant, Francis Plowden and Richard Collins, Comrs. of the Revenue demise 1 July, 1689, to Patrick Dowdall, of Dundalk, esq., for 1 year from May last, the following:


"In Dowdall's hill 40 acres."




(Taken from O'Sullivan, Harold, 'Two Eighteenth-century Maps of the Clanbrassil Estate, Dundalk', in The Journal of the County Louth Archaeological and Historical Society, Vol XV, No. 1, 1961)

a = acre

r = rood

p = perch

Statute Acre = Acre Plantation Measure x 1.7 (approx.)


Ref. No. on Map

Name of Tenant or Leaseholder

Acreage Plantation Measure



70a 3r 11p


Coulter, Joseph, No. 2

51a 1r 20p


Coulter, Joseph, No. 1

103a 2r 25p


Byrne, Garrett

4a 0r 37p


Lannan, Patrick

6a 0r 37p



3a 2r 0p


Campbell, Doyle

3a 2r 0p


Fitzsimons, Patrick

4a 2r 30p


Gernon, Widow

5a 0r 35p


Kirly, Pat

5a 0r 14p


Sheeran, Felix

0a 2r 8p


Clifford, Edward

0a 1r 37p


McCourt, Thomas

1a 1r 10p


Henry, Thomas

1a 0r 8p



0a 1r 13p


Trainor, Widow

0a 1r 0p


Morgan Widow

0a 0r 29p


Markee, John

0a 1r 38p


Cullins, Henry

0a 2r 10p



0a 1r 10p


Cullins & Markee

0a 1r 12p


Widow Morecy

0a 2r 12p


Finlay, James

0a 1r 5p


Deed of 1808 (Appendix XLVIII Roden Title):

47 Joseph Coulter, 103a 2r 25p. Rent £49 15s

48 Thomas Crilly, 1a 1r 4p, Rent £7

48 John Callan, 1a 1r 6p, Rent £7 2s

48 Michael Watters, 1a 3r 0p, Rent £9

49 James Lennon and Partners, 6a 0r 12p, Rent £30

50 Owen Hughes and Partners, 3a 2r 0p, Rent £17

51/52 James Rorke, 8a 0r 33p, Rent £40

53 Edward Townley, 5a 0r 35p, Rent £26 5s

54 Joseph Coulter, 5a 0r 14p, Rent £27 10s




The Roman Catholic Parish records of burials for Dundalk cover only a short span between 1790 and 1802. Relevant entries, giving the address of the deceased as Dowdallshill, and, from a genealogical point of view, giving also some indication as to some of the families living in the townland at the end of the 18th century, are as follows (year of death is in brackets).


Bellew Mrs. (1797), Bready Jas (1790), Brennan Mary (1793) x 2, Byrne Mary (1794), Cahill Ned (1799), Carny John (1800), Cassidy Mary (1798), Clifford Coll (1795), Downey Patt (1795), Hamilton Charles (1791), Jordan Mary (1792), Kellady - (1791), Kirly Mary (1800), Lannan Rose (1791), Lennan Ally (1800), Lennan Cath (1801), Lennan Mary (1801), McCourt Thomas (1797), McCourt Michael (1801), McKown Rose (1795), Morgan Mary (1791), Morgan Jas (1797), Morgan Jas (1801), Murphy Margaret (1793), Sheeran M. (1796), Sheerman Mary (1792), Sheridan Catherine (1798), Traynor Betty (1797), White Bridget (1794), White Jas (1797).




The following are the names of those having Dowdallshill as the Freehold address. The surnames highlighted are to be found in the above "burials" list above.


Callan Owen, Callan Thomas, Carragher Matthew, Carroll Patrick, Clifford Denis, Clifford Edward, Coleman John, Coleman Michael, Coleman Owen, Collins Cornelius, Collins Miles, Collins Patrick, Collins Patrick, Connel Hugh, Divan Thomas, Doyle Bryan, Doyle James, Durnan Hugh, Durnan James, Fitzsimmons Francis, Heeny James, Hughes Daniel, Hughes James, Hughes,James, Kerr Thomas, Kiernan Patrick, Kirley James, Kirley Patrick, Kirley Patrick, Leen James, Leen Patrick, Lennan Bernnard, Lennan Bryan, Lennan Hugh, Lennan James, Lennan John, Lennan Patrick, Little Patrick, Lynas Kennedy, Lynch Hugh, Maginness Edward, Maginness Owen, Maginness Peter, Mallon John, Markey John, Mathews James, McArdle Patrick, McCourt Bryan, McCourt James, McCourt Nicholas, McCourt Owen, McCourt Thomas, McElroy Mathew, McHough Thomas, McShane James, Mooney James, Morgan Matthew, O’Rourke Patrick, Quinn John, Reynolds Henry, Reynolds Peter, Rooney Patrick, Rourke Constantine, Rourke James, Thornton Patrick, Toole Thomas, Treanor Owen, Waters Michael.




The surnames in the Freeholders' List of 1822 above are highlighted.


Andrew James, Bennet James, Bennett Patrick, Byrne James, Carney Peter, Clifford Ann, Clifford Nicholas, Clifford John, Coulter Samuel, Coulter Samuel, Coulter Thomas, Cullen Cormick, Cullen Owen, Cullen Patrick, Cullen Thomas, Durning Hugh, Durning James, Durning Sylvester, Finnegan Thomas, Fitzsimmons Francis, Grant Richard, Harrison Joshua, Haughey Patrick, Heeny James, Hughes Arthur, Hughes Henry, Hughes Patrick, Keely Patrick, Kelly Felix, Killedy Arthur, Lane Patrick, Lennon Catherine, Lennon Laurence, Lennon Laurence, Lennon Michael, Little Ann, Mackin Matthew, McArdle Bridget, McArdle John, McArdle Patrick, McClory Matthew, McCourt Thomas, McCrave James, McEvoy James, McEvoy John, McEvoy Owen, McEvoy Peter, McGuinness James, McGuinness Nicholas, McGuinness Peter, McGuinness Peter, McKenna James, McKenna James, McShane James, Mooney James, Morgan Edward, Morgan Matthew, Quinn John, Rooney Boyson, Rooney John, Rourk Constantine, Rourke James, Ruddy Thomas, Tennison James, Tennison Laurence, Thornton Patt, Timmson John, Toole Betty, Toole Joseph, Toole Thomas, Treanor Matthew, Treanor Terrence.




Lord Roden owned most of the land around Dundalk. The details recorded here are Tenant's Name, Date of Grant of Lease, Name of Original Grantee, Tenure


Barrett Turner, At will,

Bennett James, At will,

Bennett Patrick, At will,

Byrne James, At will,

Carroll Patrick, 1819, Carroll Patrick, 1 life or 21 years,

Carron John, At will,

Clifford Denis, 1807, Clifford Denis, 1 life or 21 years,

Clifford Edward, 1807, Clifford Edward, 1 life or 21 years,

Clifford James, At will,

Clifford John, At will,

Coleman Catherine, At will,

Coleman James, At will,

Coleman John, 1819, Coleman John, 1 life or 21 years,

Coleman Mary, At will,

Coleman Michael, 1816, Coleman Michael, 1 life or 21 years,

Coleman Michael, At will,

Coleman Owen, 1819, Coleman Owen, 1 life or 21 years,

Connell Hugh, 1819, Connell Hugh, 1 life,

Coulter Thomas, 1810, Coulter Joseph, 3 lives or 61 years,

Cullens Cornelius, 1807, Cullens owen, 1 life,

Cullens Owen, 1819, Cullens Owen, 1 life or 21 years,

Cullens Patrick, 1805, Cullens Patrick, 1 life,

Cullens Thomas, 1819, Cullens Thomas, 1 life or 21 years,

Divan John, At will,

Divan Thomas, 1819, Divan Thomas, 1 life or 21 years,

Divan Thomas, At will,

Doyle Patrick, 1819, Doyle Patrick, 1 life or 21 years,

Doyle Patrick, At will,

Durnin Hugh, 1819, Durnin Hugh, 1 life or 21 years,

Durnin James, 1819, Durnin James, 1 life or 21 years,

Finnegan Thomas, At will,

Fitzsimons Francis, 1819, Fitzsimons Francis, 1 life or 21 years,

Fitzsimons James, At will,

Fitzsimons Widow, At will,

Hall Alexander, At will,

Hanlon Charles, At will,

Hanratty Patrick, At will,

Harrison Joshua, At will,

Heeny James, 1819, Heeny James, 1 life or 21 years,

Hoey Lawrence, At will,

Hogg Hugh, 1819, Hogg Hugh, 1 life or 21 years,

Hogg Peter, At will,

Hughes Daniel, 1819, Hughes Daniel, 1 life or 21 years,

Hughes Henry, 1819, Hughes Henry, 1 life or 21 years,

Hughes Henry, At will,

Hughes James, 1819, Hughes James, 1 life or 21 years,

Hughes James, 1819, Hughes James, 1 life or 21 years,

Hughes Owen, 1806, Hughes Owen, 1 life or 21 years,

Hughes Patrick, At will,

Kelledy Michael, At will,

Kelly Felix, At will,

Kennedy Lynas, 1819, Kennedy Lynas, 1 life or 21 years,

Kerr Bernard, At will,

Kerr Thomas, 1819, Kerr Thomas, 1 life or 21 years,

Kiernan Patrick, At will,

Kiernan Patrick, At will,

Knowledge Thomas, At will,

Leen James, 1819, Leen James, 1 life or 21 years,

Leen Patrick, 1819, Leen Patrick, 1 life or 21 years,

Leen Patrick, At will,

Lennan Bryan, At will,

Lennon Bryan, 1819, Lennon Bryan, 1 life or 21 years,

Lennon Hugh, 1819, Lennon Hugh, 1 life or 21 years,

Lennon John, 1819, Lennon John, 1 life or 21 years,

Lennon John, At will,

Lennon Lawrence, 1819, Lennon Lawrence, 1 life or 21 years,

Lennon Patrick, 1819, Lennon Patrick, 1 life or 21 years,

Lynch Hugh, 1819, Lynch Hugh, 1 life or 21 years,

Macken Mathew, At will,

Mallon John, 1819, Mallon John, 1 life or 21 years,

Markey John, 1808, Markey John, 1 life or 21 years,

Mathews James, 1819, Mathews James, 1 life or 21 years,

McAllister William,  At will,

McArdle John, At will,

McArdle Patrick, At will,

McArdle Philip, At will,

McCabe Bryan, At will,

McCourt Bryan, 1819, McCourt Bryan, 1 life or 21 years,

McCourt James, 1819, McCourt James, 1 life or 21 years,

McCourt James, 1819, McCourt James, 1 life or 21 years,

McCourt Thomas, 1819, McCourt Thomas, 1 life or 21 years,

McCrave James, At will,

McEntire James, At will,

McEvoy John, At will,

McEvoy Michael, At will,

McEvoy Owen, At will,

McEvoy Peter, At will,

McEvoy Peter, At will,

McEvoy Widow, At will,

McEvoy Widow, At will,

McGuinness Edward, 1819, McGuinness Edward, 1 life or 21 years,

McGuinness Owen, 1819, McGuinness Owen, 1 life or 21 years,

McGuinness Peter, 1819, McGuinness Peter, 1 life or 21 years,

McGuire Michael, At will,

McKenna James, At will,

Mooney James, 1808, Mooney James, 1 life or 21 years,

Mooney Michael,  At will,

Mooney Widow, At will,

Morgan Edward, At will,

Morgan Edward, At will,

Morgan Mathew, 1819, Morgan Mathew, 1 life or 21 years,

Morgan Thomas, 1819, Morgan Thomas, 1 life or 21 years,

Nelson Esq. M.D., At will,

Ogle John (reps. of), At will,

Quinn Bernard, At will,

Quinn John, 1808, Finlay Bryan, 1 life or 21 years,

Quinn John, 1819, Quinn John, 1 life or 21 years,

Reddy Widow, At will,

Reynolds Henry, 1819, Reynolds Henry, 1 life or 21 years,

Reynolds Peter, 1819, Reynolds Peter, 1 life or 21 years,

Roddy Michael, At will,

Rooney John, At will,

Rooney Patrick, At will,

Rourke Con, At will,

Rourke Patrick, 1808, Rourke James, 1 life or 21 years,

Rourke Patrick, 1819, Rourke Patrick, 1 life or 21 years,

Rourke Patrick, At will,

Rourke Patrick, At will,

Sheeran Felix, 1808, Sheeran Felix, 1 life or 21 years,

Thornton Patrick, 1819, Thornton Patrick, 1 life or 21 years,

Toole Michael, At will,

Toole Owen and Sons, At will,

Toole Thomas, 1819, Toole Thomas, 1 life or 21 years,

Trainor Owen, 1819, Trainor Owen, 1 life or 21 years,

Trainor Owen, At will,

Traynor Mathew, At will,

Traynor Widow, At will,




Surnames common to both the Tithe Applotments and Griffiths Valuation are highlighted.


Barrett Turner, Bennett Thomas, Bradford Thomas, Byrne Ellen, Byrne James, Callan Peter, Campbell Matthew, Clarke Thomas, Clifford John, Clifford John, Coleman James, Coleman John, Collins Owen, Collins Thomas, Connolly James, Daly John, Deery Alice, Devane John, Devane Margaret, Duffy Matthew, Durnan Patrick, Durnen Mary, Finnegan John, Finnegan Matthew, Fitzsimon Mary, Godby Robert, Heeney Bernard, Heeney Bernard, Higgins Patrick, Hughes Catherine, Hughes Catherine, Hughes Daniel, Hughes Margaret, Jackson Thomas, Kearney James, Kearney Patrick, Kearney Thomas, Kiernan John, Knowledge Patrick, Lean James, Lee James, Lennon Bernard, Lennon Catherine, Lennon Hugh, Lennon James, Lennon John, Lennon John, Lennon Michael, Lennon Owen, Macourt Michael, Macourt Nicholas, Macourt Thomas, Magenniss Margaret, Maguire Catherine, Maher Laurence, Martin Bryan, Martin Matthew, Matthews Rose, McArdle James, McArdle James, McArdle John, McArdle Richard, McCartney Michael, McCourt James, McCrave James, McDonnell James, McEvoy James, McEvoy James, McEvoy John, McEvoy Owen, McEvoy Peter, McEvoy Thomas, McIvor Anne, McIvor Patrick, McKenna James, McKenna Margaret, McKeon Peter, Meely Edmund, Mooney James, Morgan Anne, Murphy Arthur, Murphy Mary, Murphy Patrick, Neville John, Quinn John, Reddy Hugh, Reynolds Henry, Reynolds John, Rice Bridget, Roddy Thomas, Rogers Bryan, Ronehan Mary, Rooney James, Rourke John, Rourke Patrick, Rourke Patrick, Tennanty Margaret, Toole Laurence, Toole Michael, Trainor Matthew, Traynor Bridget, Traynor James, Traynor John, Traynor Nicholas, Traynor Owen, Traynor Terrence, Vallelly John, Woods Michael, Wynne Mary.




Surnames common to both Griffith's Valuation and the 1901 Census are highlighted.


Baxter Mary, Bellew Edward, Bennett Margaret, Boyd Thomas, Byrne John, Carron Mary, Clifford Mary, Connolly Patrick, Connor James, Crilly Michael, Deery Mary, Dennison Patrick, Devan Mary, Dooley Ellen, Duffy Patrick, Dunn John, Durnin Catherine, Finigan Peter, Hanlon Arthur, Hanlon Margaret, Heeny Michael, Hughes Bernard, Kearney Anne, Kearney Patrick, Kerley Margaret, Knowledge James, Knowledge Thomas, Lennon Anne, Lennon Hugh, Lennon James, Lennon John, Lennon John, Lennon Patrick, Lennon Peter, Lennon Thomas, Lynch Peter, M'Calister James, Markey Ellen, McAleavey James, McArdle Patrick, McCourt Bridget, McCourt Catherine, McCourt John, McCourt Nicholas, McCrave Edward, McCrave Michael, McEvoy Anne, McEvoy Arthur, McEvoy John, McEvoy Margaret, McGone Ellen, McGough Elizabeth, McKeever Thomas, McMahon Patrick, McShane Patrick, McShane Robert, McShane Thomas, Muckian John, Mulholland Henry, Murphy Thomas, O'Hara John, O'Hare Elizabeth, O'Hare Mary, O'Hare Patrick, O'Rourke Mary, Porton James, Quinn Peter, Reilly James, Reilly Stephen, Reynolds Henry, Reynolds Peter, Rodgers Catherine, Rodgers Patrick, Rourke James, Ruddy Anne, Sharkey Margaret, Tiernan Patrick, Tiernan Peter, Tiernan Terence, Traynor Terrence, Vallely James.




Surnames common to both the 1901 Census and the 1908 householders list below are highlighted.


Baxter C., Baxter Patrick, Bellew Edward, Bennett Mrs., Bennett Patrick, Byrne J., Crilly Michael, Curran Wm., Deery Owen, Devane Mrs., Dooley William, Doyle Patrick, Duffy Patrick, Dunne William, Heany Michael, Hughes Bernard, Kearney Margaret, Kearney Owen, Kerley James, Kerley Michael, Kerley Mrs., Knowledge James, Knowledge Thomas, Lennon Hugh, Lennon John, Lennon Peter, McAlister James, McArdle Miss, McCourt John, McCourt Mrs., McCourt Mrs., McCrave Michael, McCrave Patrick, McCumiskey J., McEvoy Arthur, McEvoy Mrs. John, McEvoy Mrs.M., McEvoy Mrs. P., McGeough Mrs., McGuone Mrs., McKeown James, McMahon P., McNally Patrick, McShane John, McShane Robert, McShane Thomas, Muckian John, Murphy Thomas, Murtagh John, Norton James, O'Hare Arthur, O'Hare Patrick, O'Neill James, Reilly John, Reynolds Henry, Reynolds Peter, Roger Mrs., Rogers Patrick, Rourke James, Rourke Mrs., Ruddy Mrs., Tiernan John, Tiernan Terence, Toal Joseph, Trainor B., Traynor Terence.





The following names are taken from Tempest's Annual Obituary Index for the years 1930-40.  Surnames common to this and the 1908 list above are highlighted in BOLD. Surnames common to this and the 1822 Freeholder's List above are highlighted in RED (or if in the 1908 list in BOLD and RED).


Arthurs Mary Mrs, 07 Oct 1931; Barnes T. Mrs, 11 Jan 1934; Baxter Elizabeth, 22 Aug 1933; Baxter Patrick, 21 Jul 1940; Baxter Thos, 21 Jan 1934; Bellew Mary, 28 Apr 1933; Bennett Alice, 09 Apr 1940; Byrne John, 12 Apr 1935; Connolly Mary Ann, 11 Jan 1934; Crilly Michael, 30 May 1932; Deery Owen, 08 Jun 1930; Deery Owen Mrs, 30 Jun 1936; Dennison Margt, 09 Dec 1930; Doyle Patk, 19 Aug 1930; Duddy A. Mrs, 18 Mar 1930; Farrell Bernard Mrs, Seaview Tce., 23 Oct 1935; Kearney Mary Anne, 31 Oct 1937; Kellagher Margt, 11 Jul 1930; Kerley Michl, 21 Sep 1930; Kirk Patrick, 15 Jan 1936; Knowledge Bridget, 30 Sep 1930; Lean Mary Ann, 19 Feb 1934; Lennon B. Mrs, 23 Aug 1938; Lennon J. Mrs, 25 Jun 1934; Lennon James Mrs, 09 Aug 1935; Lennon Mat, 23 Mar 1934; Lynch Patk G., 09 Sep 1930; McArdle Patk, 06 Jan 1935; McAvoy Owen, 28 May 1930; McCartney Patrick, 12 Jan 1939; McCrave Jane, 02 May 1939; McCrave Mary, 26 Jul 1935; McCrave Michael Mrs, 09 May 1939; McEvoy Patrick, 26 Jan 1937; McGuire John, 28 Aug 1934; McNally Thos, 10 Oct 1935; McShane Arthur, 07 May 1939; McShane Robt, 07 Dec 1933; McShane T. Mrs, -- Apr 1938; McShane Thos, 18 Sep 1933; Moore Hugh, 07 Oct 1938; Moore Kathleen, 19 Jun 1935; Moore Martha, 08 Jun 1933; Moore Patricia, 25 Nov 1935; Murphy Bridget, 06 Dec 1939; Murphy Patrick Mrs, Dlk, 05 Jan 1936; Murphy Thomas, 06 Dec 1939; O'Hanlon Patrick, 16 Jan 1939; O'Hare Arthur, May 1938; O'Neill James, 30 May 1935; O'Neill John, 11 Aug 1932; Redican Bridget, 03 Dec 1935; Reynolds Mary, 15 Oct 1930; Reynolds Peter, 14 Jan 1930; Rogers Annie, 02 Jun 1940; Rogers Bernd, 02 Oct 1935; Rogers Patrick Mrs, 19 Oct 1935; Tiernan Peter, 28 Dec 1940; Toal Katie, 27 Jan 1937.



Worth noting are the reports issued by the commissioners appointed to take the censuses (on open shelves in the National Archives of Ireland). The following are some details of Dowdallshill townland extrapolated from the reports:


            Year            Population            Number of Houses

            1841                609                              130

            1851                487                              119

            1861                410                                97

            1871                362                                99

            1881                417                                90

            1891                388                                90

            1901                378                                85

            1911                388                                91


The one-sixth decline in population in the 1840's is noticeable. By February 1846 the effects of the Famine had reached Dundalk union, as on the 27th of this month, the workhouse guardians reported, "considerable destitution begins to be felt in the Union, which could be attributed to the disease of the potato crop". Dowdallshill belonged to Dundalk Poor Law Union where, in 1847, the workhouse was extended to allow for the reception of 920 inmates. In the same year infectious diseases reached epidemic proportions in the area. The 36% reduction in the population of this one townland over the fifty-year period 1841-1891 compares with a national reduction of 42% in the same period.


Of the 52 different surnames (and variants) that appear in the 1901 census, twenty-seven or 52% are to be found in Griffith's Valuation of 1854. Fifteen or 29% of the 1901 surnames can be found in both the Valuation and the Tithe Applotments. Given the social upheavals of the times and the already mentioned depopulation of the area, these figures, from a genealogical point of view, are significant.

See also:

'Old Title Deeds of County Louth: Further Dundalk Deeds: Dowdallshill 1808 -1819' by Noel Ross, in County Louth Archaeological and Historical Journal, Vol. XXV, Part 3, 2003 [59 leases relating to Dowdallshill]




A List of Registered Freeholders of the County of Louth, 1822, Consisting of the Baronies of Ardee, Ferrard, Louth, Upper and Lower Dundalk, Dundalk 1822 (Louth County Reference Library, Dundalk)


McNeill Charles & Otway-Ruthven A.J., Dowdall Deeds, IMC 1960


Roman Catholic Parish Registers, ref. Dundalk Parish, P5595, NLI


Griffiths Primary Valuation (1854), Parish of Dundalk, Village of Dowdallshill (page 72)


The Roden Title. Statement of Title of The Right Hon. Robert Earl of Roden to the Manor, Town, and Lands of Dundalk and Other Lands in The County of Louth, in Ireland with The Opinion of the Right Hon. Thomas Lefroy Thereon, Hodges and Smith. Dublin. No Date. (NLI)


Tithe Applotment Books (1833), National Archives of Ireland Ref: Tithe Applotments, Co. Louth, Film 70


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Tempest's Annual 1931-41


1901 Census (National Archives of Ireland)


Wilson M. 'Dundalk Poor-Law Union: The first twenty-five years' in Co. Louth Archaeological and Historical Journal, Vol XX, No. 3, Monaghan, 1983




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