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Old Drogheda Society, Governor's House, Millmount, Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland.

Telephone: (041) 9833097 [from outside Ireland: ++ 353 41 9833097]

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Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1976 Number 1

An Eighteenth Century Description of Drogheda - Mary Delaney

Some Musical Antiquities of Drogheda - Sean O'Sullivan

Forty Years Ago [see also Journal 12] - Mary Hurley

Some Drogheda Wells - Anne Crilly

Si Monumentum Requiris, Circumspice [The Almshouses of St Peter's Place] - Sean O'Sullivan

The '1722' Bridge - Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

Lays of the Last Minstrels - E A B

Education in Drogheda Through the Ages - Mary Malone

Drogheda Harp Society - Patrick L Cooney



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1977 Number 2

The Civic Guards Arrive in Drogheda - James Garry

Drogheda's Markets and Fairs - Ann Crilly

Drogheda's Mace and Sword - Peggy O'Reilly

In our Museum - Harry Fairtlough

The Streets and Lanes of Drogheda, Pt. 1 - medieval - Moira Corcoran

Inscriptions on Stones in Stagrennan Graveyard [outside Drogheda on road to Mornington] - James Garry

Random Recollections of the Drogheda Rowing Club - James Garry

Grendon's Foundary [1835 - 1970] - James Garry



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1979 Number 3

The Drogheda Election of 1868 - Very Rev. Fr. Gerard Rice

Funeral of the Ill Fated James Woods - James Garry

In our museum: the [Trade] Banner Room - Harry Fairtlough & Jackie Rooney

The Streets and Lanes of Drogheda: Part 2 - Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

Symbolism of the Cross [the Medical Missionaries of Mary and the Penal Cross] - Sister M Monica Clarke, MMM

A Seventeenth Century Description of Drogheda

Some Extracts from the Minute Book of the Drogheda Union Board of Guardians - James Garry



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1983 Number 4

The Fenians in Drogheda - Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

The Coins and Tokens of Drogheda - Very Rev Fr Gerard Rice

Jarvies of Drogheda - James Garry

Tombstone Inscriptions from Beaulieu - James Garry

Drogheda's Refuse Problems [1656 -1707] - Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

Beechgrove House - Sr. M Monica Clarke, MMM

Hugh Bolter, Archbishop of Armagh - Sean O'Sullivan

Town's Early `phone System - A J Litton, BE BSc

The Elcocks of Drogheda - John McCullen

Drummer William Kenny, Victoria Cross - James Garry

In Honoured Memory of [those who died in World War 1] - James Garry



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1986 Number 5

Fairtlough Appreciations - Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI & James Garry

The Boy from Termonfeckin [John Dolan] - John McCullen

Some Mediaeval Tiles from Drogheda - Kieran Campbell

Drogheda Merchants of the 18th. Century - Dr John Fitzgerald

The Cholera Epidemic of 1832 - Maureen Wilson

Drogheda Motor Vehicles 1903-1916 - Michael Ward

The 8th. Field Battery, Volunteer Force - Capt Peter Durnin, KSG, KM, KC*HS

Drogheda Jail During the Period of the Famine - Ned McHugh

A Note on Sandpit Church - Dr. Christine Casey

Drogheda Folklore - Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

Drogheda and the Fairtlough Family - Dr Aideen M Ireland

Graveyard Inscriptions in St. Mary's Church of Ireland, Drogheda - James Garry

The Boyne Coracle in our Museum - Breeda Tuite

The Dresser in our Museum - - James Garry

The Drogheda Quilt in our Museum - Mary McDonnell



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society:  1989 Number 6

The Boyne Viaduct - Kevin Murray

Constructing the Bridge - James Garry

Out the Beamore Road - John McCullen

The Whitworths and Drogheda in the 19th Century - Jane Renfrew

The Railway to the Quays - Gerard and John Owens

Notes on Drogheda Union Workhouses - Michael O. McDonough and Mary McD. Malone

Caldwell Estate - Aideen M. Ireland

Mornington Alias Marinerstown - Michael Ward

Mornington Inscriptions - James Garry

Parliamentary Registration 1852 Rated Occupiers

Drogheda Development Association Ltd - 1905-1908 - Sean Collins

The "Ham and Egg" Brigade - Sean Collins

In our Museum - Medieval Drogheda - Moira Corcoran



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1990 Number 7

Night of the Big Wind: 6 January, 1838 - Michael O McDonough

Drogheda's Timbered Houses - Moira Corcoran MA FRSAI

Sources for Local history in the Drogheda Area - Hugh Comerford

Cairnes of Stameen - John McCullen

Drogheda Parliamentary Elections of 1835 - Ned McHugh

Account Books of the Brick and Stonelayers Society 1887-1889 - James Garry

Battle of the Boyne 1690 - Breeda Tuite

The Titchbourne Acquisition of the Plunkett Estate of Beaulieu - Dr Harold O'Sullivan

The End of an Era - Landlordism in the 19th. Century [the Foster Estate in Collon Co Louth] - Niamh Fairtlough

A Drogheda Glossary - James Garry

Random Jewish Settlements in Drogheda - Cllr. Sean Collins, MA

The Boyne Hunt - Desmond Chaloner

The Presentation Foundation in Drogheda - Sr. M Oliver Allen

Schools and Schoolmaster - Michael Ward



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1992 No 8

Lifeboats on the Boyne: 1856-1926 - Patsy McKenna

When the Walls came Tumbling Down - Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

Papal Awards in the Drogheda Area - Capt Peter F Durnin, KSG, KM, KC*HS

Meath Maps in the National Library - Maeve Reilly

St Peter's Church of Ireland, Drogheda, Gravestone Inscriptions - James Garry

Fr. Thomas Gogarty: 1877-1949 - Donald Murphy

Fanlights of Fair Street - Jim Kelly

Sienna Convent: the Portugese Connection - James Kirwan

Events of Easter 1916 in Drogheda - John McCullen

The Land League in Drogheda 1880-1881 - Michael Ward

Presentation School Infant Boys Roll Book: 1859-1870 - Christy Quigley

List of members of the Old Drogheda Society



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1994 No 9

800 years of Drogheda - Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

P J Dodd of Drogheda: Architect and Civil Engineer - P J Geraghty, Bsc, DIS

Criminal Offences, Compensation and Breaches of the Truce in Drogheda in 1920-1921 - Dr Martin Thornton

Limekilns and Lime Usage - Michael Ward

The Drogheda Steampacket Company - John McCullen

Drogheda: the Racehorse - Damien Somerville

Presentation School Girls Roll Book: 1822-1839 [Part 1] - Christy Quigley

The Victor Clarke Geological Collection in Millmount Museum - Prof. Frank Mitchell

Some Minutes from Times Past - Tom Reilly

Under the Hill of Donore - Seamus Matthews

The Donore Inscriptions - James Garry

List of members of the Old Drogheda Society



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1996 No 10

Our cover: the Drogheda 800 stamp - Cllr Sean Collins, MA

John Boyle O'Reilly and Irish adjustment in America - Dr David Doyle

A visit to Arus an Uachtaran 4th. November 1994 - Anne Bradley

Owners, Masters and Crews of some Drogheda ships: 1863-1873 - James Garry

Lt James Samuel Emerson, Victoria Cross - Patsy McKenna

Drogheda Men who Went to War - Florrie Murray and Colin Boylan

The Big Wind - Maureen Perkins

Tudor Drogheda 1534-1603 - Susan O'Connor

Nanny Water Coastguard - Michael Ward

'We all had of course a wonderful time in Drogheda', Drogheda and Denmark in

World War ll - Capt Peter Durnin, KSG, KM, KC*HS

Presentation School Girls Roll Book: 1822-1839 [Part 2] - Christy Quigley

Highlights of a Generation - John McCullen



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 1998 No 11

Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Drogheda - Deirdre Murphy

A Drogheda Steamship: The Irishman - J Colin Bain

Drogheda Seamen: 1880-1940 - Christy Quigley

John Boyle O'Reilly: The Early Years - Seamus Matthews

Dowth Churchyard Memorial Inscriptions - Dr Patrick J Shorthall

The Elcock-Netterville Lease - Lucy McCullen

The Pub at Duleek Gate - John McCullen

Drogheda Municipal Art Gallery - Peter Jordan

The Origin and Development of Two Meath Villages - Michael Ward

Problems of the Tenant Farmer During the Famine years - Eileen McCullough

Some Notes on the Drogheda Families of Carroll, Clinton, McGovern and Skelly - Gerald Conan Kennedy

James Anderson and the Drogheda Pilgrimage to Knock:1880 - Rev. Fr. Iggy O'Donovan, osa

'Drogheda the Place for Me' Song - Evelyn Kirwan

'Drogheda' Poem - Donald Byrne

Drogheda Forty Shilling Freeholders - Moira Corcoran, MA, FRSAI

Letter from Bill English, 1966 - James Garry

Authors and their Contributions to the Journal: 1976-1996 - James Garry



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 2000 Number 12

'A day of Joy and Pride', a History of the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes - Capt. Peter Durnin

The Minto's of Drogheda - Frank Minto

Mise agus Feis na Boinne - Seamus Matthews

Memories of Drogheda in the Forties - Paddy Lynch

Presentation School Girls Roll Book, 1840 - 1850 - Christy Quigley

After the Battle of the Boyne: Some Irish Dutch Connections - James Kirwan

World War 1 Service List: St Peter's Church of Ireland - Lynn McDonnell

A Child Growing Up in Millmount Martello - Breeden McGlynn

Drogheda and the British General strike - Eugene Kernan

The [Newfound]Well Road - Frank Gallagher

[The townland of ]Bryanstown - changed utterly! - John McCullen

Drogheda Poor Law guardians 1839-1924 - George McDonough

'The street corners of Drogheda' - Tom Winters

Fr Patrick McCabe 1822 -1899 Minnesota and John Boyle O'Reilly - Peggy O'Reilly

Franciscan Order leave Drogheda after 755 years

Scouting in Drogheda 1935 - 2000 - Pat Hanratty

44 years a singing [a history of St Peters Male Voice Choir] - Owen Rafferty

Pillboxes on the Boyne [1939 - 1945] - Dr Geraldine Stout and Michael Reilly



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 2001 Number 13

Appreciation of James Garry - Moira Corcoran

Drogheda's Early Trade Unions - Frank Gallagher

Dance Of Death (Cadaver Stones) - Eileen McCullough

Moorechurch Cemetery Inscriptions - Margaret Hughes

Dyer Street and its Environs - Jim Garry

Gravestone Inscriptions in Monkewtown - Michael Reilly

The Matthews Family - Seamus Matthews

The Creaser Family of Townrath - James F. Todd

Dead Meat Society - John McCullen

The Painters of Drogheda - Charles Callan

The Gaelic League in Drogheda - Johnny Gregory

Widows of the Invaders - Gillian Kenny



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 2004 Number 14

Drogheda Emigrants Return on Holidays - Pat Judge

An Rιalt - Jim Garry

Beamore Races - John McCullen

The Milkmen and Dairies of Drogheda District - Tom Winters

End of an Era - The Big Fair Day - Ted Greene

West Street in 1953 - James Garry

Patrick Fulham M.P. of Donore & Meath Election 1892 - Seamus Matthews

St. Mary's Villas - Lillian Little

Drogheda Man Attempts to Influence Tory Policy - Kieran McGovern

Drogheda's Fire Service - Patsy McKenna

Old Drogheda Meeting a New State - Frank Gallagher

Members of Drogheda Corporation 1876-1898 - Peter Durnin

William Fluker - Boathouse Keeper Drogheda Rowing Club - Drogheda Local Voices C.E. Project

Directory of Authorities, Labour Unions, Professions & Firms in Drogheda -1938 - Mr. Schultz [1938]

St. Peter's Cemetery, Some Notable Personalities - Peter Durnin

Presbyterianism in Drogheda - Bill Ilreavy

Drogheda Citizens & Their Occupations 1830 - Patsy McKenna

Surrender at Millmount - Gerry Owens

Pictures from Archives of the Society - John McGovern

Paddy Mathews - An Appreciation

List of Contributors



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 2005 Number 15

Jim Garry, An Appreciation - Sean O Greagoir

Moira Corcoran, An Appreciation - John McCullen

Making Cloth in the Nineteen Fifties - Warren Nelson

From Clay Pipes to Smoking Ban - Tom Winters [Drogheda Pubs]

A Cleanin' and a Pressin' [IMCO Cleaners Drogheda]

Augustinian Corpus Christi Procession - Canice O'Mahony

Sentimental Journey - Willie Healy

Crossing the Boyne - Bernard Share

The Mercy Nuns in Drogheda - John McCullen

The Dublin Penny Journal - Michael McEvoy

David Jebb of Slane - Don Byrne

Pictures from the Archives - John McGovern


Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 2007 Number 16

Terry Corcoran, An Appreciation - John McCullen

The Life and Times of John Forbes, M.P. for Drogheda - Don Byrne

The Malocca Story - Giovanni Magliocco

A Local Folklore Miscellany - Frank Gallagher

Keeping the Home Fires Burning during World War II - Tom Winters

1956 - The Year Drogheda got behind one of its own - Liam Reilly

A Nominal Roll of Officers and NCOs of B Coy. 8 Inf. Bn., FCA - Peter Durnin

Ships that never returned in the 70s and 80s of the Nineteenth Century

Holy Year 1950 Drogheda Pilgrimage to Rome - Finian McQuillan

Drogheda Dance Bands - Willie Healy

Recrossing the Rubicon - Shane Fagan

Master Painters pf Drogheda - Ronan Eustace

Killed in Action - Peter Durnin

A Rebel Motor Bike - Owen Rafferty

Drogheda Man who was Editor of Irish Times for twenty-seven years - Tom Winters

The McPhail Story - Owen Rafferty

My Working Life on West Street - John Hurley

Drogheda's Newspapers - Frank Gallagher

Addendum to Journal of the Old Drogheda Society No. 10

Death of Distinguished Drogheda Man - Tom Winters


Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 2009 Number 17

Peggy – Sean O Greagoir

The Great Drogheda Exodus – Tom Winters

Unsung Heroes – Raymond Dempsey

What we were reading in 1884 – Jim McCullen

Directors and Leaders of the Christian Brothers – Peter Durnin

Liberty Hall, Peter Street – Frank Gallagher

A Frightful Calamity - Drogheda Advertiser

The Lady Shareholders of the Drogheda Steam Packet Co. 1894 – John McCullen

The Rambling Road – Shane Fagan

Letter from America – Marian Tyndall

Cromwell at Drogheda, some new light on old faces – Brendan Matthews

Report on the Poor of Drogheda 1821-1831

The Cannons are Back – Noel Bailey

The Pope's visit to Killineer – Paddy Roe

M and L – Ann Crilly


Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 2011 Number 18

Editors Preface - Brendan Matthews

Structure and Symbol in the O'Connellite 'Monster Meetings' - Prof. Gary Owens

The Tichbornes of Beaulieu - Noel Bailey

An 1867 Drogheda Inquest - Declan Quaile

Millmount 1922 - Newly Discovered Images - Brendan Matthews

The Star & Crescent - Some Thoughts - Brendan Matthews

Growing Up on the North Road in the Forties & Early Fifties - Maura Mullen

"May Day ....... May Day .... Brendan Matthews

Founding of the Drogheda Trades Council - New Evidence - Frank Gallagher

The Fenian Rising in Drogheda and the Aftermath - Ormonde D.P. Waters

Drogheda Branch of the United Ireland League - Edward Fleming

Hidden Pieces of Drogheda - John McCullen



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 2012 Number 19

Editors Preface - Brendan Matthews

The Shelling of Millmount 4th July 1922 - Sean Corcoran

Drogheda in 1950: Some Memories - Maura Mullen

A Trip on the Colleen Bawn - Brendan Matthews

Drogheda in 1912 - Place of Hope and Glory: From the Scrapbook of Luke J. Elcock - John McCullen

A 1909 Sea Cruise from Drogheda - Cllr. Frank Gallagher

The Irish Parliamentary Fund and the Background to the Founding of the Drogheda Branch of the United Irish League in 1900 - Edward Flemming

Some Franciscan Altar Plates from Drogheda - Fr. Ignatius Fennessy

Liberty Hall Peter Street: The Foundation of the ITGWU (SIPTU) in Drogheda - Cllr. Frank Gallagher

Lady Shareholders in The Drogheda Steam Packet Company 1894 - John McCullen

Cromwell at Drogheda: Some New Light on Old Faces - Brendan Matthews

The Cannons are Back! - Noel Bailey

M. & L. Crilly, 49 Laurence St., Memories of an Old-fashioned Shop - Ann Crilly

The Riot in "Dooley Gate" 1917 - Brendan Matthews



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 2013 Number 20

Editors Preface - Brendan Matthews

The Life and Adventures of Two Drogheda Fenians, Patrick Leonard and John Francis Nugent - Brendan Matthews

The Workings if Drogheda Amateur Boxing Club 1940-1946 - John McCullen

The Political and Social Thought of John Boyle O'Reilly - Ian Kenneally

The Railway to the Quays in Drogheda 1903 - a Transformational Opportunity or a "White Elephant" - Edward Flemming

Making Hay Down Through the Years - Jackie Mullen

Sea Monsters and Their Irish Female Victims: a Tale of Prostitution, Human Trafficking and its Relationship with Very Foster's Female Emigration Scheme - Audrey Smith Flanagan

Duel at Colp 1729 - Brendan Matthews

Nineteen Fifty-four: The Marian Year in Drogheda

The Drogheda Drapery Assistants 1887 Hours and Holidays Campaign - Cllr. Frank Gallagher

Life in Drogheda During World War Two - Ted Green



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 2014 Number 21

Editors Preface - Seαn Corcoran

'Look Back in Anger': Ireland and World War One - Dr. Brian Hanley

The Dead of Drogheda Arise: Drogheda and the First World War - Seαn Corcoran

A Drogheda Worker's Family Budget in 1914 and 1922 - Frank Gallagher

Heraldry in St. Peter's R.C. Church, West Street, Drogheda - Seamus Bellew

The Nanny Water and Big Houses: Big Houses Along the Nanny River and Their Links with Drogheda - John McCullen

Growing up in Drogheda in the 1920s and 30s - Thomas Joseph Flynn (1915-1995)

Two Beloved Drogheda Ships - Tom Winters

The Life and Times of Kate the Navvy - Brendan Matthews

The Augustinain Altar in Kentstown Church - Eddie Fleming

Sir Patrick Branigan 1906-2000: a Drogheda Man in the Dying Days of Empire - Liam Reilly

Sir John Lumsden (1869-1944) Drogheda-born Founder of the St. John's Ambulance Brigade - Liam Reilly

The Abbey Ballroom Indoor Football League 1966-67. First Woman's Football? - Helena Byrne



Journal of the Old Drogheda Society: 2016 Number 22

Editorial - Anthony McIntyre

Frank Gallagher's Printing Career: An Appreciation - Martin Garry

Drogheda Labourers Corn Riots - Brendan Mattews

A Day in Drogheda and the New Rubber Wheel Trap - Eddie Fleming

Frank O'Reilly: and the 31st International Eucharistic Congress 1932 - Audrey Smith B.A.

Slave Ownership Connection with Oldbridge House - Brendan Mattews

Census of 1911: Abstract Regarding Millmount Barracks, Barrack Street West, Drogheda - Emmet Doran

Frank Gallagher: An Appreciation

Plan of St. Mary's Chapel - Brendan Mattews

Early Eighteenth Cantury Voyages From Drogheda to Distant Lands - Fiona Ahern

A Drogheda Angling Diary - Ronan Gormley

The Area Around Drogheda City In 1820-1830 - John McCullen

On Yer Bike: Grey's Cycle Shop, West Street - Brendan Mattews

The Irish Transport & General Workers Union County Louth 1909-1930 - Francy Devine





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