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Kane Churchyard (Presbyterian)


[From Mr. P. Crossle]


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Beneath this Stone lieth the Remains of Elizabeth Clarke of Tullinavall who departed this life August 25th 1832 Aged 69 Years    Also her husband Alexander Clarke late of said place who died May 11th 1834 Aged 72 Years




Beneath this Stone lieth the Remains of James Denny late of Carickmacross who departed this life on the 18th day of October 1828 Aged 80 Years    Likewise of Anne Denny his Wife who departed this life the 27th of September 1840 aged [blank] years




Underneath this stone lieth the remains of Robert Ellis Bailie Esqr of Shortstown who departed this life on the 4th day of May 1834 Aged 59 Years.    Likewise of Margaret Bailie his wife who departed this life the 11th of August 1853 aged [blank] years




Underneath this Stone lieth the Remains of John Bailie of Clonaleenan Esqr who departed this Life on the 20th day of January 1810 Aged 79 Years.




Underneath this Stone lieth the Remains of Andrew Bailie of Shortstown who departed this life on the 4th day of September 1808 Aged 29 Years.




Here lieth the Body of Robert Bailie of West Shortstown who departed this life the 10th of June, 1791 Aged 77 Years.   Likewise Elizabeth Bailie his wife who departed this Life the 15th of Febry 1799 Aged 65 Years




'In full':-

Here Lieth the Body of John Bailie who Departed this Life March the 11th 177- Aged 85 Years.




Abstract: -

Erected by William Campbell of Dundalk Distillery in Memory of his wife Mary who died 18 April 1852 aged 73 years. Also said William Campbell died 4 March 1854 aged 80 years.





Eleanor daughter of John Robinson merchant in Dundalk, died 11 May 1816, in the 4th year of her age. Also John Robinson died 21 November 1860 in the 63rd year of his age. Also his wife Euphemia died 12 September 1862 aged 59.





Erected by Mary McCullagh of Clonaleenaghan in memory of her Father James McCullagh who died 26 July 1851 aged 102 years   Also her Mother Jane McCullagh who died 15 February 1839 aged 88 years.





Erected by James Crawley of Coolderry in memory of his Mother Margaret Meculla who died 29 March 1801 age 42.





John Bradford of Cavanmore died 11th April 1789 age 84 years. Also his wife Barbara Bradford who died May 14th 1795 age 74 years. Erected by their son Samuel Bradford who died 27 February 1818 aged 78 years. Also in memory of his wife Margaret Bradford who died 9 October 1846 aged 72 years.




Mrs Elizabeth Oliver died 12 July 1825 aged 40. Her brother Andrew Coulter Bradford of Cavanmore died 10 May, 1847, aged 59. Her sister Margaret Bradford died 17 August, 1874, aged 88.





Erected by John Dickie of Crunaleenan in memory of Lieutenant Charles Jackson of Lisnaboe, County Meath late H.M. 3rd regiment of Buffs who died at Woodbine Cottage 18 October 1813 aged 75 Years and here interred at his own request.




Robert Dickie of Rochdale died 18 February 1840 aged 58 years    Jane Dickie daughter of the above Robert Dickie died 2 November 1830, aged 5 years and 6 months.    William Dickie died 5 December 1856, aged 21 years.    Mary Anne Dickie widow of the above Robert Dickie died 9 September 1870 aged 75 years.    James son of the above Robert & Mary Anne Dickie died 28 October 1884 aged 61 years.





James Dickie of Clunalenon died 1st March 1747 aged 47 years. Also Mary Dickie wife of the above James Dickie died 5th January 1762, aged 60 years.





James Dickie of Killen died 26 August 1835 age 64.   Euphemia Patterson wife died 30 September, 1846 aged 66. Also their children:- William, died 12 Sept. 1827, aged 14 years    Margaret, died 5 March, 1828, aged 19 years    Samuel, died 24 May 1877 aged 58 years    Eleanor, died 12 October 1877 aged 75 years    John, died 29 March, 1878, aged 61 years    May, died 3 March, 1884, aged 82 years.





Elizabeth wife of John T. Dickie of Clonaleenan died 5 April 1819, aged 29 years. Also the following children of the above John T. Dickie by his wife Jane daughter of John Wallace of Clonbag:-   James, died 3 August 1846, aged 10 years    Maria, died 26 April 1847 age 14 years;    Joseph died 18 February, 1854, aged 10 years    John, late H.M. Customs, London, died 9 September 1858, aged 30 years     Euphemia, died 31 December 1859 aged 11 years    George died 13 December, 1864, aged 34 years. Also the above John T. Dickie died 8 December, 1876, aged 89 years and of the above Jane Dickie, his wife, who died 23 May, 1884 aged 78 years   Also their eldest daughter Jane who died 24 October, 1890, aged 66 years.





Joseph Dickie son of Mr. Robert Dickie of Clonaleenan who in the bloom of life fell a victim to the fever of the country in the Province of Surinam in South Africa and is there interred. He died 2 October 1807 aged 33 years.





Ellenor Moffett died 1st February 1790 aged 64 years.





Robert Dickie M.D. Assistant Surgeon H.M.E.I.C.S., eldest son of the late Robert Dickie of Roachdale died 5 August, 1844 age 26 years whilst doing duty with the 21st Fusiliers at Kamptee in the East Indies, and is buried there by his brother officers who have erected a monument to his memory.





Erected by Essie Hill of Ballsmill in memory of her husband William Hill who died 28th October, 1852 age 82. And her only son John William Hill who died 2nd May, 1877, aged 32 years. Also the above Essie Hill wife of William Hill died 28th February, 1880, aged 72 years.





Erected by Robert Magee of Annavackey in memory of his wife Margaret Magee who died 14th January 1836 aged 33 years.





Mary McCulleh died 25th June 1825 aged 56 years. This stone erected by her son Joseph McCullagh.



Journal of the Association for the Preservation of Memorials of the Dead, Vol. VIII. no. 4 (1911)



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Bradford Andrew Coulter [13]

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Bradford Samuel [12]

Campbell Mary [8]

Campbell William [8]

Clarke Alexander [1]

Clarke Elizabeth [1]

Crawley James [11]

Denny Anne [2]

Denny James [2]

Dickie Eleanor [17]

Dickie Elizabeth [18]

Dickie Euphemia [18]

Dickie George [18]

Dickie James [15]

Dickie James [16]

Dickie James [17]

Dickie James [18]

Dickie Jane [15]

Dickie Jane [18]

Dickie John T. [18]

Dickie John  [14]

Dickie John [17]

Dickie Joseph [18]

Dickie Joseph [19]

Dickie Margaret [17]

Dickie Maria [18]

Dickie Mary Anne [15]

Dickie Mary [16]

Dickie May [Mary?] [17]

Dickie Robert [15]

Dickie Robert [19]

Dickie Robert [21]

Dickie Robert [M.D.] [21]

Dickie Samuel [17]

Dickie William [15]

Dickie William [17]

Hill Essie [22]

Hill John William [22]

Hill William [22]

Jackson Charles Lieut. [14]

Magee Margaret [23]

Magee Robert [23]

McCullagh James [10]

McCullagh Jane [10]

McCullagh Joseph [24]

McCullagh Mary [10]

McCulleh Mary [24]

Meculla Margaret [Crawley] [11]

Moffett Ellenor [20]

Oliver Elizabeth [Bradford] [13]

Patterson Euphemia [Dickie] [17]

Robinson Eleanor [9]

Robinson Euphemia [9]

Robinson John [9]

Wallace Jane [Dickie]  [18]

Wallace John [18]


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