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Married Women Cross-Index


Adams see Brabazon

Addy see Norris

Aitken see Halfpenny

Algar? see Dixon

Allen see Daly

Allen see Sweeney

Allen see Toner

Allen see Woods

Anderson see French

Anslow see Gorman

Aughney see Keegan

Bagnell see Kelly

Baillie see Henry

Balmer see Ling

Banks see Kelly

Bannon see Connolly

Bannon see Heeney

Barnett see Paterson

Barrett see Sheedy

Barron see Flinn

Barron see O'Neill

Barry see McEvoy

Bath see Duffy

Beatty see Black

Beddy? see Murdock

Bedford see Farrell

Begley see Rooney

Beirth see Early

Bell see Johnston

Bellew see Flanagan

Bellew see Nugent

Bellew see Rochford

Bellew see Tallon

Bellewe see Taaffe

Bellingham see Woolsey

Bennett see Duff

Bergin see Malone

Bernard see Carr

Berrill see Boylan

Berrill see Haggins

Berrill see Moore

Berrill see Rogers

Black see Wills

Blake see Cummins

Blaney see Matthews

Blood see Conway

Boden see Brady

Boden see McDonnell

Bolton see Marshel

Bolton see Rogers

Bolton see Ward

Bowden? see Moonan

Boylan see Fogarty

Boylan see Matthews

Boylan see McGuirk

Boylan see Molloy

Boylan see Skelly

Boyle see Cavanagh

Boyle see Fretwell

Boyle see Kelly

Boyle see Woogan

Boyle? see Moore

Brabazon see Harkshaw

Brabazon see Jenney

Brabazon see Lambert

Bradford see Oliver

Bradford see Oliver

Bradley see Carey

Brady see Cain

Brady see Kenny

Brady see McQuail

Brady see Mortimer

Branagan see Connor

Branagan see King

Branagan see Nugent

Branigan see Devlin

Branigan see Fay

Branigan see Winters

Bready see Keelan

Bredon see McAuley

Brennan see English

Brennan see O'Brien

Brennan see Tiernan

Brett see Fisher

Brodigan see Malone

Brodigan see McLeer

Brophy see O'Neill

Brotherton see Straton

Brown see Borwick

Brown see Mateer

Browne see Freney

Buckley see Grogan

Burke see Clifford

Burke see Downes

Burke see McCaugherty

Burke see Munster

Burke see Rath

Burke? see Byrne

Burns see Gault

Burridge see Kieran

Butterly see Callan

Byone see Boyl

Byrn see McDermot

Byrne see Bellew

Byrne see Branagan

Byrne see Burne

Byrne see Carolan

Byrne see Carraher

Byrne see Casey

Byrne see Cavanagh

Byrne see Clarke

Byrne see Connor

Byrne see Cunningham

Byrne see Dowd

Byrne see Garry

Byrne see Hamill

Byrne see Harmon

Byrne see Jason

Byrne see Kearney

Byrne see Keelan

Byrne see Landy

Byrne see Lawless

Byrne see Magee

Byrne see Martin

Byrne see Moonan

Byrne see Moore

Byrne see Mullen

Byrne see Quigley

Byrne see Reilly

Byrne see Rogers

Byrne see Thornton

Byrne? see Mackin

Byrns see McVary

Cadell see Waringe

Caffrey see Brodie

Caffrey see Meehan

Cair see Dowdal

Cairnes see Hallowell

Cairnes see Tuthill

Caldwell see Kegan

Caldwell see Smith

Callaghan see Breen

Callaghan see Hughes

Callan see Belton

Callan see Breen

Callan see Byrne

Callan see Casey

Callan see Cunningham

Callan see Floody

Callan see Magee

Callan see Maguinness

Callan see Malone

Callan see McArdle

Callan see McKenna

Callan see Quinn

Callan see Reilly

Callan see Thornton

Callan? see Mullen

Callowhill see McAuley

Cambell see Branigan

Cambell see Morgan

Campbel see Murphy

Campbell see Byers

Campbell see Corrigan

Campbell see Flynn

Campbell see Hamill

Campbell see Morgan

Campbell see Reath

Campbell see Sarsfield

Caraher see Kirwan

Carbery see Connolly

Carey see Ogle

Carleton see McDowel

Carney see Flanagan

Carney see Halpenny

Carolan see Brady

Carolan see Brown

Carolan see Whitehead

Carr see Bagnall

Carr see McCabe

Carrick see McKeown

Carrolan see Matthews

Carroll see Bromley

Carroll see Byrn

Carroll see Christy

Carroll see Conley

Carroll see Farrelly

Carroll see Greene

Carroll see Grogan

Carroll see Hoey

Carroll see Hughes

Carroll see Markey

Carroll see Norris

Carroll see Patton

Carroll see Rooney

Carroll see Thornton

Carroll? see Sharkey?

Carroll? see Tiernan

Carter see Leech

Carvin see Coffey

Casey see Brady

Casey see Rooney

Casey? see Connolly

Cassidy see Wall

Caullan see Markey

Cavanagh see Conlon

Chambers see Byrne

Charleton see Stubbs

Cheesman see McEntee

Christy see Connellan

Christy see Cummins

Churchill see Crilly

Clare see Byrne

Clarke see Berrill

Clarke see Cockle

Clarke see Commons

Clarke see Cunningham

Clarke see Dillon

Clarke see Finnegan

Clarke see McCourt

Clarke see McDonnell

Clarke see Rooney

Clarke see Thornton

Clerke see Johnston

Clinton see Byrne

Clinton see O Neal

Clinton? see Heaney

Clinton? see Kavanagh

Cluskey see Mallon

Cluskey see Murtagh

Cluskey see Quinn

Coade see White

Coddington see Fullam

Codington see Kennedy

Coleman see Boylan

Coleman see Gartlan

Coleman see Garvey

Coleman see Hardy

Coleman see McArdle

Coleman see McGeough

Collier see Reath

Collins see Callan

Collins see Conway

Collins see Godfrey

Collins see Langmuir

Collins see McEntee

Compton see Porter

Conlan see Callan

Conlan see McArdle

Connell see Hughes

Connick see Collins

Connick see Fox

Connolly see Carroll

Connolly see Dolan

Connolly see Gorman

Connolly see Marron

Connolly see McKeown

Connolly see Mulqueen

Connolly see WOgan

Connor see Carroll

Connor see Collins

Connor see Donegan

Conway see Roche

Cooke see Tiernan

Coombes see Dowd

Cooney see Boyle

Cooper see Smyth

Corballis see Boyle

Corbally see Campbell

Corcoran see Cunningham

Corcoran see Fitzpatrick

Corrigan see Boyle

Corry see Moore

Cotterell see Whan

Coughlin see Little

Coulter see Irwin

Coulter see Moffett

Coulter see Parks

Courtnay see McKeown

Courtney see Connolly

Courtney see Faulkner

Courtney see McCullogh

Coyle see Gregory

Craig see Vaughan

Craven see Campbell

Crawley see Cashell

Crawley see Meculla

Crawley see Nurphy

Crilly see Hector

Crilly see Kinsell

Crilly see McDonald

Crinnon see Walsh

Crosbie see McCullough

Crosby see Maher

Crosby see Moley

Culack see Taaffe

Culligan see Ayres

Cumiskey see Julyan

Cummins see Donaldson

Cummins see Moore

Cunningham see Cassels

Cunningham see Finnegan

Cunningham see Fitzpatrick

Cunningham see Matthews

Cunningham see McInerney

Cunningham see Reilly

Cunningham see Sharkey

Curran see Dodd

Curran see O'Neill

Curtice see Barrett

Curtis see McNeany

Curtis see Mills

Dalton see Dolan

Daly see Allen

Daly see Anderson

Daly see Dwyer

Daly see Flood

Daly see Watts

Daniell see Holland

Darbey see Wilson

Darby see Mullholland

Darcy see O'Brien

Davis see Barton

Davis see Hughes

Deane see McKeever

Delaney see McKenna

Dennis see Dunne

Devin see Corrigan

Devin see Devitt

Devin see Keenan

Devin see McDonnell

Devine see McGough

Devine see Sagnall

Devlin see Matthews

Devlin see O'Neill

Dickie see McCulla

Dickie see Patterson

Dickie see Wallace

Dillaghan see Byrne

Dixon see Price

Doherty see Haverty

Doherty see Kelly

Dolan see Leonard

Dolan see McDonald

Dolan see McKeown

Dolohan see Carroll

Donegan see McDonnell

Donlon see McNally

Donnelly see Byrne

Donnelly see Connolly

Donnelly see Darby

Donnelly see Flanagan

Donnelly see Greene

Donnelly see Hanaway

Donnelly see Lambe

Donnelly see Lennon

Donnelly see Lynch

Donnelly see O'Neill

Donnelly see O'Rourke

Donoghue see White

Dooley see Sands

Dooly see Conly

Dorian see Hughes

Dougherty see Murphy

Dowd see Kavanagh

Dowdal see Healy

Dowdall see Carney

Dowdall see Delamare

Dowdall see Hussey

Dowdall see Kieran

Downey see Clarke

Doyle see Gernon

Doyle see Gough

Doyle see Govers

Doyle see Kieran

Doyle see McArdle

Doyle see McGinn

Doyle see Somerville

Drumgoole see Byrne

Drumgoole see Dawson

Drumgoole see Flynn

Drumgoole see Hardy

Dudley-Janns see Warren

Duff? see Byrne

Duffy see Condron

Duffy see Fulham

Duffy see King

Duffy see Martin

Duffy see McCabe

Duffy see McKeown

Duffy see Rafferty

Duggan see Maslowsky

Dullaghan see Carroll

Dullaghan see Owens

Dunn see Moonan

Dunne see O'Sullivan

Dunne see Rice

Durnin see Callan

Eakins see Hanlon

Earley see Carr

Eastwood see Bigger

Egan see Lynch

Elcock see Fitzwilliams

Ellis see Logan

Emerson see Clarke

Emerson see McCracken

English see Harmon

English see Kelly

English see McKeown

Everitt see Faulkner

Everitt see Grogan

Everitt see Quinn

Fairtclough see Cliffart

Farrell see Brady

Farrell see Coyle

Farrell see Daly

Farrell see Graham

Farrell see Lynch

Farrell see Maguire

Farrell see McGrane

Farrell see McGuirk

Farrell see Moonan

Farrell see Rooney

Faulkner see Commons

Faulkner see Greene

Faulkner see Kirwan

Faulkner see McCullogh

Faulkner see McNally

Faulkner? see Hannon

Fay see Freeman

Fealy see Callan

Fee see Rooney

Fegan see Bagnall

Fegan see Herty

Fegan see Simpson

Ffolkes see Foster

Ffolliot see Bolton

Filgate see Macartney

Finegan see Devin

Finegan see Devin

Finegan see Ekins

Finegan see Healy

Finegan see O'Neill

Finegan see Walsh

Finerty? see Quigley

Finglas see Hanratty

Finigan see Dowdall

Finigan see Sullivan

Finlay see Jebb

Finnegan see Brady

Finnegan see Cable

Finnegan see Doyle

Finnigen see Murphy

Fitspatrick see Smith

Fitzpatrick see Healy

Fitzsimons see Bowen

Fitzsimons see farrell

Fitzsimons see Fitzpatrick

Flanagan see Callan

Flanagan see Drew

Flanagan see Goodall

Flanagan see Guildea

Flanagan see McEvoy

Flanagan see Moonan

Flanigan see Dolan

Fleming see Dempsey

Fleming see Finnegan

Flinn see Carroll

Flinn see McCullin

Flinn see Mullin

Flood see Devine

Flood see O'Brien

Floody see Branigan

Floody see Byrne

Floody see Farrelly

Flyn see Levins

Flynn see Norris

Flynn see O'Hare

Foleon see McDaniel

Foley? see Hamilton

Forster see Smyth

Foskey see Murphy

Foster see McClintock

Fowke see Singleton

Foy see Boylan

Frain see Byrne

Freeman see McDonnell

Fuller see Verdon

Furzer see Duffy

Furzer see Vooren

Gaffney see Connor

Gallagher see Coogan

Gallagher see Hamill

Gallagher see Murray

Gallagher see O'Donald

Gallerher see McConville

Galt see Burns

Gargan see Kiely

Garland see Culhane

Garland see Kelly

Garry see Gorman

Garry see Hoey

Garry see McDowell

Gartlaney see Levins

Gartlanny see Taaffe

Gartlany see Hughes

Garvey see Burke

Garvey see Owens

Gaughan see Segrave

Gaughren see Branigan

Genity see Duffy

Genity see McNellow

Geraghty see Davis

Geraghty? see O'Neill

Gernon see Martin

Gerrard see Tallon

Giffney see Reburn

Giffney see Ruxton

Gilmer see Graham

Ginety see Callan

Glover see Myles

Gogan see Tuite

Goldyng see Cruse

Goldyng see Darcy

Goldyng see Flemyng

Goldyng see Fynglasse

Goodman see Kelly

Gorman see Fisher

Gorman see McEvoy

Gough see Gavin

Gough see Whyte

Goughhegan see Heany

Graham see Fleming

Graham see Fleming

Graham see Rundle

Grahan see Walsh

Gray? see McCarthy

Greene see Leland

Gregory see Kirwan

Griffin see Leonard

Griffin see McKeown

Griffin see Russell

Grills see Armstrong

Grimes see Reilly

Grome see Carthy

Guinnety? see McKenna

Gunning see Lenox-Cunningham

Hackett see Wood

Hale see McKenny

Hall see Reid

Halligan see Doherty

Halligan see Grant

Halligan see Horan

Halligan see King

Halpin see Brown

Halpin? see O'Toole

Hamel see Sheils

Hamill see McCartney

Hamill see McKeown

Hamilton see Fortescue

Hamilton see McGeough

Hamilton see Mordaunt

Hand see Browne

Hand see Walsh

Hanley see Nolan

Hanley see Walsh

Hanrahan see Doran

Hanrahan see McCann

Hanrahan see McCormack

Hanratty see Gargan

Hanratty see Leonard

Hanratty see Murphy

Hanratty see Norris

Hanratty see Reilly

Hansard see Rogers

Hardman see Bowers

Hardman see Heany

Hardy see Marron

Harlin see Levins

Harmon see Brett

Harmon see Garvey

Harmon see O'Brien

Harmon see Rourke

Harold see Cahill

Harold see Moore

Harris see Allen

Harte see Kelly

Hartigan see Lee

Harvey see Norcott

Haughey see Rice

Heagerty see Kelly

Healy see Cluskey

Healy see Collins

Healy see Fullam

Healy see Lynch

Healy? see Clarke

Hearty see Hulme

Hector see Reid

Heely see Fox

Heeney see McKone

Heeney see Pentony

Heeney see Verdon

Heeny see Gargan

Hegarty see Tracy

Henery see Hullan

Henry see Courtney

Herty see Fagan

Hession see Senior

Hevens see Crilly

Hiens see Taaffe

Higgins see Browne

Hill see Millross

Hinchey see McKenna

Hodgins see Calrke

Hoey see Clarke

Hoey see Ginnety

Hoey see Hand

Hoey see McLoughlin

Hoey see Spottiswood

Holdcroft see Quinn

Holden see McGuinness

Holland see Daniell

Holland see MvGeough

Hollywood see Kearon

Horan see Bazlinton

Hudson see Smyth

Hughes see Brennan

Hughes see Croghan

Hughes see Duffy

Hughes see Fairclough

Hughes see Jordan

Hughes see Maguire

Hughes see Smyth

Hughes see Sydney

Hullan see Leonard

Hullen see Leonard

Hullon see Trenor

Hussey see Smyth

Hutchins see Hunter

Jackson see Crilly

Jackson see Menary

Jameson see Woolsey

Jeffers see Forde

Jeson see Byrne

Jeson see Byrne

Johnson see Butterly

Johnson see Byrne

Johnson see Clinton

Johnson see Ebbit

Johnson see Hyland

Johnson see Pentony

Johnson see Reynett

Johnston see Darley

Johnston see Loughran

Jones see Barron

Jones see Devin

Jones see Usher

Jordan see McEnello

Jordan see Rispen

Kain see Hoey

Kane see Kierans

Kavanagh see Gallagher

Kavanagh see McManus

Kavanagh see Mulholland

Keappock see McConnell

Kearney? see Lennon

Kearns see Lawless

Kearns see Reilly

Keegan see Kelly

Keegan see Smith

Keenan see Hoey

Keiran see McMahon

Kelledy see Dullaghan

Kelledy see Rundle

Kelly see Anderson

Kelly see Boyle

Kelly see Brady

Kelly see Campbell

Kelly see Devin

Kelly see Drury

Kelly see Duffy

Kelly see Hughes

Kelly see Jonstone

Kelly see Markey

Kelly see McCormack

Kelly see McMahon

Kelly see McNally

Kelly see Murray

Kelly see Negrose

Kelly see Sullivan

Kenedy see Roddy

Kennedy see Hughes

Kennedy see Hughes

Kennedy see Walsh

Keogh see King

Kerley see Boland

Kerley see Feehan

Kerley see Murray

Kerr see Jordison

Kerr see Kimmons

Kerrigan see Fanning

Kieran see Kelly

Kieran see McSweeney

Kieran see Walle

Kieran? see Hughes

Kierans see Diamond

Kierans see Hodgins

Kierans see Kane

Kiernan see Kelly

Kiernan see McDonnell

Kiernan see Spence

Kilpatrick see Peliser

King see Briscoe

King see Norris

Kirwan see Bisset

Kirwan see Callaghan

Kirwan see Earley

Kirwan see Fanning

Kirwan see Flanagan

Kirwan see Hand

Kirwan see Hand

Kirwan see Winters

Labarte see White

Lally see Devaney

Lambe see Culleton

Lambe see Keegan

Lambe see McConnon

Lambe see Prendergast

Landy see Grant

Lannan see Carroll

Larkin see Murphy

Larney see Murphy

Lawless see Dulahan

Lawless see Markey

Lawless see McKone

Lawless see Mguinnes

Lawless see Reath

Leach see Carey

Leary see Murphy

Ledwith see Sherlock

Lee see O'Dempsey

Leech see Floody

Leech see Garvey

Leech see McDonnell

Leech see Palasz

Leech see Sheehan

Legget see Hanna

Lennon see Duffy

Lennon see Lee

Lennon see Martin

Lennon see McEvoy

Lennon see Rogan

Leonard see Crookes

Leonard see Doolan

Leonard see Flood

Leonard see Kelly

Leonard see Morgan

Leslie see Tiernan

Leslie see Traynor

Levins see Allen

Levins see Dolan

Levins see Landers

Levins see O'Boyle

Levins see Peters

Lewis see McGee

Long see Haynes

Longworth see Armstrong

Loudon see Goson

Loughran see Duffin

Loughran see Odair

Louth see McKeever

Lowry see Levins

Lowth see Carroll

Lynch see Berrill

Lynch see Kennedy

Lynch see Kirk

Lynch see Landsdowne

Lynum see Meath

Macartney see Thomas

MacCaffry see Mathews

MacDonald see McEneaney

Mackin see Cavanagh

Mackin see Courtney

Mackin see Walsh

Mackle see Farrell

Magee see Farrell

Magee see Geraghty

Magee see McKeown

Magennis see Carron

Magennis see Murphy

Magner see Monk

Magoris see Rispin

Maguire see Byrne

Maguire see Byrne

Maguire see Coogan

Maguire see Magrane

Maguire see Markey

Maher see Carroll

Maher see Lynch

Mallon see Rooney

Maloca see Guildea

Malone see Hoey

Maloney? see Crowley

Mandeval see McKevit

Mangan see Carney

Markey see King

Markey see Leonard

Markey see McGuinness

Markey see Reed

Markey see Rooney

Marley see Jones

Marron see Hernan

Marron see Kieran

Marry see Kirk

Marry see Moonan

Marry see Rafferty

Marten see Whitehead

Martin see Doudall

Martin see Duffy

Martin see Fleming

Martin see Wynne

Mathews see Byrne

Mathews see Casey

Mathews see Cassidy

Mathews see Garretty

Mathews see Little

Mathews see Mongey

Mathews see Murphy

Mathews see Reily

Mathews see Walsh

Mathews? see Kavanagh

Matthews see Callan

Matthews see Carr

Matthews see Duffy

Matthews see Gonnelly

Matthews see Mallon

Matthews see McArdle

Matthews see O'Reilly

Matthews see Wallave

McAlester see Cunningham

McAlister see Clarke

McAnnally see McEvoy

McArdle see Carron

McArdle see Cassidy

McArdle see Fitzsimons

McArdle see Murray

McArdle see Nugent

McArdle see O Biern

McArdle see Quigley

McAtee see McKinley

McAtee see Murtaugh

McBride see Commons

McBride see Lavery

McBride see Reason

McCabe see Casey

McCabe see Kelly

McCabe see McDonald

McCabe see Murphy

McCabe see Ross

McCabe see Sullivan

McCaffrey see White

McCann see Carroll

McCann see Frith

McCann see Toner

McCanna see O'Hanlon

McCardel see Crawley

McCardel see Dowdall

McCarthy see Reynolds

McCartie see Malocca

McCartney see Cassidy

McCartney see Murray

McCartney see Smyth

McClain see Reilly

McClain see Wherly

McCleane see Markey

McClintock see Bird

McComiskey see Murrison

McComiskey see Pollock

McConin see Branagan

McConnell see Mulcahy

McConnon see Balfe

McConnon see Connolly

McConnon see Gargan

McConnon see Mullally

McConville see Ennis

McCormack see Campbell

McCormack see Carley

McCormack see Foley

McCormack see Teggart

McCormack see Tooth

McCormick see Cunningham

McCormick see McCabe

McCoy see Grant

McCullach see Farquharson

McCullagh see Faulkner

McCullin see Flanagan

McCullogh see Kelly

McCullough see Connor

McCullough see Graves

McCullough see Monaghan

McCullough see Reilly

McDaniel see Meegan

McDermott see Hartley

McDonald see Early

McDonald see Gosling

McDonald see Muaary

McDonald see Taaffe

McDonald? see Sarsfield?

McDonnald see Branagan

McDonnell see Clutterbuck

McDonnell see Courtnay

McDonnell see Devlin

McDonnell see Drew

McDonnell see Farrell

McDonnell see Gibney

McDonnell see Hunt

McDonnell see Levins

McDonnell see Martin

McDonnell see Matthews

McDonnell see McGinn

McDonnell see McNally

McDonnell? see McGrane

McDonnell? see Sharkey

McDougall see Taylor

McElroy see Pepper

McEneaney see Maher

McEneaney see Sheils

McEneany see Dunn

McEnnany see Hoey

McEntaggart? see Reilly

McEntegart see Duffy

McEntegart see Hoey

McEvoy see Duffy

McEvoy see O'Hare

McEvoy see Reynolds

McEvoy? see Craven

McGee see Hughes

McGee see Rooney

McGeough see Bishop

McGeough see Cullen

McGeough see Hughes

McGeough see MvGahon

McGill see Boden

McGinn see Reilly

McGlone see O'Reilly

McGovern see Fairtclough

McGovern see Flanagan

McGovern see Garry

McGovern see McDonald

McGowan see O'Donegan

McGrane see Roche

McGrath see Connolly

McGuiness see McKenna

McGuiness see Melvin

McGuinness see Carroll

McGuinness see Devoy

McGuinness see Duffy

McGuinness see Lee

McGuinness see Matthews

McGuinness see O'Hagan

McGuinness see O'Toole

McGuinness see Sheridan

McGuire see Kelly

McGuirk see Boylan

McGwire see Clarke

McInnes see Kelly

McKeever see Byrne

McKeever see Carpenter

McKeever see Clinton

McKenna see Levins

McKenna see McCrave

McKenna see Rogers

McKenna? see White

McKeon? see Greene

McKeone see Meade

McKeown see McShane

McKevitt see Feagan

McKey see O'Rourke

McKowan see Fitzgerald

McLeer see Conwell

McLeer see Mulcahy

McLoughlin see Duff

McMahon see Byrne

McMahon see Hagan

McMahon see Kelly

McMahon see Matthews

McMahon see McAlester

McMahon Taaffe see Hanratty

McNally see Farrell

McNally see Guzman

McNally see Harte

McNamee see Duffy

McNeale see Beatty

McOwen see Bizel

McPhillips see Campbell

McQuade see Watt

McQuail see Bell

McShane see Campbell

McShane see King

McTiee see Doud

McVeigh see Bannon

Meade see O'Brien

Meade see Sarsfield

Meegan see Kenny

Meegan see Treacy

Meehan see Kirwan

Megay see Patteson

Mercer see Moore

Merger see Byrne

Milne see McGrane

Milne? see Jack

Moffett see Hughes

Mohan see Nolan

Molloy see Callan

Montgomery see Bellingham

Moonan see Barnes

Moonan see Beglan

Moonan see Bellew

Moonan see Cartan

Moonan see Garry

Moonan see Lyons

Moonan see Nawn

Moonan see Owens

Moonan see Powderly

Moonan see Saurin

Mooney see Campbell

Mooney see Lewis

Moore see Floud

Moore see Lichfield

Moore see Meads

Moore? see Milne?

Morgan see Cotter

Morgan see King

Morgan see McDonneld

Morgan see Murphy

Muckian see Marmion

Mulholland see Boylan

Mulholland see Clifford

Mulholland see Cruikshanks

Mulholland see Gugerty

Mulholland see Landy

Mulholland see Self

Mullan see Jordan

Mullen see Kelly

Mullen see Kenny

Mullen see Murphy

Mulligan see Heaslip

Mullin see Callan

Mulroy see Healy

Mulvany see Kelly

Mulvany see Murphy

Mulvany see Sheridan

Munster see McDannel

Murphy see Bodkin

Murphy see Cardiff

Murphy see Carolan

Murphy see Cawl...

Murphy see Collier

Murphy see Conlon

Murphy see Connell

Murphy see Corcoran

Murphy see Farrell

Murphy see Fearon

Murphy see Healy

Murphy see Kelly

Murphy see Kelly

Murphy see Markey

Murphy see Matthews

Murphy see McDonald

Murphy see McGovern

Murphy see McPhillips

Murphy see Morgan

Murphy see Mulhollan

Murphy see O'Brien

Murphy see Osborne

Murphy see Smith

Murphy see Stokes

Murphy see Taaffe

Murphy see Tiernan

Murray see Cooney

Murray see Finegan

Murray see Gromes

Murray see Lukawitz

Murray see McAra

Murray see Nash

Murray see O'Brien

Murray see Wolfe

Murtagh see Carroll

Murtagh see McCooey

MvInulty see Caldwell

Myles see Byrne

Neary see Riely

Needham see Foot

Neugent see Clarke

Nicholls see Clements

Nicholson see Casement

Nolan see McCaffrey

Noonan see Dyas

North see Grey

Northen see Courtney

Norton see Campbell

Notingham see Moore

Nugent see Browne

Nugent see Wynne

Nulty see Garry

O'Beirne see Mullen

O'Brien see Cooney

O'Brien see Downey

O'Brien see McDonnell

O'Brien see McGuire

O'Brien see Moore

O'Brien see O'Donnell

O'Callaghan see Tomlin

O'Callaghan? see Duffy?

O'Callaghan? see Duffy?

O'Connell see Schweda

O'Connor see Behan

O'Connor see Callan

O'Connor see Craig

O'Gorman see Cor

O'Hagan see Roberts

O'Hanlon see O'Connell

O'Hare see Kelly

O'Hare see McKay

O'Hare see McKevitt

O'Hare see Roslyn

O'Hare see Savage

O'Keeffe see Harris

O'Leary see Smith

Olpherris see Johnstone

O'Neill see Boylan

O'Neill see Byrne

O'Neill see Clegg

O'Neill see Murray

O'Neill see Whitsitt

Onslow see Gorman

O'Reilly see Carney

O'Reilly see Daly

O'Reilly see Hanratty

O'Reilly see Ternan

O'Reilly? see Downey?

O'Rourke see Halpin

O'Rourke? see O'Hanlon

O'Sullivan see Egan

Owens see Darby

Owens see Freeman

Owens see Goodfellow

Owens see McAllister

Owens see McCanna

Palmer see Barnewall

Park see Bailie

Parke see Hudson

Parker see Ralph

Parks see Barnett

Parsons Lappin see Greene

Pattison see Rowland

Peel see Chadwick

Penders see Finegan

Pentony see Branigan

Pentony see Colgan

Pentony see Skelly

Pepper see Munkittrick

Phepoe see Littlle

Plunket see Cairnes

Plunket see Hanlon

Plunket see Keegan

Plunkett see Power

Plunkett see Scott

Pollock? see Murrison

Powderly see Rogers

Power see Lecky

Prenderghast see Fairtclough

Prinsep see Brush

Quick see Plunket

Quigley see Clarke

Quigley see McGee

Quinn see English

Quinn see Kierans

Quinn? see Cooke

Rafferty see Falconer

Rafferty see Rice

Raftery see Kavanagh

Rath see Burke

Rath see Gorman

Rath see Kirwan

Rea... see Callan

Reath see Byrne

Reid see McArdle

Reilley see Maginnes

Reilly see Callan

Reilly see Carolan

Reilly see Cassidy

Reilly see Fitzsimons

Reilly see Gormley

Reilly see McDonnell

Reilly see McGrane

Reilly see Mullen

Reilly see Smith

Respin see Drumgoole

Reynolds see Bollard

Reynolds see Brown

Reynolds see Carroll

Reynolds see Flinn

Reynolds see King

Reynolds see Levins

Reynolds see Mulqueen

Reynolds see Taaffe

Rice see Finegan

Richardson see Clarke

Roberts see Reynolds

Robertson see Armstrong

Roche see Callan

Roche see McNamara

Roddy see Conlon

Roddy see Rielly

Roden see McArdle

Rodgers see Duffy

Rody see Hand

Roe see Neary

Roe see Tuite

Rogerd see Kirwan

Rogers see Carron

Rogers see Malone

Rogers see McGuinness

Rogers see Moore

Rolston see Heary

Rooney see Bedford

Rooney see Callaghan

Rooney see Collins

Rooney see Cranny

Rooney see Fagan

Rooney see Goring

Rooney see Hoey

Rooney see McHugh

Rooney see Murray

Rooney see O'Callaghan

Rothwell see Little

Rourke see Keaskin

Rourke see Sheils

Rourke see Wherty

Rowe see Moonan

Ruddy see Buckley

Runey see Burne

Russell see Mullen

Sandys see Martin

Sarsfield see Donegan

Savage see Macartney

Shanley see Beahan

Sharkey see Carroll

Sharkey see Garvey

Sharkey see Kirk

Sharkey see Wehrly

Shegog see Johnson

Sheils see Flynn

Shekelton see Tyrell

Shelbourne see McArdle

Shelly see Cuda

Shelly see Vokes

Sheridan see Cleland

Sheridan see Dooley

Sheridan see McCormack

Sheridan see Monahan

Sherlock see McCullin

Sherry see Lawlor

Shevlin see Coleman

Shevlin see Maguire

Shiels see Conn

Shiels see Dolan

Shiels see Kelly

Shiels see Martin

Short see Kennedy

Silcock see Greer

Singleton see Fowke

Singleton see Spencer

Skean see Brannagan

Skean see Clinton

Skeffington see Healy

Skeffington see Kelly

Slane see Dillon

Smart see McCabe

Smidt see Ni Bhroin

Smith see Bell

Smith see Boylan

Smith see Donagh

Smith see Dunne

Smith see Farrell

Smith see Farrell

Smith see FArrelly

Smith see Hathaway

Smith see Kelly

Smith see Kinch

Smith see Labarte

Smith see McConnell

Smith see McConnon

Smith see Murphy

Smith see Murray

Smith see Smallhorne

Smith see Thompson

Smith see Winters

Smith? see Jenny?

Smyth see McDermott

Smyth see McKenna

Soraghan see Dorian

Spottiswood see O'Brien

Stanley see Byrne

Stanley see Halligan

Stanley see Willett

Steen see Boylan

Stevenson see Bromhead

Straton see Reid

Sullivan see Byrne

Sullivan see Kierans

Sweeney see Martin

Sweeney see McArdle

Swift see Carr

Swift see Cunningham

Taaff see Clark

Taaffe see Callan

Taaffe see Gernon

Taaffe see Purcell

Taaffe see Stanley

Tait see Whiteman

Tallan see Milne

Tallon see Horne

Tallon see White

Taylor see McDonald

Telfer see Taylor

Telford see Hearn

Tempest see McDowell

Ternan see Brunskill

Ternan see Singleton

Ternan see Skelly

Terney see Gartlany

Terney see McCollow

Terney see McKenna

Thompson see Leland

Thompson see Power

Thornton see McDonnell

Thornton see O'Connor

Thornton see O'Neill

Tiernan see Sheridan

Tiernan see Stanley

Tierney see McEntee

Tierney see Murphy

Tipping see Geany

Tomlin see O'Callaghan

Toner see Callahan

Toner see Fanning

Toner see Gillmor

Toner see Lawless

Toner see Maguire

Toner see Markey

Toole see Maguire

Toombs see McAlester

Touhy see Plunkett

Townley see Toombs

Traynor see Bulmer

Traynor see O'Malley

Treanor see Dunster

Trenor see Kirwan

Troy see Kilduff

Tuite see Kirk

Tuite see Southard

Tully see Broadbridge

Tully see Lynch

Turnbull see Halpin

Turnbull see Rundle

Tyrrel see Murray

Tyrrell see Woods

Urmston see Brabazon

Usher see Mulholland

Ussher see Ryan

Ussher see Usher

Verdon see Callan

Verviers see Dolan

Vicars? see Henery?

Villiers see Jameson

Wade see Carolan

Wade see Hall

Wade see Robinson

Wade see Thornton

Wade see Woods

Waliron see Moore

Walker see Robinson

Wall see McGovern

Wallace see Dickie

Wallace see Grimes

Wallace see Lyons

Wallace see McGuinness

Wallace see Taaffe

Waller see McGrath

Walls see Bellingham

Walsh see Carroll

Walsh see Long

Walsham see Woolsey

Ward see Finegan

Ward see Garaty

Ward see Monnahan

Ward see White

Warren see Brabazon

Waters see Donley

Waters see Tiernan

Watson see Murphy

Watters see Lennon

Watters see Rice

Webb see Workman

Wetherill see Willan

Whearty see Markey

Whearty? see McCullough

White see McBride

White see McCusker

White see Rath

White see Troy

White? see Kelly

Whitehead see Flanagan

Whitehead see Maguire

Whitehead see Mohan

Williams see Power

Wilson? see Thomas

Wood see Ferguson

Woodbine see Hosie

Woodlock see Butterly

Woods see Boylan

Woods see Dillon

Woods see Haines-Dent

Woods see Niblock

Woods see Roberts

Woods see Sweeney

Woolsey see Smith

Woolsey see Thompson

Wright see Flanagan

Wye see Urmston

Wynne see English

Yarrer see Peirce



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