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Some short lists.

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1707 Arrears of Rent Dundalk and Drogheda

1761 Louth Militia Officers

1767 Petition against Thomas Hughes, Inn-keeper, Dundalk

1794 Blaney Balfour Approbation

1798 Justices of the Peace

1804 Louth Subscribers to Rev Neilson's Book of Greek Exercises 1804

1815 Louth Convicts Awaiting Transportation Summer

1837 Drogheda & Dundalk Spirit Licence Holders


1890 Dulargy New Schools

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                1767 Petition to Stephen Sibthorpe, Co. Louth Parliamentarian

                1795 Ralph Smyth (Drogheda) Approbation

1891 Lady Constance Bellingham Memorial Subscription


1922 Louth County Councillors

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"A List of Arrears of Rent delivered by the late trustees to ye Commrs of the Revenue together wth the proceedings that have been had thereof."

Person entered in Arrears ...... The Arrears Returned



Beaumont & Brady …… £47.09.02½

Bellew [see Vaughan]

Birford, Michael …… £1.01.06

Blakney, John & Orsborn, Frans. …… £15.07.04½

Brady [see Beaumont]

Disney, Ebenezar …… £153.09.00

Disney, Mr. [or Mrs.], [see Nisbett]

Ellery  [see Williams]

Fleming, Alice    }

Fleming, Arthur  } …… £14.02.10

Fleming, Garrett }

Fyan, Charles [see Reily]

Fyan, Charles …… £12.14.09½

Gernon, Richard …… £85.09.08

Heron, Randall …… £31.14.01½

Heron, Robt. …… £21.13.04½

Horrish, John …… £2.17.06

Hussey, John …… £399.00.00

Kettlewell, John …… £5.17.00

Leigh, John …… £3.10.00

Meredith, Arthur …… £53.15.00

Nangle, Frans. …… £19.00.00

Nisbett, Albert & Disney, Mr. [or Mrs.] …… £7.12.01

Orsborn, Frans. [see Blakney]

Peppard, Christ. }

Peppard, Tho.    } …… £1.05.06

Percivell, John …… £34.00.00

Ranger, Garrett …… £1.15.10

Reily, James & Fyan, Charles …… £2.00.03½

Russell, Peter …… £2.12.06

Sharp, Sarah …… £1.10.00

Shenton, Richd. …… £172.11.00

Singleton, Edward …… £464.15.01½

Vaughan, Perkins & -, Bellew …… £7.10.00

Ward, Gregory …… £4

West, William …… £5

Williams, Richd. & -, Ellery …… 19/4


Dundalk District

Bellingham, Thomas ...... £4.10.00

Bellingham, Thomas ...... £13.10.00

Feilding, Sr. Charles ...... £145.17.00

Hanlan, Hugh ...... £5

Peppard, Nicholas ...... £1.14.03

Smith, Jeremy ...... £5

Williams, Richard ...... £15


                    Reference: National Library of Ireland Pos. 4011 [PRO Kew, State Papers 66/B/14]


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A Regiment of Dragoons arrayed 1756


The Colonel's Commission is dated the 12th April 1758

Colonel James Earl of Clanbrassil

Lt. Col. John Sotheby

Major Thos. Tipping



Robert Parkinson

Thos. Tenison

Ephraim Stannus

Capt. Lt. James Hamilton



Wm. Lee

Charles Aston

Ross Moore

John Owen

John Tweman



Daniel McNeal

Latham Blacker

John Parks

John Banks

Richard Pockerish

John Clarke


An Independent Company arrayed in 1756


CAPTAIN Isaac Read

First Lt. John Dawson

Second Lt. Wm. Murray

Ensign Stephen Joncourt


Anon. A List of Officers in the Several Regiments & Independent Troops & Companies of Militia in Ireland; Taken from the Book in the Secretaries Offices, Dublin. Printed in the year M.DCC.LXI


From: Militia Officers in the County of Louth 1761 p.55 (Genealogical Office, Dublin, ref. GO 608)



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From Freeman's Journal. Issue 17-21 November 1767


'Thomas Hughes of Dundalk, Inn-keeper, having promised to open House for Faithful Fortescue, Esq; and broken his Word, Mr. Fortescue's Friends have agreed never to resort his House on any public Occasion. Dundalk, Nov. 9th, 1767.


Bla. Balfour

Bla. J. Balfour

Sam. Banks

Ab. Ball

John Barlow

Henry Bellingham

Alan Bellingham

Town. Blackwood

Wm. Barbazon

Lamb. Brabazon

Harry Brabazon

Phil. Brabazon

Anth. Brabazon

Anth. Brabazon

Wm. Brabazon

James Brabazon

Gra. Chamney

John Chamney

Mark Cassedy

Jos. Coulter

Rich. Dawson

John Dawson

Town. Dawson

Brab. Eccleston

Wm. Eccleston

Brab. Eccleston

Mat. Fortescue

Faith. Fortescue

Geo. Fleming

Robert Gorges

John Graham

Ross Gyles

Richard Hamilton

Wm. Hamilton

Thomas Hamilton

Thomas Hatch

Rob. M. Jones

Tho. M. Jones

Wm. Johnston

John O'Kane

Geo. Kennedy


Tho. Lee

John Lowther

Edward Mayne

Charles Mayne

Mal McNeale

Fairfax Mercer

Ross Moor

Wm. Moor

Hugh Moor

John Moor

Ch. Nicholson, sen.

Ch. Nicholson, Jun.

Ad. Noble

Brab. Jenney

Wm. Richards

Dav. Richardson

Sing. Rochfort

Rob. Ross. Rowan

John Ruxton

Ch. Ruxton

Gibb. Ruxton

Geo. Sheils

Town. Smith

Jer. Smith

Hugh Stafford

Ed. S. Stafford

James Taffe

Tho. Tipping

Edw. Tipping

Ch. Tonge

Ch. Whyte

Tho. Wynne'


(courtesy of G.H. O'Reilly)


[Webmaster's Note: The above list was also reproduced, using Faulkner's Journal as a source, in 'A county Louth Bye-Election in 1767' by Rev. T. Gogarty, C.C., in the County Louth Archaeological & Historical Society Journal, Vol 1, No.3, 1906.   The format of the above list is slightly different.   It is not clear from the journal article what the connection is between the goings-on in the by-election, fought between Blayney T. Balfour Esq., Alan Bellingham Esq., Faithful Fortescue Esq., and Stephen Sibthorpe, and the above list, though it was obviously a bitterly fought contest.]




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Blaney Balfour Approbation 1794

[Freeman's Journal, 25 March 1794]



To BLANEY BALFOUR, Esq; Late High Sheriff of the County of LOUTH


The Address of the GRAND JURORS thereof, at LENT ASSIZES, 1794.




We take the earliest Opportunity which the present Assizes offer, of expressing to you our sense of your spirited, manly, and prudent, Conduct, in the office of High Sheriff, throughout a Year of much difficulty and great public Disturbance.


Every man in the county, who is attached to the true principles of the Constitution, who reveres the Laws, and knows that the security of his Liberty and Property depends on their enforcement, and on the purity and respectability of Juries, must feel with us, the most cordial Approbation of your Conduct, and a sincere Gratitude for your Exertions.


Accept, then, our warmest Acknowledgements, and believe us to be,


            With the utmost respect and esteem,

                        Your very faithful and

                                    Obedient humble servants,


            John Foster, Foreman,                                  William Filgate,

            Mathew Fortescue,                                        William Sheils,

            Richard Dawson,                                           John Leigh,

            Henry Bellingham,                                          William Eccleston,

            Richard Cooper,                                             Nicholas Coddington,

            John William Foster,                                      Norman Steele,

            Wallop Brabazon,                                           Philip Brabazon,

            Henry Foster,                                                 Thomas William Filgate,

            John Thomas Foster,                                      Acheson Thompson,

            George Fostescue,                                          Alexander McClintock,

            Thomas Lee,                                                   Wm. Lat. Blacker.




To which Mr. BALFOUR returned the following Answer:




Permit me to return you my grateful Thanks for the flattering manner in which you have been pleased to express your approbation of my Conduct, whilst I served as Sheriff for the County of Louth.


Your Address is equally honourable and unexpected, conscious that I could deserve no merit from following the simple line of my duty.


To pursue, without deviation, that path which has lead to the Approbation of so respectable a Body, shall at all times be the Endeavour of him who has honour to assure you that he is, with unfeigned gratitude and respect,


Gentlemen, your most devoted,

            Humble, and obedient Servant,

                        B. BALFOUR

[see also 1361-1918 Co. Louth High Sheriffs]



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Earl of Bellamont

Earl of Bective

Sir Edward Bellew, Bt.

John Darby

John McClintock

John Owens

Thomas Lee

Henry Codington

Francis Tipping

William Eccleston

Philip Brabazon

Thomas O'Reilly

Thomas Newcomen

William Stopford

Norman Steele

William Shiels

James Ford

John Montgomery

Francis Evans

Robert Cooper

Turner Camac

Alexander Rogers

Christopher Jenny

Thomas Benson

Edward Hudson, clerk

Robert Hutchenson

Neal McNeal

John Ogle

Hon. Percy Jocelyn, clerk

T. Parks MacNeale

William Park Ruxton

David Atkinson

Blaney Balfour

Richard Fisher, clerk

Henry Brabazon

Wallop Brabazon

Alexander McClintock

Francis Manning

John Dawson

William Jones

William Filgate

John William Foster

Maj. Gen. C. Eustace

Thomas Gateker

Brig. Gen. Cradock

Philip Pendleton

T. Patten Filgate

William Moore

Matthew Fostescue

William Fortescue


Commissioners for Affidavits

Henry Hughes

Matthew Moneypeny


Transcribed from 'John Watson Stewart's Almanack 1798' in The Treble Almanack for the year MDCCXCVIII



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1804 Louth Subscribers to Rev Neilson's Book of Greek Exercises


County Louth Subscribers to a book on Greek exercises by the Rev. William Neilson, published by Joseph Parks of Dundalk in 1804:

Atkinson George

Atkinson John

Bailie John

Balmer Thos.

Bigger Lennox

Boyle Robert

Bradford Andrew

Bradford Samuel

Byrne Gerald

Byrne John

Callan Michael

Callan Patrick

Carroll John

Chapman James

Clarke Michael

Cleland John

Coleman Peter

Coleman Thomas

Concanen Dr.

Connolly Peter

Coulter J.

Dickie James

Duffy B.

Eastwood J. (Rev.)

Foster -

Gillachan James

Hale Henry

Hinds Dr.

Jocelyn -

Johnston James

Johnston Thomas

Kelly James

Kelly Owen

Kennedy Lynas

Kieran James

Lavisher Philip

Lockhart George

Martin Patrick

Maxwell Henry

Maxwell John

McAlester James

McArdle E. (Rev., D.D.)

McCallum John

McCann John

McGusty Dan.

McIntosh James

McKenny P.

McKeone Patrick

McKeone Thomas

McNeale Wolfe

McSherry Hugh

Morton S.

Neilson J.A. (Dr.)

Page John

Page Robert

Purcell Tobias

Reid Wm.

Rogers Edward

Sands R.

Scott John

Shekleton J.

Soraghan Simon

Taffe John

Tallon Edward

Tallon John

Tallon L.

Thomson Robert

Thornton Patrick

Tipping J.

Twibill George

Tyrrell Geo.

Verdon John

Wilson John

Woods Hugh

Woods James

Taken from The Dundalk Democrat, 07 August 1915.


[The article in the paper does not give the title of the book but it is most likely Greek Idioms, Exhibited in Select Passages, from the Best Authors: With English Notes and a Parsing Index, etc., etc., which went through various publications with various publishers in the early part of the 19th century]


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The following details are taken from the Official Papers in the National Archives of Ireland. The reference number is OP 439/15


As well as the names, it gives some indication of the crimes that merited either the death penalty or transportation. 


The details given in the return are:


Name, Age, Crime, When and before whom Tried, Sentence, Health of Individual, Character of Individual. Other comments are sometimes added.   My own comments are in brackets [ ].





Patrick Halligan, 25, Stealing Waring Apparel, Judge Osborne, Summer 1815, 7 Years Transportation, Good, Good in Gaol.


Bryan Laughren, 30, Vagrant,  Judge Osborne, Summer 1815, 7 Years Transportation, Good, Good in Gaol.


Catherine Goff, 21, Picking Pockets,  Judge Osborne, Summer 1815, 7 Years Transportation, Good, Good in Gaol.


Ann Maginness, 27, Picking Pockets,  Judge Osborne, Summer 1815, 7 Years Transportation, Good, Good in Gaol.



County Louth


Barthw. Duffey, 27, Grand Larceny, Judge Mayne, Spring 1815, 7 Years [Transportation], Good, Good in Gaol.


Francis O'Heare, 26, Horse Stealing, Judge Mayne, Spring 1815, Death respited Transportation for Life, Good, Good in Gaol.


Edward McQuade, 26, Grand Larceny, Judge Mayne, Spring 1815, 7 Years [Transportation], Good, Good in Gaol.


Thomas McKenna, 34, Cow Stealing, Judge Mayne, Spring 1815, 7 Years [Transportation], Delicate, Good in Gaol.


Bridget Hurley, 30, Grand Larceny, Baron McClelland, Summer [18]15, 7 Years [Transportation], Good, Good.




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1837 Drogheda & Dundalk Spirit Licence Holders


A Return of the Name & Residence, specifying the Streets & Numbers of the Houses of All Individuals in the Towns of Ireland which return Members to same in Parliament, who have made application or received EXCISE LICENCES for the Sale of Spirits in Premises under the Annual Value of £10, since October 1832


Parliamentary Papers, ‘Second Report from the Select Committee’, Vol XI Part II, 1837


[Format in Original listing is Name, Residence, Number of the House. In the case of Drogheda, the 'Number of the House' is specified as 'None' in all cases.]




Barron, Richard, John-street

Boden Patrick, West-street

Brown George, Bachelor’s-walk

Cahill John, Bolton-street

Campbell Duncan, North-strand

Campbell John. North-road

Caulfield Peter, The Bull-ring

Cheevers Michael, Sunday-gate

Collins Bartholomew, The Bull-ring

Collins John, Bolton-street

Connell Richard, Collen-road [sic]

Connolly Peter, North-strand

Conway Patrick, North-road

Curry Matthew, Collen-road [sic]

Dillon James, Collern-road [sic]

Donegan Owen, Trinity-street

Finegan Peter, Beamire-road

Flanagan Margaret, Sundays-gate

Flanagan Mary, Sundays-gate

Healy John, Collon-road

Healy Margaret, Laurence-street

Hoey George, Collon-road

Keating Robert, Magdalen-road

M’Cann Rose Ann, Laurence-street

M’Dermott Mary, James-street

M’Gobrick Patrick, Magdalen-street

Macken Michael, Peter-street

Magee Bridget Ann, West-street

Maguirk Michael, North-road

Merry Christopher, Dyer-street

Murphy Patrick, West-street

Read Sarah, Sundays-gate

Slevin Peter, West-street

Slevin Thomas, North-road

Smyth Laurence, Laurence-street

Spence John, Fair-street

Tiernan Richard, Laurence-street

Warren William, Magdelan-street [sic]

Weldon Patrick, Beamire-road

Woods Catherine, Sundays-gate

Woods Peter, Peter-street



Boyle Thomas, 96 Park-street

Callan Peter, 25 Bridge-street

Cocheran John, 5 Park-street

Fitzpatrick Anthony, 6 Church-street

Gray Samuel, 83 Bridge-street

Gregory Thomas, 79 Bridge-street

Heron William, 30 Church-street

Mackey Thomas, 3 Park-street

Martin Mary, 10 Clanbrassil-street

Matthews Thomas, 47 Clanbrassil-street

Treyner James, 54 Clanbrassil-street

Woods Thomas, 6 Park-street

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1890 Dulargy New Schools Subscriptions


Canon Hughes begs to acknowledge gratefully the following subscriptions to the Dulargy New School Fund: -

His Grace the Primate £50

Very Rev. Canon Hughes, P.P.  £50

Lord Carlingford £20

Mr P. Carney, J.P. £5

Captain Byrne £5

Mr. B. McPoland £5

Mr. E. Connolly £5

Very Rev Father Barry, CSSR £2

Mr. R.L. Brown, J.P. £2

Mr. J. Johnston £2

Mr. J. Connolly £2

Mr. P. Connolly £2

Mr. J. McAdorey £2

Rev. Father Fox, C.C. £2

Very Rev. Archdeacon Murphy, P.P. V.G. £1

Very Rev. Canon McCrystal, P.P. £1

Very Rev. Canon Rice, P.P. £1

Very Rev. Canon Macken £1

Very Rev. Canon McGee, P.P. £1

Very Rev. Dr. McDonald, P.P. £1

Rev. P. McGeeney, P.P. £1

Rev. H. Murphy, P.P. £1

Rev. A. Rogers, P.P. £1

Rev. P. Fagan, C.C. £1

Rev. F. Murtagh, C.C. £1

Rev. J. Loughran[?], C.C. £1

Rev. B. O'Gorman, C.C. £1

Mr. Brown £1

Mr. J. Johnston £1

Mt. T. Connick £1

Mr. Moynagh £1

Mr. Carolan £1

Messrs. H.F. and J. McCann £1

Messrs. Findlater & Co. £1

Messrs F. O'Neill & Co. £1

Mr. H. McArdle £1

Dr. Blake £1

Mr. O'Hare £1

Mr. T. Woods £1

Mr. J.D. O'Neill £1

Mr. W. Kearney £1

Mr. B. Quinn £1

Mr. A. Kearney £1

Mr. F. Boyle £1

Rev. B. Donnellan, C.C. 10s

Rev. M. Mackee, C.C. 10s

Rev. T. O'Neill, C.C. 10s

Rev. T. McDonald, C.C. 10s

Rev. B. Grant, C.C. 10s

Rev. C. Short, C.C. 10s

Rev. P. Quinn, C.C. 10s

Rev. P. Segrave, C.C. 10s

Rev. P. Pentony, C.C. 10s

Mr. M. McDonald 10s

Mr. O. Cassidy 10s

Mr. P. Mathews, 'Examiner' 10s

Mr. M. Roddy 10s

Mr. F. Roddy 10s

Mr. J. Feehan 10s

Mr. L. Feehan 10s

Mr. T. Rogers 10s

Mr. P. Quigley 10s

Mr. Williamson 10s

Mr. T. Roe, 'Democrat' 10s

Mr. McCooey 10s

Mr. P. Campbell 10s

Mr. O. Belton 10s

Mr. J. Finnegan 10s

Mr. P. Rice 5s

Miss T. Tranor 5s

Mr. H. Cullen 5s

The remainder was made up of minor subscriptions


[The Dundalk Democrat, 05 July 1890]




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