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Transcribed by Sėamus Bellew and Noel Ross


            Mosstown graveyard is shown on Co Louth 6 inch O.S. sheet 18, 42.5cm from the northern margin and 14.2cm from the western. The inscriptions were transcribed and checked during the course of the year 2011. This article is confined to those inscriptions with dates of death up to and including 1900.




IHS Here lieth ye body of Denis Baron who departed this life ye 8 of Octobr 1747 aged 50 years.




IHS This stone was erected by Patrick Barron in memory of his father and mother who are intered here and four of his children. Also his daughter Margæret who depd this life Septr 19th 1795 aged 18 years. Here also lieth the remains of the above Patrick Barron who depd this life Decr the 20th 1804 aged 70 yrs. Also his wife Mary Barron (alias Buyrne) who depd this life the 7th of May 1804 aged 50 yrs. May they rest in peace Amen.



Boyle: See Keenan



Branagan: See Moloy



Brannigan: See Keelan



Buyrne: See Barron




Erected in memory of Mary the beloved wife of Henry Callan of Mosstown who died 16th Nov. 1886, aged 57 years. Also the above Henry Callan who died 10th Jan. 1898 aged 89 years. Also his son Pat who died 5 Sep 1911 aged 59 years. And his son Philip died 7th April 1931. Also James son of the above Pat died 25th March 1943 and Mary (Pat’s wife) died 26th Nov. 1944 aged 86. Her daughter Bridget Powderly died 1st June 1966. R.I.P. F. Whyte, Chord, Drogheda. 




IHS Here lyeth the body of Mary Carraghar who was daughr to John and Cathrine Carraghr who depad this life ye 8th day of March 1758 aged 20 yrs.




Faith Hope and Charity. + Sacred to the memory of Mary Dowd wife of Patrick Carroll born the 30th of May 1811 and died on the 9th of June 1847. Her short life was a perfect model of a dutiful daughter to her devoted father, of a wise parent to her motherless brothers and sisters, of a true companion to her husband and of a loving and Christian mother to her children. God called her to an early but well earned crown from a life of trial sanctified by heroic patience and unceasing prayer. Also Nicholas Dowd brother to the above Mary Dowd who departed this life the 10 of January 1892 aged 8(0?) years. May she rest in peace. J. Wade Berkeley St. Dublin.



Carroll: See Dowd




Erected by Thomas Connell White River in loving memory of his mother Bridget Connell who died on 12 of Aug. 1853. His brother James who died on 13 of April 1896. And his uncles Thomas Keenan who died on 7 of Feb. 1893 and James Keenan who died on 29 of July 1902. Also his aunt Mary Keenan who died on 29 of March 1914. The above Thomas died 3 April 1925. Catherine Johnston died 27 Feb. 1953 aged 53 yrs. R.I.P. Her husband Patrick died 13 Aug. 19(6?)4 aged (8?)3. And their son Patrick died 24 Sept. 1990 aged 56. Moss Drogheda.




+ In loving memory of Patrick Craven Ballymageera died 12th Jan. 1900. His wife Rose died 16th Oct. 1934. Their sons James died 13th Sept. 1971. Patrick died 6th Feb. 1976. Their daughter Mary Jane died 11th July 1994. Jesus mercy Mary help. T. Reid Donore Road, Drogheda.




IHS  Sacred to the memory of Mary the beloved wife of Patrick Dowd of Listulk. She died on the 2?nd day of Septembr 18(?)4 in the year of her age. Her early death left a sorrowing husband and eight young children to deplore the loss of (one) who combined in a truly Christian manner all the virtues of a good wife and mother.

Also of Mary Carroll eldest daughter of the above who departed this life on the 7th day of June 1847 in the year of her age. Sacred also to the memory of Patrick Dowd of Listulk who fortified by the Sacraments of the Church died on the 6th day of November 18.. in the 82nd year of his age. Deprived at an early age of his virtuous and beloved wife he devoted the remainder of his life to the care and education of his children. He gave his second son PATRICK to the Sacred Ministry. A truly fervent Christian from youth he left to his children the treasure of a good name and the example of a virtuous life and to his neighbours the model of a wise honest and charitable man and also his daughter Anne Dowd who departed this life the 16th of August 18.. and of his son John Dowd of Cappogue who departed this life the 18th of July 188(6?) aged (7?)5 years.

Also Rev Peter J. Matthews who died 7th October 1923 aged 57 years. Requiescant in Pace Amen.    




Christum (pro te) morientem Peccat(or) (as)pic(e). Erected by Pa….k Dowd of Li…lke where …th the body of (his) father (Patrick) Dowd who departed this … (on) the 26th of April 18.. …d       .lso his mother .llen.. Dowd alias Smi.. (who) departed this l… on the    … of M… aged 5.   lik…e  the …     .is  …       the     who departed .his life on the .2nd of O…b..     … in pace Amen.




Ora Rich Dowd et Gennerateones. R.I.P.



Dowd: See Carroll; see Matthews




Heart of Jesus I trust in thee. Erected by Catherine Farrell Chord Road Drogheda in loving memory of her mother Anne Phillips who died 10th April 1891, also her husband John Farrell who died 17th Jan. 1938, aged 70 years. Also his wife Catherine who died 17th April 1943. P. Gibney, Drogheda.




Erected by John Gregory Belamagera in memory of his beloved wife Catherine Gregory who died 22nd May 1857. Also the above John Gregory who departed this life on the 18th of July 1859. His daughter Bridget who died 4th April 1895. And his son John who died 25th Feb. 1903. Also his son Matthew who died 23rd May 1914 and Bridget wife of Matthew who died 25th Feb 1925. Their son John died 7th April 1982 and his wife Moya died 25th March 2002. Requiescant in pace. IHS.




Erected by John Gregory U.S.A. in memory of his mother Catherine who died 13 Oct. 1895. His father Laurence who died 29 Dec. 1899. The above named John who died 15 Dec. 1932 and his brother Ambrose who died 3 April 1934. His nephew Thomas Gregory who died 22 May 1974. R.I.P. Christina wife of Thomas died 4th Dec. 1985. R.I.P. Moss.




IHS Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Robert Hearty Hammondstown, who died April 29th 1895 and his wife Mary died July 7th 1943. Their son James Joseph died Jan. 5th 1971. Their daughter Julia died Jan. 6th 1980. R.I.P. T. Reid Platten.



Insley: See Matthews



Johnston: See Connell




IHS Thy will be done. Erected by Mary Jordan, in memory of her husband Simon Jordan Philipstown Dunleer, who died 29 Jany. 1895. Their daughter Maria, died 8th Feby. 1894, and their son Joseph, died 7th Novr. 1904. Also their son John. Their daughter Annie died 26th April 1950. Mary Jordan died 7th May 1918 and her husband Joseph 7th March 1920. Their sons: James died 18th April 1921; Patk 5th Feb. 1928; John 7th Aug. 1950. Their daughter Catherine Magrane died 1st July 1955. Her husband Nicholas died 21st Oct. 1957. And their son Anthony who died 1st Oct. 2000. Their daughter-in-law Mary died 23rd Jan. 2006. Her husband Joe McGrane died 8th April 2009. R.I.P.




IHS Erected by J. Brannigan in memory of her grand parents Patrick and Catherine Keelan. Also their son John who died 1856. Catherine Keelan his sister who died 23rd March 1929 aged 96 yrs. J. Gibney, Drogheda.




IHS This stone was erected by John and Thos Keenan in memory of thier father Henry Keenan who departed this life ye 5th day of April 1759 aged 59 years. Allso the body of Thos Keenan who departed this life Augt 1767 aged 34 years.




IHS This stone was erected by Mr Thomas Keenan of Baltrasna in memory of his father John Keenan who departed this life in October 1783 aged 60 years. Also his mother Bridget Keenan alias Boyle who departed this life the 22nd of Decr. 1776 aged 48 years. Also his brother Peter who departed this life the 15th of April 1783 aged 30 years and his brother John Keenan late of Stickellin who departed this life the 5th of February 1806 aged 47 years. Christian reader mark the uncertainty of this life. Thomas Keenan Esqre. who in dutiful respect to departed worth erected this monument. Now moulders beneath its shade. Those who can duly appreciate a generous sincere friend possessing a humane and benevolent heart will best estimate the loss which society has sustained in the death of a character so exemplary and amiable. He died 1st March 1816 aged 50 years. May the Lord have mercy on their souls Amen.




IHS Erected A.D. 1825 in memory of Peter Keenan late of Rathescar who depd this life the 26th of April 1825 aged 72 years. Here also lies two of his children who died young.




Erected by an afflicted mother and sorrowing sisters to the memory of Thomas Keenan Beltrasna, who departed this life 12th December 1847 in the 31st year of his age beloved and mourned by all who knew him. Mary Keenan died at Beltrasna December 26th 1852 aged 64 years. May they rest in peace. 



Keenan: See Connell; see O’Hanlon




IHS Erected by Matt Landy Mosstown and his sons John & Matt in memory of his parents, his brother Michael and his wife Alice who died 10 April 1871 aged 23 years. Also his wife Elizabeth who died 19 Feb. 1897 aged 47 years. The above Matt who died 28 Jan. 1922, aged 84 years. His daughter in law Margaret died 20 Nov. 1982 aged 82 years. Thomas husband of Margaret died 24 Oct. 1984 aged 93 years. His daughter Elizabeth died 1 Jan. 1991 aged 97 years, R.I.P. P & H Moss James’ St. Drogheda.




IHS Erected by Patrick McCabe Cookespark in memory of his father James who died 20 May 1876. His mother Margaret who died 28 Feb. 1902. And his brothers James died 1896. John 1901. Also his sisters Anne who died 1886 and Bridget who died 21 Jan. 1916. The above Patrick died 25 Dec. 1921. His sister Margaret died May 1933. Her nephew John McCabe died April 1960. R.I.P. P & H Moss James St Drogheda..




IHS Erected by Patk McGinness Collon in memory of his beloved wife Anne McGinness who died …




In hoc signo vinces. Pray for the souls of Patk McGuinness who died 19 Jan. 1869 aged 69 years. Of his beloved wife Anne who died 18 June 1858 aged 59 years. And of their son James who died 2 Aug 1854 aged 18 years. Peter who died 14 Aug 1921 aged 84 years. Requiescant in pace. Wade Berkeley St Dublin.




IHS This stone was ered here by John McKeily in memory of his father Patrick McKeily he died Anno 1772 aged 67 years. 




IHS Erected AD 1841 by Christopher McKenna late of Guntown & now of America in memory of his father, & mother, who depd this life. May they hear the joys of glory sung unto them. And heaven repose their souls. Amen.




IHS This stone was erected by Nicholas McLaughlin of Phillipstown in memory of his father John McLaughlin who departed this life on the first day of May 1761 aged 63 years.



Magrane: See Jordan




IHS This stone was erected by John Markey of Drumcar in memory of his beloved wife Alice Markey who departed this life the 5th of September 1835 aged 60 years. And two children died young. And also his son John Markey who departed this life Decr. 6th 1860 aged 45 years. Also two daughters of John Markey J Elizabeth Lizzie who died Jan 26th 1896 and Mary who died young. Also Anne, wife of above John Markey Jnr who died Nov 24th 1915.




IHS Erected by Nicholas Matthews Cappoge in memory of his father Peter who died 21 Dec. 1884. His mother Brigid who died 12 Feb. 1900 and his aunt Anne Dowd who died 16 Aug. 1875. Also his uncle John Dowd who died 18 July 1886 and the above Nicholas who died 21 Oct. 1921. Also his wife Mary A. who died 20 July 1945 also his daughters Mary J. Matthews who died 11th June 1964 and Nancy Insley died 8th June 1994. R.I.P. P. & H. Moss James St Drogheda.



Matthews: See Dowd




IHS This stone was erected by Edwd Molloy in memory of his father & mother Patk & Elinor Molloy & 3 of his brothers & 1 sister. Also his daughter Elinor who died …




IHS This stone was erected by Mr Edward Moloy of Dunleer in memory of his father & mother. Also his daughter Honor Moloy. Here also lieth the remains of his wife Mary Moloy otherwise Branagan who departed this life the 8th day of January 1801 aged 6(8?) years. Also her mother Rose Branagan who departed this life February 15th 1795 aged 99 years. As also lieth  … remains of the above Mr …ard Molloy who departed this life the 2nd of January 1804 aged 74 years. Erected by Richard Molloy. Requiescant in pace amen.




IHS Of your charity pray for the soul of Maria Keenan beloved wife of Patrick M. O’Hanlon of Baltrasna who died 12th December 1853. Pray also for the soul of Patrick M. O’Hanlon who died at Baltrasna June 16th 1860 aged 36 years.



Phillips: See Farrell



Powderly: See Callan




Erected by Patrick Rafferty Coneyburrow, in memory of his parents. Patrick died 1909. Elizabeth died 1919 and his sister Anne died 1871. The above Patrick died 13 Sept. 1960. R.I.P. Moss.




Erected by Edward Rogers, Cooks Park in loving memory of his father Patrick, who died Dec. 1883. His mother Bridget, who died Feb. 1902. His grandmother Mary, who died April 1870. His uncle Arthur, who died May 1870. The above named Edward died July 1st 1934. R.I.P. P. Gibney, King St, Drogheda.




This stone was erected by Thomas Salkeld, where lyeth the body of Ellennor his wife, also two of his sons Thos & Jacob.




Erected by Matthew & John Soran of Illinois, U.S.A. to their father & mother of Lawlistown Hill, Dunleer. Patrick Soran died 1852. Ann Soran died 1841. R.I.P.




IHS This burial place belong to David White. Here lieth interrd three of his childr viz Iames Lydia & Bridget who died in their infancy Septr 1781.



 [Published in The County Louth Archaeological and Historical Society Journal, Vol. XXVII, No. 3, 2011. Published online with permission.]


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