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County Louth Servicemen in the Great War 1914 -1918

Early 20th century views of Dundalk Barracks


The origins of this nominal list lay in the research undertaken for my book The Unreturned Army, County Louth Dead of the Great War 1914-1918. In all 816 local fatalities were identified and I also recorded approximately 1,400 other servicemen from Co Louth who served in various branches of the armed forces. While the dead were remembered in my book, those who survived were not. This list records those who served and survived, and it is not exhaustive. With additional archival material coming on stream since this project first started, the number of men and women listed here stands now at 1,662

There are many sources of information. The most recently examined were pension index cards now available on The most important sources were casualty lists, which were published each week in local newspapers. Contemporaneous listings such as those which appeared in the Drogheda Advertiser in the early months of 1916 were invaluable. The list of 22 January 1916, was published in the Journal of the Old Drogheda Society (JODS), 1996 under the title Drogheda men who went to war. I have here used the list published on 15 April 1916. Also Tempest’s Annual, a Dundalk business directory published contemporaneous lists of serving men which have also been drawn on extensively.

Local research, such as that carried out by Lynn McDonnell of Drogheda who compiled War Service list from St Peters (C of I) published in the JODS, 2000 has also been included. I am very grateful to Lynn for her permission to include this material and to those who have contacted me with suggestions, amendments and new information in relation to family members.

With the passage of time the connections between some of those listed and Co Louth has been lost – for instance Malcolm K Acheson or B R Anderson – but I justify their inclusion here by the fact that their names originally appeared on contemporaneous lists.

This list is an evolving project. If you are aware of someone who could be added, or to order a copy of The Unreturned Army please e-mail me at

Donal Hall

16 April 2020

Biographies are in alphabetical order over the next four pages:
  1. Abernethy - Durnan
  2. Earl - Knox
  3. Ladley - Myles
  4. Neary - Wykes